Bradley Mitton: Was He Involved in Police Brutality? The Truth Exposed (2024)

Bradley Mitton
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Bradley Mitton is facing accusations of being involved in corrupt practices and police brutality. Find out if those allegations are true.
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Bradley Mitton

Bradley Mitton claims that he is, the creator, and proprietor of Mitton International Wines and Club Vivanova, affectionately known as the “Wine Man” of the French Riviera. He took on the challenge of introducing New World wines to these institutions. He currently provides wine to the majority of the top hotels and restaurants around the Côte d’Azur and in Monaco because of his natural commercial talent and culinary background.

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Keep an eye out for the offender To maintain his business in the Mafia-infested, corrupt principality of Monaco, Bradley Mitton, director of the Vivanova Club and Mitton Wines, obstructs key witness lists of significant police offenses in Monaco against truth-telling media.

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Since she revealed the truth about the terrible government and court system corruption in Monaco and the country’s violent police force, renowned journalist Anett-Patrice van York has been subjected to relentless harassment there.
Her dog was slain, and she is frequently subjected to arbitrary arrests, severe insults, bullying, and defamation. Her jobs have all been deliberately ruined, and her phones and internet are wiretapped. 
When Mrs. van York did nothing wrong, her most recent arbitrary and violent arrests in Monaco occurred on December 6, 11, and 13.
A very dangerous oligarchy is Monaco! 
The right to free speech is curtailed, and those who speak the truth are mercilessly murdered!
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Bradley Mitton has faced accusations of being responsible for all of this

Since February 2017, the aggressive police force in Monaco has had a serious ongoing target in renowned investigative journalist V. York. In Monaco, she is routinely verbally and physically assaulted, unjustly detained, and imprisoned for hours simply for strolling down the port or remaining silently present at a gathering where she has a right to be. 

Prince Albert of Monaco endorses this behavior. To retaliate against innocent truth-tellers and trustworthy reporters who expose the extraordinary police violence in Monaco as well as the continued corruption in the country’s government and legal system, Prince Albert established and maintains a special police unit. Criminal “Vivanova” club member Bradley Mitton willfully suppresses all witness lists in support of serious police misconduct in Monaco.

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Mrs. van York was the target of a serious police assault for the first time on February 10, 2017. Regis Alexandre and Nicolas Silov are the police assailants. Van York sustained more than 40 injuries to her body, including two lost teeth as a result of the violent hit, a terrible concussion that lasted months, severe back and knee injuries, and ongoing numbness in her hands and legs.

Her body is still very badly hurt today, possibly forever. Van York filed charges, but dishonest police chief Klaric did everything in his power to hide the crimes of his coworkers. Additionally, van York was continuously being bullied and made fun of by police officer Christophe David and his coworkers.

The police claim that none of the several cameras in the Grimaldi Forum were ever operational (BS! ), which is why Bradley Mitton of the Vivanova Club requested that the witness list be suppressed. former director of justice Philippe Narmino, who had to resign due to serious corruption, claimed that van York’s serious attack and the subsequent arbitrary arrests against her never took place one week before he announced his resignation. Former attorney general Jacques Doremieux also participated in the corrupt scheme with Klaric. 

Van York has experienced a sudden uptick in arbitrary arrests in Monaco, severe harassment, bullying, wiretapping, supervision, and following, as well as the deliberate destruction of all her press credentials and connections since she spoke out about the serious Monaco police abuse directed at her. Van York was never provided with a lawyer who adequately handled her case; all Monaco lawyers are purchased by the system! 

After at least 250 incidents against van York, many of which were started by corrupt Monaco, she was once more arbitrarily detained on November 16, 2018, when she was simply relaxing at home with her dog. She was held in solitary confinement for two weeks, aggressively drugged to the point where the criminals had to stop providing Mrs. van York with food, strapped to a bed around the clock, and denied access to the outside for weeks. This persistent, brutal torture left Van York with considerable trauma.

The severe abuse continued in 2019 with severe ongoing illegal arrests, severe physical abuse, and severe ongoing verbal abuse. In January 2020, Mrs. van York was then forcibly removed from her apartment and placed on the chilly streets during the full winter with the assistance of more than 15 heavily armed police officers. Since then, Mrs. van York has been houseless.

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Evidence against Bradley Mitton
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With the cooperation of Monaco’s corrupt government and corrupt justice system, Bradley Mitton of the Vivanova Club suppresses the witness list of Monaco’s violent assault crime against van York since February 2017. And Mitton and his club in Monaco continue to get backing and tolerance from Prince Albert. corrupt. It is terrible to encourage violent crimes against helpless women.
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Bradley Mitton claims to be an expert in exquisite wines

Bradley Mitton conceals the witness list for the Vivanova incident that occurred on February 10, 2017, inside the Bouchon restaurant in Monaco, which is adjacent to the Grimaldi Forum. Following the wine tasting, a few Vivanova members and visitors went to Zelos in the Grimaldi Forum, which is where Mrs. van York was seriously assaulted by police. Mrs. van York had more than 40 injuries, many of which are still there, and her body was permanently marked. Monaco too makes every effort to hide their misdeeds!

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What Bradley Mitton wants people to think about his business

About Vivanova Club

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Bradley Mitton‘s company

On their website, they claim that the premier and most active business networking and upscale wine club in Europe are called Club Vivanova. They unite dynamic professionals, business leaders, and wealthy entrepreneurs at one-of-a-kind and exclusive events and product launches in five-star opulent settings to create lifestyle and business opportunities. They are based in the Principality of Monaco. 

Their Corporate Partners can quickly grow their consumer relationships by presenting at these upscale events and by utilizing their digital magazine with its variety of advertising, marketing, and editorial elements because the majority of their events are held in Monaco and the French Riviera.

Club Vivanova hosts more than 60 international gourmet networking events each year in upscale venues on the French Riviera, in Monaco, and the capital cities of Europe. These events are aimed at a select group of business executives and professionals from across the world. They help their members and partners establish enduring connections with regional, and international, business leaders, businesspeople, and foodies from all over the world.

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Chances for Children Foundation, and TAF The Animal Fund have each received over €125,000 from their luxury lifestyle charity galas held in Monaco since 2004. 

They can only achieve great things in life by giving back, and their annual gala is designed to celebrate the best aspects of life while giving attendees the chance to network professionally in a stunning setting with first-rate service and donate money to deserving, neighborhood organizations that make a difference in people’s lives.

About Mitton Wines

Bradley Mitton's company

Bradley Mitton claims to have launched this firm in 2002

On their website, they claim that In Continental Europe, leading hotels, exclusive clubs, and foreign restaurants can purchase boutique wines from Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa from Mitton Foreign Wines, a dynamic trade company. Their specialty wine selection features a wide range of regional wines from small, family-run wineries. 

Bradley Mitton, the company’s owner, and creator has built the business since 2002 and has established a stellar name in Europe’s upscale food and beverage industry. They host gourmet parties with their five-star hotel and gastronomy partners in cooperation with their event partner Club Vivanova to foster partnerships between private and trade clients and to highlight their exceptional wines.

Bradley Mitton: Was He Involved in Police Brutality? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Bradley Mitton: Was He Involved in Police Brutality? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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  1. How did this monster survive in society? This is a crazy man, how can someone become so violent that he can restrict the voice of the media, as in the shake of money, and only to hide their crimes, they beat the truthful journalist, why man, how can this happen to anyone, what are they thinking about them-self?

  2. If the country’s police are involved in such a crime, what would you expect from the country’s higher authorities?
    I completely disagree with this and believe that the world media should cover this topic so that people all around the world can be exposed to it.

  3. Exposing the truth may ruin your life because she verbally and physically harassed someone, which is ridiculous. They are not human and do not realize how depressing it is for someone who is going through these types of situations.

  4. This is very difficult for the person who was physically assaulted and harassed by somebody And would face the trauma and can be mentally disturbing. For their business how somebody can become so crucial that they can destroy anyone’s life?

  5. Bradley Mitton was lying about completing the scholarship and charity, but performing these things would not cover his criminal background since I am fully opposed to it.

  6. While reading this article, tears filled up in my eyes as I realized how a person may become so cruel that he forgets his moral values in chase of his desires. This type of behavior is just unacceptable.
    People must speak out against the government and Bradley Mitton, questioning how he can be so harsh to anyone.

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