Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS- Why Was He Suspended?

Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS
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Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS has received serious allegations of indulging in fraudulent practices. Find out if they are true or not.

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Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS describes himself as the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Nazeri & Company Co. Ltd, a Boutique Firm focused on Healthcare Advisory, Consulting, Investment Banking, and Real Estate, and the CEO of Dr. Allen Nazeri Healthcare Advisory Group, based in Bangkok & Las Vegas.

Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS was born to an upper-middle-class family in Tehran, Iran, where his mother was a pharmacy student and his father was a dentist. Allen was born and raised in Iran until the age of eight, at which point his family relocated to London, where Allen’s father was completing his residency in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at King’s College Hospital. After the 1979 Iranian Revolution deposed the Shah, Allen, his sister, and their mother relocated to Oldenburg, Germany to await their immigration to the United States. 

Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS had always wanted to move to the United States, so he and his sister did so with the help of their parents.  Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS graduated from Interlake High School in Bellevue, Washington, when he was only 16 years old. Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS claims that he continued his education at Seattle University after that, and at the age of 19, after achieving good DAT scores, he was admitted to nine dental schools. Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS claims that he chose Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, and became the institution’s youngest dentist to ever graduate at the age of 23 with a doctorate in dental surgery.

What exactly does medical system fraud entail?

Healthcare fraud refers to a situation in which patients’ confidence has been violated by healthcare management or professionals who have used deception to their detriment. One of the many components of deception is when the truth is distorted to conceal, deceive, or control the truth.

Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS claims that at the age of 23, Dr. Allen started working as a dentist as a clinical instructor at the USC School of Dentistry in Los Angeles. A year later, he relocated back to the Seattle region where he was raised. By the time Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS was 28 years old, he claims that he owned and oversaw five dental offices with over 100 staff members. 

Despite being quite successful as claimed by Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS, the chaos of running a very big practice and an unanticipated stress-related health issue compelled him to enroll in several leadership programs early on, including those offered by the Ritz-Carlton, Disney University, and The John Maxwell. At the age of 36, Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS claimed that he successfully sold his dental operations and retired. In 2002, he relocated back to California to start his next business. 

8/12/2023 Update
As of now, Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

By the age of 40, Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS claims that he started a career in consulting and management. In 2014, Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS’s claimed phenomenal success became a target for a few envious and rival dentists, and they banded together to file several lawsuits against him by inciting and promoting patient criticism of his work. Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS left his three dental groups in Palm Desert, Irvine, and Glendale in 2014 owing to the loss of the lease on his flagship facility as well as health difficulties, and he intends to return to consulting and management on a full-time basis. 

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The reality today says that Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS, a dentist with a Washington license (DE00006673), had his license suspended by the Dental Commission in April 2005, although it was later postponed for five years. Until then, he is unable to practice dentistry in Washington.

Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS failed to comply with the terms and conditions of a prior order. Dr. Nazeri was to undergo a psych evaluation.

Let’s look at what Dr. Allen Nazeri’s DDS patients have to say about him

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One of Dr. Allen Nazari DDS’s patients describes his experience with Dr. Allen as worst. Now let’s see his full story. What he says is that:

This has been the worst dental experience he has ever had, Dr. Nazeri. He paid a significant sum of money only to learn that he closed his doors with my money and had allegedly left the country. Not only did he lose his money, but he also lost the crowns that were ordered and must begin the process all over again. He further asks people to please, kindly, if they ever come across Dr. Nazeri, turn around and head in the opposite direction. He is an embarrassment to the dental profession and a dishonest person, and he wishes that he had seen this website when he was looking for a good dentist, he has TMJ and he has left me in pain, broke, and looking to find an honest Dr. he does hope he has left this country because honestly people like him should not be allowed to live here.

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One of the other patients asked people to be Beware of him.

He says: “I thought it was strange that he wanted payment in advance and would provide me a discount if I did. A surgeon should have been consulted because the tooth was in delicate condition and the crown broke off after a few months. would not offer to fix it or refund my money, which is roughly $2,000. Did some small cosmetic work that cost $1500 later and fell out my front teeth as well. BEWARE.” 

Source: Dr. ALIREZA Y. Nazeri – Palm Desert, CA – Dentist Reviews & Ratings – RateMDs

One of the other patients said that Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS does not have good and full knowledge of his profession and defined him as unprofessional.

What this person said is: “At first, Alireza “Allen” Yekta Nazeri and his staff at Cornerstone Dentistry were very kind. However, they soon persuaded me that I needed extensive dental work, for which their practice charges considerably higher rates than any other dentist I have ever used. After I paid his excessive costs in advance, he and his staff got progressively worse; they promised to submit my insurance on time but never did, they called me names, and they even threatened to not remove my stitches. I’m sure I would have found another dentist and saved a ton of money if I had done more research on Cornerstone Dentistry. Hopefully, your website will assist others with the kind of study that must be done before choosing any medical professional—a lesson I learned too late. 

This particular owner/dentist appears to not know about or is not upfront in disclosing what actual work is genuinely necessary.”

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One of the patients mentions that all his money invested in his treatment fell off. 

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What is healthcare fraud?

According to one legal definition, healthcare fraud is a felony in which medical claims are dishonestly submitted to illegally profit from the payments made. It is anticipated to result in a loss of close to $60 billion annually.

There are many different types of healthcare fraud, including offenses committed by healthcare professionals and insurance holders. This title’s prosecutions are conducted by the federal False Claims Act.

Costs of Healthcare Fraud?

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Why is medical fraud important? Customers of the healthcare organization are forced to pay for the money that has been stolen in this kind of fraud. According to some legal experts, such fictitious claims account for one-tenth of every dollar spent on medical care. Furthermore, patients may be forced to endure pointless examinations, assessments, treatments, and operations as a result of healthcare fraud.

Additionally, due to the high number of claims paid out, health insurance premiums could increase, and overall taxes could be increased to cover the high number of claims. Many of these have been exposed as a result of private whistleblowers and independent researchers’ investigations into the factors contributing to rising healthcare expenses.

Using deception to obtain an unauthorized financial benefit at the expense of the patient, healthcare fraud involves a breach of trust between healthcare managers and patients. Among the numerous components are:

  • Deception is the intentional misrepresentation of the truth with the intent to lie, conceal, or manipulate the truth. 
  • Fraud is not committed accidentally or negligently; rather, it is done to make money illegally. 
  • Financial fraud is always unlawful, but sometimes criminal behavior is constrained by health insurance coverage.

False claims, kickbacks, and self-referrals—where patients are referred to any organization or provider that has a financial connection to the referring physician—are examples of the kinds of healthcare practices that are prohibited under the banner of fraud. Kickbacks are financial or other benefits intended to encourage the purchase or sale of healthcare-related products or services.

Laws against Healthcare Fraud?

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In the USA, cases of healthcare fraud are investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Federal law infractions are investigated by the US Department of Justice, while administrative lawsuits are handled by the Inspector General Office of the Department of Health and Human Services.

While kickbacks are subject to both state and federal law enforcement investigation, false claims are covered under the federal False Claims Act. The Patient Referral Act and other state statutes as well as federal ethics forbid self-referrals.


Advice on How to Prevent Health Care Fraud

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  • Protect the details of your health insurance. Consider it a credit card. Avoid giving it to others to utilize, and exercise caution when utilizing it at the pharmacy or doctor’s office.
  • Avoid using “free” services. Your health insurance information may be used fraudulently to charge your insurance company for a “free” service if you are requested to submit it in exchange for it.
  • Regularly review your explanation of benefits (EOB). Verify that the times, places, and services charged correspond to what you received. Get in touch with your health insurance company if you have any questions.
Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS- Why Was He Suspended?
Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS- Why Was He Suspended?

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  1. ‘Health-care Fraud’, satirical to find out the ignorance of most trusted professionals. The authorities should impose a hefty fine on such medical fraternity, that’s ready to barter the well-being of others for mere monetary gains.

  2. Dr. Allen Nazeri is answerable to all. Mere suspension won’t do this time. He should be made liable for the loss. The casualty in profession must be checked.

  3. A doctor without women’s heart is vain. The cold hands and blank hearts shall never enter such kind profession. Moreover, the hastened charge collection, is heart-breaking.

  4. Imagine a room filled with aprons, rushing to make fake bills of miserable patients. After deposition, a dead body arrives in front of family, which was never treated. The devils would start taking notes, if doctors started deceiving the patients.

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