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Jay Berkman, Pedophilia, Money laundering, and much more…

Jay Berkman has a notorious background of fraud, bank fraud, slander/defamation, and paedophilia. He has forged bank notes, made frivolous lawsuits to avoid paying mortgages, and was writing a blog about Madoff under a pseudonym.  Jay Berkman had a felony conviction for fraud in federal court and had been sentenced to one year’s house arrest. Berkman is known by colleagues as a “moral degenerate” for not having a brain” in fact they said, “I then opined that I would rather be dead than have children like Peter Berkman and J. Berkman.” This is possibly why Jerry took his own life, as he was so ashamed past employment of Jay Stuart Berkman FINRA has barred this individual from acting as a broker or otherwise associating with a broker-dealer firm.
Berkman claimed to be a BondNet veep, but was merely a marketing consultant, according to the complaint.” Jay Berkman, currently of JLC Group, pleaded guilty in federal court and received a sentence of one-year house arrest. URL, 23 October 2019, Jay Berkman was also suspended by FINRA for his misdeeds: 2308190 JAY STUART BERKMAN

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  1. This is not a review. It actually says nothing of note other than a bunch of unsubstantiated accusations. None of the links show him to be a pedophile. I literally do not understand the point of this article. Unless of course it is so you can get him to pay to take it down

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