Justin Cassida

Justin (Brown & Tedstrom) is a FRAUD – He Lost Me $XXX,XXX!!! 

Justin Cassida is a horrible finance advisor whose sole priority is to leech off of his clients. He comes up with wicked ways to drain away his clients’ resources and fill his pockets. My experience with Justin was extremely painful and it taught me many valuable lessons. Justin lost me $XXX,XXX by convincing me to invest in an offshore property, which was probably owned by one of his relatives. He shouldn’t be allowed to operate as a financial advisor, let alone run a wealth management company. 

Justin Cassida is a CFP, which stands for certified financial planner. 

He is the Director of Client Service at Brown & Tedstrom and is one of the worst financial advisors in the industry. He has an MBA (magna cum laude) from Texas Tech University along with an MS in Financial Planning. Justin has also been named as Barron’s Top 1200 Financial Advisors, so you can understand how prominent this man is. His credentials make him seem like a great fit for any wealthy client. 

How Justin Cassida Lost me a fortune:

I had hired Justin as my financial advisor in the fall of 20XX. As you must have noticed by seeing his credentials that I discussed before he is among the top financial advisors in the country. So I was convinced that he would be the perfect person to handle my assets and investments. However I did not expect him to be a fraud and a cheat. He appears perfect and keeps saying cheesy stuff to make it seem as if he cares about you, the client. However, he is only plotting to scam you in one way or another.  In other words Justin is a fraudster. I am surprised to see him in such a powerful position. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was scamming his bosses at Brown & Tedstrom. 

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Justin and his team were supposed to help me in managing my assets. That’s the job of a financial advisor. At first everything was going well. Then after a few months of working with them he recommended me to invest in an offshore real estate property. I was totally  unfamiliar with offshore real estate, especially of the country he had recommended. However he kept assuring me that he knows what he is doing and it is recommended investment is 100% secure. 

I had denied this request of his to invest more than $XXX,XXX in an unknown property. But for some reason, Justin kept pressing me for this. It went on for X months until I gave in and told him that he could make the investment. My only requirement was that he should let me know about the credibility of the seller and the property. I also wanted to know if there were any legal issues surrounding the property. I had my concerns because I have been investing and running my businesses for many years. And the way Justin kept requesting me to invest 750 thousand in an unknown property was making me sceptical. Another reason why I was so doubtful was that Justin promised me that the market value of the property was 1 million at least. 

It seemed like a scam right then. But Justin was the expert and if he recommended something with such passion then he must be seeing something in it. 

He removed my concerns by showing me the necessary papers and legal documents of the property. The papers gave no indication that the property belonged to one of his relatives. So I invested the required sum and I told Justin to handle everything. 

It was a big mistake. I had no idea that Justin was, and is, an unreliable piece of trash. He must have gotten a cut from that payment. Heck, he might have received the entire payment. Because after that day I never heard of that property. Justin and his team kept showing me that it was an asset but then ever brought it up in any discussion.

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A few months later I faced certain problems due to the virus and I wanted to liquify some of my assets. Obviously the first asset that got in my mind was that offshore property. Because in the opinion of my financial advisor it guaranteed me the profit of minimum $XXXk. 

When I told Justin and his team to sell off that property I got a very unexpected and unprecedented response. They told me that they cannot sell it . When I asked them why, they just told me that its value can grow manifold so I shouldn’t sell it right then. 

When I ordered them that I wanted to sell it no matter what I found out that the actual value of that property was only XXXk. Justin duped me. He made many excuses and told me that the market crash there and the government changed around what happened but all I knew at that time was he cost me 650k. 

For some people such an amount can change their lives. It is a humongous sum.

Apparently my PI told me that Justin used my money to purchase useless and valueless property from one of his relatives. In other words Justin stole that money from me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get enough evidence to sue him and I don’t want to get into court because I’m already facing problems with my business.

I uncovered this fact just recently when and the Corona harmed my business. So I have shared my review here. Stay safe.

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Justin Cassida is an extremely incompetent financial advisor with no skills. He Lost Me $XXX,XXX! Avoid him at all costs!

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    Brown & Tedstrom is filled with incompetent people. I’m sorry for your loss. I know what’s it like to lose your money because of the incompetence of your financial advisor. They lost me several tens of thousands of dollars by recommending me to invest in some unknown businesses. I don’t trust these advisors anymore. They charge an exceptionally high fees and there’s no assurance that they will act in your interest. These guys get paid according to the amount of money they handle for you, not according to the results they deliver. So for Justin Cassida to be an incompetent and lazy professional, doesn’t surprise me.

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