Digant Patel: Accused Of Child Sexual Assault (Latest Update 2023)

Digant Patel
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Digant Patel, an independent IT consultant based in New Jersey since 2020, is accused of child sexual assault.
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Digant Patel

Digant Patel, an independent IT consultant located in New Jersey since 2020, presents himself as a professional with extensive regulatory reporting knowledge. He pairs this expertise with a specialized finance software platform, offering solutions tailored to intricate regulatory projects. Patel asserts his capability in implementing policies like FINRA/ESMA and expresses his intent to develop reporting platforms by the latest FINRA, ESMA, and SEC standards.

Bringing to the table over two decades of experience in the financial services sector, Patel highlights his engagements with prominent institutions such as Chase, Citi, Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank, and Lazard Asset Management. He outlines his involvement in overseeing projects related to data warehousing, and business intelligence reporting, and his role in managing legal programs like OATS and MSI 605/606.

Throughout his career, Patel claims a track record of leadership skills, effective governance, risk management, and punctual project execution. He emphasizes his involvement in cross-departmental teams that focus on establishing governance and control systems. Patel also asserts his role in providing technical recommendations and shaping architectural vision for reporting solutions, with a declared emphasis on factors such as performance, security, control, and durability.

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11/12/2023 Update
As of now, Digant Patel has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Arrest of Digant Patel in New Jersey for child sex charges

A prosecutor in New Jersey has requested that parents keep an eye on their children’s usage of social media and gaming websites after the arrest of an Indian-origin vice president of a financial company and others in a sting operation against child sex there.

According to Somerset County Prosecutor Michael Robertson, Digant Patel, 46, was one of 12 men detained on Tuesday when they allegedly went to meet people they believed to be minors but who turned out to be undercover police officers they had met online through social media or gaming sites as part of “Operation Spotlight.”

After making contact and “chatting started, the undercover officers identified themselves as underage girls or boys,” Robertson stated in a press release. 

Despite knowing this, the defendants had sex-related communications with the “children” and set up dates with them for sex.

“The defendants were arrested when they arrived at one of three pre-arranged locations in Somerset County, where they expected to find their victims,” the source claimed.

According to the press statement, Patel, 46, allegedly thought he was seeing a 14-year-old.

In light of the possibility of predators hiding there, Robertson advised parents to keep an eye on their kids’ use of social media and gaming platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Fortnite, and Minecraft.

Attorney General Gurbir Grewal of the state announced the arrest of at least four males of Indian heritage in a related operation known as “Operation Open Door” that was carried out precisely a year ago. Duraikandan Murugan, 40; Nimeshbha Patel, 48; Niraj Patel, 46; and Naveen Thangaraj, 36 were their names.

Police in New Jersey claim that an art teacher used drugs and had sex with a student.

Authorities claim that an art teacher was abusing a student’s morality rather than setting an example for them.

Two days after learning about the allegations that Christine Knudsen, a 45-year-old borough resident, had taken drugs with and raped a Fair Lawn High School student, the Institutional Abuse Investigation Unit of the State Department of Children and Family made an arrest.

In a letter to the neighborhood, Nicholas J. Norcia, superintendent of schools, claimed that the occurrences allegedly occurred “several years ago” and that there is no “current misconduct” involving pupils who are now enrolled in the school.

According to a statement made on Friday by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, Knudsen had an “inappropriate sexual relationship with a student at the school.”

The teacher of graphic arts is charged with engaging in underage sex as well as “providing and ingesting controlled dangerous substances with the student,” according to the complaint.

More information was not publicly disclosed by the prosecution.

She is accused of endangering children and committing sexual assault in the second degree.

While Knudsen was being kept in the county jail, it was unknown to New Jersey 101.5 on Friday if she had legal representation.

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NJ instructors and teachers are busted for Sex Crimes

State legislators have taken on the challenge of dealing with alleged child predators among the ranks of teachers and educators over the past few years.

The so-called “pass the trash” statute, which mandates more stringent background checks for sexual misbehavior and child abuse in New Jersey schools, became effective in 2018.

Over several years, the following people were detained. While some have accepted plea deals for probation, others have been found guilty and given prison sentences.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused some court delays and other cases that are still open.

Digant Patel

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Digant Patel, a 46-year-old Warren Township financial vice president, is charged with attempting to have sex with a 14-year-old. Patel is accused of third-degree attempted child endangerment, third-degree attempted sexual assault, and second-degree tried luring.

Teenagers’ mental health and educational outcomes are negatively impacted by sexual assault.

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According to research, teenagers who have experienced sexual assault run the risk of developing mental health issues and performing poorly in school. The elevated risk persisted for almost a year.

The danger of sexual assault is highest among adolescents, compared to all other age groups. Additionally, this is the period when many mental health issues begin, as well as when teenagers sit for important examinations and choose their universities. The long-term effects of assault on adolescent mental health and academic performance are still little understood.

According to the study, after six weeks of the assault, the majority of minors who reported sexual assault displayed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, or despair. After a year, the risk for teenagers had decreased but remained high; more than half of them had signs of at least one of these disorders.

Over the following year, poor school attendance became more prevalent among youth who reported sexual assault. At one year compared to six weeks after the incident, poor attendance was twice as common. The kids claimed that sleep deprivation and mental health issues were to blame. Poor school attendance resulted in subpar academic achievement, which in turn raised anxiety and sleep issues.

According to the study, schools need additional assistance for students who have come forward with allegations of sexual assault. They claim that to implement guidelines, schools require help and training.

What is the problem?

Young people frequently engage in sexual violence; 1 in 6 of those between the ages of 11 and 17 reported having been sexually abused. Living in a disadvantaged region or experiencing social disadvantage like learning difficulties or other vulnerabilities like past mental health concerns or being in foster care all raise the risk.

Adults have been the focus of the majority of earlier studies on the repercussions of sexual assault. The teenage years, when the brain is still developing, are when trauma may manifest in numerous ways.

It is well established that teenagers who have experienced sexual assault are more prone than their classmates to experience post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression in the days and weeks after the assault. 

They are more likely to perform poorly in school, have several or early sexual partners, and struggle in their friendships, families, and romantic relationships. However, studies have solely focused on immediate results.

Research investigating the long-term requirements of children and adolescents who have reported sexual violence has been requested by the World Health Organization. Five months following an assault, this research team followed up with young individuals and discovered a high prevalence of mental health concerns. Teenagers with prior mental health issues and those who had visited social services before the assault were most at risk.

In the current study, the researchers examined the effects of an assault over a 14- to 16-month period on adolescents’ physical and mental health as well as their academic performance. They anticipate that this information will help support services better understand how to encourage recovery, enhance mental health, and enhance educational outcomes.

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What has changed recently?

The three NHS sexual assault referral clinics (the Havens) that serve Greater London were the sites of the study. It had 75 teenagers (ages 13 to 17) who had disclosed a sexual assault within the previous six weeks. The majority (95%) were female, and 44% of them were White. Most (68%) originated in impoverished communities.

Participants provided information about their education, usage of health services, and physical and mental health at the beginning of the study. They responded to the same surveys 14 to 16 months later, or slightly over a year later. After the study, 19 of the young people participated in a face-to-face interview.

-Many young people suffer from mental health issues. Even while some people got better during the trial, the majority of the group was still impacted when it was over. Teenagers’ post-traumatic stress symptoms decreased from 90% to 72% after a year, while their depression symptoms and anxiety symptoms decreased from 89% to 54% and 60%, respectively. In the year before the assault, nearly half of the youth (47%) received mental health support; this number rose to 80% in the following year.

-The frequency of physical symptoms including headaches and stomach pain increased compared to the year before a sexual assault. Teenagers who reported having trouble sleeping before and after the attack increased to 87% from 47%. Following the assault, appetite changes nearly tripled (from 27% to 75%). In the year before the assault, many youths (65%) sought medical attention for physical concerns; this number rose to 82% in the following year.

-Self-harm was prevalent among teenagers the year before the assault (38%), and it was even more prevalent the following year (51%). One in four people (25%) began self-harming after the assault; however, not all people who had self-harmed before the assault continued to do so subsequently.

-The research period saw a more than two-fold increase in long absences from school (over 30 days), from 22% to 47%.

In contrast to the sort of attack, teenagers’ social and personal situations had a bigger impact on their rehabilitation. Poorer mental health and school attendance a year after the attack was connected to prior social services participation (such as foster care experience) and prior mental health problems.

During interviews, some kids claimed they couldn’t leave their houses or that they felt depressed, irate, and stressed. One person recalled: “I remember kicking someone in their head, and I’d become violent with hatred and anger. I wasn’t violent; it was only that I reacted aggressively when the word “rape” was mentioned. Another person said: “I was just really, really, really depressed, and I didn’t have anything I enjoyed at the time.”

Many kids claimed that following the incident, tension at home grew. Parents didn’t trust them, or they felt bad for upsetting them. Having sex subsequently was challenging for those in sexual relationships. Their lack of social interaction harmed friendships. Teenagers self-harmed as a coping mechanism and utilized recreational drugs and alcohol to divert their attention from troubling thoughts.

Teenagers are worried about their schooling being disrupted. They missed school and had trouble with their studies as a result of mental health issues (such as anxiety and sadness) and sleep issues. Teenagers recounted a vicious cycle in which mental health issues prompted school absences, which in turn increased stress and exacerbated mental health issues. Teenagers would avoid going to school if a fellow student had assaulted them. They believed that the schools were ill-equipped to help them.

Digant Patel: Accused Of Child Sexual Assault (Latest Update 2023)
Digant Patel: Accused Of Child Sexual Assault (Latest Update 2023)

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  1. In most of the cases, it was found that these types of cases it would be seen that the person who had committed the crime, has always escaped from the crime and these types of cases are unable to get the spotlight.

  2. Advancement of society play a critical role in these types of issue where the people of the country have to stand together on this issue. Then it is possible that these types of problems must be solved and these types of criminals get the punishment.

  3. These types of cases sometimes break my heart and One that I had in mind that how these people can do these acts to anyone. There is a group who is executing these crimes and human trafficking. These are the main reasons why there is a sudden increase in child sexual abuse.

  4. This kind of problem is faced by my neighbor’s daughter who was sexually abused by his school teacher. The parent of the child filed the complaint to the teacher and the school. At last, the school authority fired the teacher from the job and put him behind bars.

  5. The problem is that the person who has committed these crimes can get bail or get released from jail. But the victims who had faced these issues can’t get justice. I can’t imagine the pain of the victim she is facing and how traumatic the situation is for her.

  6. Why do people like Digant Patel didn’t understand how these types of acts affect the child and make him mentally depressed? These sexual need to be arrested. This kind of crime can not be tolerated in the society.

  7. These incidents can affect the mental health of the child and also affect the career of the child. Now tell me one thing who is responsible for this condition of the child? It is the responsibility of the parents to control their child and also watch the activity of their child. And also restricted the social media platforms from where these predators target the individuals.

  8. This guy is a monster, and it hard to believe that these types of monsters were still exist in society. It makes me cry whenever I read this type of news. Targeting a teenager for their lust. This is insane man. Now it is time for the government to make strict rules and charge high penalties to these criminals.

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