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Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd: Is the Firm Consists of Fraud Allegations? Let’s Explore the Truth! (Update 2024)

Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd
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Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd has received numerous complaints for being a fraudulent organization. Find out why you should avoid them.

What is Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd? Why did they receive allegations of fraud? Should you be concerned?

Find out the answers to all these questions below:

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About Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd:


Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd is a publicly traded business that was founded on the fourteenth of July the year 2006. It is a Non-government organization that has filed with the Registry of Businesses in Bangalore. 

It has a paid-up capital of Rs. 500,003 and an approved capital for shares of Rs. twenty million people. It is involved in the building of full structures or sections of them; civil engineering.

Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd’s annual conference of shareholders took place on November 30, 2021, while the company’s financial statement was last reported on 31 March 2021, which is according to the Department of Corporate Affairs (also known as MCA).

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2/12/2023 Update
As of now, Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Swaraj Kiran Sinha, Girija Shankar Bangalore Lingasetty, and Bikash Sahay are the board members of Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd.

The Corporate Identification Number of Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd is U45202KA2006PLC039966, and the company’s registration no. is 39966.

The official location of the company is NO.7, Kempaiah Layout, R M V  2nd Stage, Bangalore KA 560094 IN. The official email address of the company is ch*******@ch*****************.com

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Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd Reviews:

Fraudulent real estate organization!!

According to one of their customers, the company developers are providing sale deeds and 100,000 acres of entire township construction that extends 54 kilometers from Bengaluru towards Devanahalli the terminal. 

They are accepting refunded check payments & swiftly presenting certain assets in unmarked locations, providing a meal, including signing sale paperwork for former army commanders & defense employees. Whenever they asked to cancel a cheque as per the terms of the contract, they do not do so. 

They have no surface markers, signs, or advertisements in newspapers to their name. Are they simply misusing Lavasa Estate Times advertising in Pune and Mumbai are they duping the public in Bangalore? 

Will the head of the BDA please look at their background?

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  • Another customer complained about the loss he faced. He even stated that after reading some of the comments of people on the official website of the company, I can say that Lavasa Infrastructure Ltd. should have been prohibited from the real estate marketplace. They began a project called “Lavisa Town” in the District Hajipur, Bihar about 6 years ago, to complete it in the year 2015. 

Now it is 2018, and their website continues to be ten years away from finishing. People take individual hard-earned cash and go about their entire lives. Their superiors will not return your call, and if you request a meeting, they are going to conceal it from you. To be truthful, Lavasa Infrastructure Ltd.’s honesty and professional morals cannot be faith.

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

As an innocent victim of their deception, all I want is to get my cash back, which appears to be difficult.

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One of the many complaints against Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd

Scammer firm!!

According to Priyavas from the US, a customer of Lavasa Ltd. mentioned that the organization is a big fraud real estate firm. She invested in more than one plot in Lavasa Planet. Till now no developments and nothing has been done on the plots I brought. I also mail them a cancellation letter to them in the year 2016 and asked for refunds as well but there was no response from their side. I also tried to call them. Now I am going to charge them in legal proceedings for my money. I want my money back!

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Another complaint against Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd

What is Property Fraud?

The incidence of property fraud is increasing and the methods used by fraudsters are constantly changing. It is important to be vigilant and watch out for anything that appears unusual or suspicious during the transaction. Typically, there will be multiple indications that fraud is being perpetrated.

More Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd Reviews You Must Read:

Not a legit company!!

JS Ram, a Lavisa Infrastructure Ltd. customer, says he agrees with the assertion. I own two parcels of land in Lakvinsar City, Bidadi, close to Wonderla. I bought it in the year 2004-2005 After 13 years, the aforementioned amenities and amenities are yet to be realized.

For instance, if you make contact and ask someone to sell the plots, the prices are quite cheap, but they push the properties very aggressively.

Only since the programmer did not complete the development, the velocity has not improved in comparison with the other sites in which I have spent. There is no need to put money into this real-estate firm.

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A sad Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd review

Don’t waste your money with Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd!!

On their official website, Naveen Avora blamed the organization and said not to worry. If he fails to follow through on his promises, the company’s game will be over quickly. I’m on the move right now. I need a few days to gather evidence to bring him before the media. I will make certain that he is booted out of Bangalore as soon as possible and that he does his dirty business in a nasty area.

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Stay away from Lavisa Infrastruce Ltd.!!

Dear Commenters, one of Lavisa’s clients expressed & articulated in a really great way that, Rather than posting on the grievance board, why not try to speak with the business’s CEO? To the best of my understanding, I have never witnessed them scamming. They were advertising their Idea and stating that it would be a ten-year undertaking. They have begun their task. It is a real estate corporation with genuine proprietors.

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Another disappointed reviewer of Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd

Girija Shankar, the director of Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd, is a major liar!!

Sogokh, a customer of Lavasa Infrastructure explained that everyone understands Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd is a scam, so why do people continue to invest in it? Before making investments, consumers need to think. These advertising professionals exhibit fake paperwork and sell their items, and they make a lot of money for it. Be wary of such jerks. I first invested with Lavisa in 2010. However, given the slow pace of construction, the work may not be completed until 2050. Take my assurance for it. Whoever put into it, takes the money they invested back. The outcome is a loss, but at a minimum, you get a portion of it back.

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  • A victim stated that he purchased a 30 by 40 property from your company ten years ago and was paying it off in installments. Whenever I inquired about finishing the payment and acquiring the land I acquired four years ago, a representative from your company urged me to contact them later. However, there was never a reaction from your end. Please keep me updated on the current condition of the design.
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In reply to the comments, JSRam told that Please contact them at (080) [protected] or Mrs. Jyothi at +91 [protected].

If you still do not receive an answer, file a formal complaint. The consumer court

Final Thoughts

Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd is a large scam. As they launched their township project in the name of “Lakvinsar City” at Mysore Road, Bangalore, and within 5-6 years of beginning, they did barely establish the basic facilities there, in spite of arguing to be a large real estate firm that specializes in municipality growth.

Their directors are liars, and they defrauded nearly 2000-3000 persons in this project before registering them. Their directors, Mr. Girija Shankar & Mr. Swaraj Kiran Sinha are also unavailable to answer any questions clients may have. Because of the demand from current consumers with their searches, the previous team that was managing clients also left the business. 

So everyone can think that a corporation claiming to be an urban construction company is unable to construct a system of drainage in any of its sites or so-called Townships. I diligently monitored their Lakvinsar city development & discovered that they had enlisted a number of clients in a single shared location. 

For instance, Finally, in 2015, he registered sites for approximately 170 potential buyers who made reservations in 2007. At the time of enrollment, he received Rs:5000/- from each of the 170 participants as the price of Khatha Transfer. He has not yet arranged for this, nor has he delivered the Khatha Certification to them. The money he earned was used extravagantly on his international trip with his Partner.


According to reports, it has been recommended by many Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd. investors that if they are going to invest in one or more of the above companies associated with Lavasa, please refrain from doing so and if you’re left with extra as well as waste money, please go to ISKON the temple and donate so that certain hungry children can get some nourishment and they will bless you as they really need it.

There are new pictures and records that prove they are frauds that I will submit them one by one in this thread. You may also call their old stuff, since I have their contact information, and confirm the legitimacy of the photos and paperwork with them.

According to many investors or clients of the company, Swarajkiran Sinha is robbing the public resources that have been placed in his custody in good faith and assurance, and he continues to make everyone struggle for the money put in his various plans for the construction of Lavisa Planet. Swarajkiran Sinha’s karmas will come in a day or two.

Please report Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd to the BDA.

Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd: Is the Firm Consists of Fraud Allegations? Let’s Explore the Truth! (Update 2024)
Lavisa Infrastructures Ltd: Is the Firm Consists of Fraud Allegations? Let’s Explore the Truth! (Update 2024)

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