Dr. Stein Andre C DDS – Botching Surgeries, Exposed by Victims (2023 Update)

Dr. Stein Andre C DDS is an oral & maxillofacial surgery specialist in New York, NY. He is currently practicing at Murray Hill Urology P.C. Many patients have reviewed Dr. Andre’s practice and still suffer from unfilled prescriptions. Some have even accused Dr. Stein of being rude and unapologetic.

dr. stein andre c dds
Dr. Stein Andre C DDS

The patients told Dr. Stein about their harrowing experiences. Dr. Stein also works as a clinical instructor and attending surgeon at Kings County Hospital, where he trains and supervises Oral & Maxillofacial residents in the operating room. Despite this, patients have complained about his misbehavior with them and rude treatment without regard for the medical situation.

Who is Dr. Stein Andre C DDS?

Dr. Stein is a partner and co-founder of OMS 60th/ NYC Oral Surgeon practice. He was born in Austria, immigrated to the U.S. as a child, and was raised in Manhattan.

He graduated from Adelphi University with honors and received a Bac,, receiving his DDS degree and being College of Dentistry, receiving his DDS degree and being inducted into the Omicron Kappa Upsilon honor society. He then completed an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery residency at the State University-Kings County Hospital Center in of Brooklyn, New York. He was the chief resident in his final year of residency. Dr. Stein is an oral surgeon, clinical instructor, and attending surgeon at Kings County Hospital.

Did You Know?

DDS stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery. This degree is earned by a medical student after completion of his primary education. However, it needs to be noted that DDS, DMD & BDS have same valuation.

Patients Left With Pain and Regret After Procedures with Dr. Stein Andre C DDS

Dr. Stein Andre C DDS has undoubtedly seen and treated many patients throughout his career. However, not all of his patients were happy with the care they received. Indeed, several former patients have come forward to share their negative experiences with Dr. Stein, expressing frustration, disappointment, and even anger over the care they received under his supervision.

Patients have revealed a darker side to Dr. Stein’s practice that many were unaware of before seeking his services, ranging from botched procedures to unprofessional behavior and poor communication.

Patient feedback about Dr. Stein Andre C DDS:

  • One patient described their experience with having two wisdom teeth extracted. They were initially given the choice of either anesthesia or nitrous oxide, but on the day of the procedure, they were informed that only nitrous oxide was available. The patient was left with searing mouth sores and a painkiller prescription that was invalid. Despite leaving multiple messages with Dr. Stein’s office, they were unable to obtain a new prescription and were forced to rely on over-the-counter pain relievers.
dr. stein andre c dds
  • Another patient revealed Dr. Stein Andre C DDS’s crudity and shared her dreadful experience, claiming that He did not care about her comfort at all during the procedure. She frequently expressed how hard his assistant and Dr. Stein Andre C DDS pulled her cheek out of the way with their metal tool made her feel like he was ripping her cheek over her head. He would correct her head position by forcefully pushing her chin back to where he wanted it when she moved slightly to try to alleviate the discomfort caused by how aggressively they moved her cheek. She now has a very large and painful sore on the inside of her cheek from where the tool made contact. Finally, she stated that it was a very unpleasant experience and that she would not recommend it based solely on this.
dr. stein andre c dds
  • A patient went to Dr. Stien for a wisdom booth consultation, and both receptionists said it was free, but when the patient asked repeatedly, they assured him that his first consultation would be free. However, he was later charged $160 for the same consultation. When the patient attempted to communicate with the receptionist, he was rude and dismissive. The patient went on to say that they only care about money.
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  • Dr. Stein Andre’s rude behavior caused a patient to suffer when he went for treatment. Dr. drilled an implant too far and through the bone. He was rude and unapologetic when it came to patients’ concerns. The patient also stated that he had a bad experience with a dentist or oral surgeon.
  • Another patient stated that Dr. Stein Andre has poor bedside manners and gave the patient a diagnosis that should never have been given over the phone. The patient also stated that he lacks compassion and empathy.
  • A patient who has been in pain for over 30 days as a result of Dr. Stein’s poor treatment. He needed to go to the emergency room because he had an infection that the doctor had not told him about. The patient also stated that he will file a report against Dr. Stein and that these practices must cease.
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These reviews portray a practice that prioritizes profit over patient comfort and care. Patients feel rushed and ignored, and their concerns have been met with rudeness and dismissal.


Patients have revealed a darker side to Dr. Stein Andre C DDS  practice that many were unaware of before seeking his services, including mishandled procedures, unprofessional behavior, and poor communication. If you are looking for an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in New York, NY, it may be best to look elsewhere. Dr. Andre Stein’s practice has left many patients with negative experiences, and it is clear that there are better options available.

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Avoid Dr. Stein

Dr. Stein is clearly not as reilable as he claims himself to be. Beware of this butcher. Find someone else.


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  1. There have been countless complaints against him. I want to express my gratitude to the author for providing such good and informational stuff that may help me in making wise decision making. It would be recommended to stay away from these doctors and do proper research before visiting the clinic.

  2. This man is the reason, why the entire medical facility had to suffer the most. People like Dr. Stein Andre don’t care about their patients and botched the procedure.

  3. Medical professionals were incompetent, had poor customer service, and had zero accountability. I would never approach him for dental-related issues.

  4. These people are never helpful in society, they are not here to solve the issues of the people, they are here to deceive the individual and earn money.

  5. It’s difficult to comprehend that these surgeons came into the list of certified medical professionals. However, they are less knowledgeable in their own field

  6. This man has so many allegations, that this raises concerns about his skills and nature. There are many people who have suffered many problems due to this guy. The government and regulatory authorities need to take strict action regarding this issue.

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