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Mark Hauser Private Equity: Where is He Now? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

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The legal representatives of Lori Loughlin & Mossimo Giannulli have asserted that Mark Hauser Private Equity executive purportedly suggested the engagement of a key individual involved in the college admissions fraud. 

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There have been allegations made against Mark Hauser Private Equity, suggesting that he engaged in the act of providing a monetary sum of $40,000 to secure a clandestine correction of his daughter’s responses on the ACT examination. 

The individual in question pleaded guilty to a single count of intent to engage in fraud by mail and genuine services mail fraud, resulting in a two-month jail term being imposed against them. 

The legal representatives of Mark Hauser Private Equity have chosen not to provide any statements regarding the imposition of the sentence, while the US Attorney’s Office in the District of Massachusetts has similarly abstained from making any comments.

The prison term handed down to Mark Hauser Private Equity is another instance of guilt within the widely publicized college application scam, widely regarded as the most extensive investigation of its nature in the annals of the Department of Justice. 

Referred to as Operation Varsity Blues, the aforementioned case gained public attention when criminal charges were brought against prominent figures from the entertainment industry, financial sector, and the acting profession, among others. 

These people were suspected of engaging in a collective effort to deceive examination systems or unlawfully influence athletic coaches, all to secure enrollment for their offspring into esteemed higher education institutions.

The primary individual implicated in the controversy was William Singer, the proprietor of a profit-driven enterprise known as Edge College & Career Network, alternatively referred to as The Key. 

The individual, who entered a guilty plea for several offenses such as laundering money & conspiracies related to extortion, has acknowledged facilitating affluent families with an alternative means of gaining admission to prestigious educational institutions. In recent years, several persons have been convicted for their involvement in the fraudulent scheme.

Throughout one of his court hearings, Mr. Singer made the following statement: If I may draw a parallel, there exists a means of entry akin to a front doorstep, whereby a pupil independently accomplishes the task.

Additionally, there exists a secondary avenue known as the returning door via which individuals may gain access to educational development by making substantial contributions. 

However, it is important to note that such individuals are not assured admission. Subsequently, I devised an auxiliary entrance that ensured couples’ access. The assurance I implemented was a significant factor contributing to its appeal among many households. 

Additionally, it was disclosed that Mark Riddell, a proficient individual in the field of evaluation, who regularly assumed the role of a test moderator to take ACT and SATs on behalf of pupils, played a crucial role in the aforementioned scam.

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Celebrities in the Scandal 

Lori Loughlin, an actress, and her spouse, Mossimo Giannulli, a designer, were among the individuals accused in the college admissions scam commonly referred to as Operation Varsity Blues.

Referral to College Counselor

Based on court documents, it was revealed throughout the sentencing stage that legal representatives for Ms. Loughlin and Mr. Giannulli stated the involvement of Mark Hauser Private Equity, the governing board chairman of their children’s school, who was known to William ‘Rick’ Singer as a counselor for colleges. The purpose of this referral was to seek assistance in facilitating the application process for both of their daughters.

Mark Hauser Private Equity: Payment for Admission

The prosecution levied allegations against a pair of individuals for allegedly providing a sum of $500,000 to ensure the admission of their offspring into the University of Southern California. Lori Loughlin & her spouse entered pleas of guilt, with Loughlin being subjected to a two-month term of imprisonment, while her spouse got a more substantial punishment of five years in prison due to his heightened involvement in the plot. 

The individuals in question were accused of engaging in a fraudulent scheme for their daughter’s entrance to an educational institution. This strategy involved misrepresenting themselves as rowers.

In a separate instance, it was seen that Mark Hauser Private Equity provided a monetary sum of $40,000 to William ‘Rick’ Singer to engage the services of Mark Riddell, a proctor, to illicitly modify his child’s responses on the ACT examination. 

Additionally, Hauser’s daughter received an extension time frame for her examination, and her designated examination venue was relocated to a testing facility situated in Houston. 

The individual in question, Mr. Riddell, manipulated the score to reflect a value of 31 instead of 36, which was subsequently included in the individual’s application to several universities and colleges.

Mr. Mark Hauser’s Involvement

The attorneys representing Hauser contended that he sought aid for his youngest offspring, whose scholastic achievements had been negatively impacted by health-related concerns. 

It was underlined that although Hauser was involved in the strategy, he did not hold the primary role or have strategic foresight. The defense ascribed the aforementioned role to William ‘Rick’ Singer.

Prosecutors’ Assessment

Based on the court papers, it is evident that Mr. Hauser had a higher level of participation in the plan compared to certain others, however, his level of culpability was relatively lower than those who consistently participated in the program or engaged their kids in it.

Who is Mark Hauser? 

Photo of Mark Hauser Private Equity.

Mark Hauser, a Cincinnati, Ohio native, has served as the Managing Partner at Hauser Private Equity until 2008. The commencement of his expedition took place in his place of origin, wherever he had been both birthed and nurtured. 

Mark Hauser Private Equity obtained his formal schooling at St. Xavier Catholic School, a privately owned all-male educational school in Cincinnati. Following this, he continued to pursue his academic endeavors and ultimately earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Miami University.

Mark Hauser Private Equity, in his capacity as the Managing Partner of Hauser Private Equity, has effectively supervised the process of corporate evolution, starting from its modest origins. 

At the outset, the company’s portfolio encompassed a modest insurance firm situated in Cincinnati. Throughout its development, this little venture has transformed into Hauser Insurance Brokerage, a prominent nationwide brokerage specializing in benefits and risk management. 

The organization has a specific focus on the development of benefits and insurance products that are customized to meet the needs of companies operating on a national scale, with an emphasis on those engaged in venture capital administration.

The management skills & strategic thinking demonstrated by Mark Hauser have been essential in the expansion and achievements of Mark Hauser Private Equity. 

This has resulted in the company’s transformation from a regional entity to a significant participant within the broader national healthcare and insurance market. For further information regarding the individual, please go to the link: Mark Hauser Private Equity

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Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, the legal counsel for Lori Loughlin & Mossimo Giannulli has levied allegations against Mark Hauser Private Equity, asserting its complicity in the college admissions scam. 

It has been alleged that Mark Hauser purportedly made a recommendation for a pivotal individual involved in the scam and provided a payment of $40,000 to alter his child’s scores on the ACT. 

Consequently, the individual in question received a prison term lasting two months. Nonetheless, there has been no official statement regarding the verdict from either the legal team of Mark Hauser Private Equity or the US Attorney’s Office in the District of Massachusetts.

Mark Riddell, a proficient test proctor, assumed a pivotal part in the fraudulent scheme by surreptitiously undertaking ACT and SAT examinations for the benefit of students. 

The entirety of the current episode serves to underscore the intricacies and repercussions of the college admissions scam. For those seeking to further their knowledge about Hauser Private Equity, a valuable resource can be found at the provided link: Mark Hauser Private Equity.

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