Jason Nissen: Is He a Scammer? The Truth Exposed (2023)

Jason Nissen

Jason Nissen, an individual involved in a fraudulent investment scheme known as a Ponzi scheme, has been legally convicted and subsequently condemned to a period of incarceration lasting two years.

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 This conviction stems from his illicit actions, which involved misappropriating funds totaling more than $70 million from unsuspecting consumers. The purpose of this embezzlement was to provide monetary assistance for his enterprise specializing in the sale of event tickets. 

The individual received a commendation for demonstrating authentic contrition upon willingly admitting to his transgressions. Jason Nissen engaged in fraudulent activities targeting investors in the Manhattan-based ticket business, NECO.com.

The Manhattan federal court Judge Paul Engelmayer issued a very mild sentence to Jason Nissen, against the federal guidelines that recommend a minimum sentence of eight years in prison for his fraudulent enterprise. 

Engelmayer underscored that adhering precisely to these criteria was not within his employment. The judge expressed gratitude for Jason Nissen for his endeavors, yet, he emphasized the existence of a consequential cost. In the final analysis, Jason Nissen received a prison term of 27 months.

During a brief intermission before the imposition of a legal penalty, Jason Nissen was joined by his spouse who was in the advanced stage of pregnancy, around eight months along. 

image of Jason Nissen.

The individual, previously employed as a mathematics instructor in Queens, pled convicted to a single charge of wire fraud. However, the execution of the sentence was postponed due to an inquiry conducted by prosecutors into allegations of undisclosed financial resources. Subsequently, it was concluded that no such hiding had taken place. 

The defense counsel representing Jason Nissen, Michael Bachner, advocated for a more lenient sentence by highlighting Nissen’s occupation as an Uber driver or his present position in the Bronx, where he works during late-night hours loading trucks. 

Jason Nissen personally conveyed feelings of apprehension and regret, providing reassurances to the judge regarding his commitment to abstain from any future involvement in similar activities. 

In conjunction with the imposed two-year incarceration, Jason Nissen was mandated to reimburse his victims with a sum totaling $71,878,669.90. Engelmayer granted him the opportunity to surrender to the United States Marshal Service after the birth of the third offspring. To know more about the scam, you may learn from the link: Jason

Jason Nissen: Ex-Math Teacher Involved in a Ticket Scam

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The individual in question, who previously had the occupation of a mathematics educator, has been convicted and handed a jail sentence exceeding two years in prison. 

This legal action was taken due to their involvement in a fraudulent system, often known as a Ponzi scheme, which resulted in the misappropriation of $71 million from shareholders. 

The scam was deceitfully camouflaged as a business engaged in buying and selling tickets for prominent events, which include concerts, theatrical productions, and athletic events.

Jason Nissen engaged in deceptive practices by providing false assurances to clients on the utilization of their cash to procure and subsequently resell tickets for highly sought-after events such as the Super Bowl or the acclaimed Broadway production “Hamilton.” 

However, the accused individual employed the cash to reimburse prior investors, as disclosed by prosecuting authorities. Nissen entered a plea of guilty for one charge of wire fraud.

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US District Judge Paul Engelmeyer in Manhattan issued a sentencing order, imposing a jail term of 27 months on Nissen. This penalty is notably shorter than the range of eight to 10 years recommended by the federal government. 

In light of Nissen’s involvement with extensive fraudulent activities and the deliberate creation of falsified papers to perpetuate the fraud, the judge duly considered mitigating factors such as the lack of a prior criminal record, active engagement in the neighborhood, the presence of a married couple with two young kids, or the existence of a marital relationship.

The judge placed significant emphasis on Nissen’s involvement in fraudulent activities as a means to save his firm. Particularly, Jason Nissen took proactive measures by reaching out to his victims and voluntarily disclosing his criminal actions to the prosecuting authorities before being contacted. Engelmeyer classified the case as notably challenging and sorrowful.

This particular example transpired in the context of a legislative initiative aimed at addressing wrongdoing in the ticket-resale market, which operates with no regulation and has an estimated value of $15 billion. 

Jasson Nissen, the former Chief Executive Officer of National Event Co., introduced the ticket-resale enterprise and then engaged in fraudulent activities for three years thereafter. The corporation has filed for protection under bankruptcy to safeguard its interests against creditors.

The prosecutors strongly advocated for a penalty that is within the prescribed range of sentence recommendations. They emphasized the gravity and exploitative character of Nissen’s actions, which resulted in substantial financial losses. 

The authors emphasized the deliberate and prolonged endeavors made by the individual in question to mislead investors using falsified documents and records.

Nissen’s legal counsel, Michael Bachner, accepted his client’s recognition of the inevitability of incarceration and advocated for a sentence of minimal duration. 

Bachner underscored Jasson Nissen’s collaboration with prosecuting authorities, his utilization of his funds to sustain the enterprise, and his will to maintain the business’s solvency instead of opting for insolvency proceedings.

Nissen, in a heartfelt expression of contrition towards the victims, acquaintances, and relatives, including his expectant spouse and two minor offspring, conveyed his regret for deviating from the ethical path while striving to maintain his business. 

He acknowledged that he had perpetually had the belief that favorable outcomes eventually materialize.

Case Study 

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United States V. Jason Nissen 

The Court accepted a request from the lawyers representing Jason Nissen, requesting Jason’s compassionate release from FCI Otisville due to the potential risks posed by the COVID-19 epidemic to incarcerated individuals.

Nissen was subjected to a 27-month prison term by the Court due to his involvement in scamming a minimum of five individuals, resulting in a total sum of over $70 million. 

Nissen had falsely represented that these funds would be utilized to expand his ticket reselling enterprise when in reality, they were mostly allocated towards settling pre-existing debts that he had the financial means to repay anyway. 

Subsequently, the fraudulent activities came to light, leading to the ultimate downfall of Nissen’s enterprise, resulting in significant losses in money incurred by the borrowers. 

Nissen submitted a formal written request, in the form of a letter motion, requesting mitigation of his prison term based on the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. Jason Nissen petitioned the Supreme Court to request a modification of his phrase, seeking permission to complete the remaining duration of his jail term, which amounts to roughly 17 months, through the alternative arrangement of confinement at home. 

The individual posits that they are afflicted with physical illnesses that increase their susceptibility to COVID-19. 

Furthermore, they assert that being away has resulted in two out of their three young children encountering significant and incapacitating medical and emotional challenges.

The opposition to Jason Nissen’s request for early release is based on several grounds. Firstly, it is argued that Nissen has not fully pursued all available administrative options before seeking his release early. 

Secondly, it is contended that Nissen hasn’t yet served a significant portion of his sentence, making it premature to consider his release at this time. Thirdly, the severity of Nissen’s offense is cited as a factor against granting him early discharge. 

Lastly, it is maintained that Nissen’s medical issues do not reach a level of severity that would justify a decrease in his phrase. The government moreover acknowledges that a minimum of two individuals who were victimized by Jason Nissen have been made aware of his petition and expressed their opposition to his potential release too soon.

Who is Jason Nissen? 

Jason Nissen is a prominent entrepreneur & businessman who operates within the ticket brokerage & hospitality industry. He has gained recognition for his exceptional proficiency in successfully implementing challenging ventures. 

The individual in question has held leadership positions in multiple organizations, such as the events company known as World Events Group, the ticket sales agency named National Events Company, along the Minus Zero Music Festival. 

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Final Thoughts 

The Court has approved the lawyers’ plea for the compassionate release of Jason Nissen from FCI Otisville, citing the heightened risks of COVID-19 transmission among jailed inmates. 

Jason Nissen was sentenced to a prison term of 27 months after being found guilty of defrauding a minimum of five people by misrepresenting money for his ticket reselling enterprise, resulting in a total sum exceeding $70 million. 

The perpetuation of fraudulent activities resulted in the ultimate downfall of his business venture, causing substantial financial losses for the individuals who had borrowed funds. 

Jason Nissen requested a sentence adjustment, claiming issues related to COVID-19 and physical ailments, and proposed a period of house detention for the remainder of the term of 17 months. 

The opposition contends that Nissen has not fully utilized all available judicial avenues, has not completed a sufficient duration of incarceration, and that the gravity of his crime does not justify granting him a request for early release. The premature incarceration of the offender is met with opposition from those harmed.

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