Yaroslav Belkin: Is He a Criminal? The Truth Exposed (2023)

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A Balanced Reaction to Yaroslav Belkin’s Media Performance

According to the Medium.com website, Yaroslav Belkin is the CEO of Berlin Marketing and also Ex Cointelegraph’s Head of Digital. It is stated in the report that MOBU has consistently placed a high value on the principles of openness and integrity in its dealings with shareholders and owners. 

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Notwithstanding the numerous hurdles encountered by the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) marketplace, the diligent efforts of the MOBU team have been directed toward ensuring the prosperous outcome of their venture. Hence, it is imperative to examine the latest article authored by Yaroslav Belkin of Belkin Media.

It is important to acknowledge that the event mentioned by Yaroslav Belkin took place more than a year ago, before the launch of MOBU. As additional evidence is revealed, it will grow more evident that there were deviations from standard practices. 

Yaroslav Belkin made a concerted effort to engage with various media platforms throughout that period. 

Nevertheless, upon careful examination of his pictures and accompanying documents, none of the news organizations discovered any substantial evidence to substantiate his allegations.

Factual Insights into Yaroslav Belkin

  • A legally binding agreement has been established between our organization and Yaroslav Belkin, therefore rendering his initial claim of being unaware of his name being used untrue.
  • As per the contractual agreement, Yaroslav Belkin has undertaken the responsibility of overseeing the operation of three social media pathways, as evidenced by his signature on the document. Nevertheless, he declined to comply. We cordially communicated to him that we are unable to proceed with his services as an adviser.
  • Yaroslav Belkin served as an esteemed advisor for Zabercoin and did not express any want to resign from his position. Zabercoin, like numerous other Initial Coin Offerings, encountered challenges in securing adequate money. All investors received a complete return, and Yaroslav Belkin was remunerated as a whole.
  • Yaroslav Belkin received an invitation to attend the Monaco Grand Prix as a guest of the Chief Executive Officer at the time, in a non-official position. It is noteworthy to mention that this event occurred before the commencement of any marketing endeavors and efforts to raise money for MOBU. All of MOBU’s trips consisted of investor gatherings, as evidenced by its presence on various internet platforms.
  • According to Yaroslav Belkin, he is credited with the establishment of the brand MOBU. Nevertheless, he lacks proficiency in any of the indigenous South African languages from when MOBU’s name originated.
  • Yaroslav Belkin proposed a fee beyond the prevailing market rate for his services, and MOBU, being agreeable, agreed to pay this fee on the understanding that Mr. Belkin fulfilled his tasks following the agreed-upon expectations.
  • MOBU decided to proceed with Amazix instead of Belkin marketing, a choice that elicited a strong negative reaction from Mr. Belkin. During that period, Amazix emerged as the leading public relations firm specializing in projects related to blockchain technology, mostly due to its exceptional performance & reputation. This choice to prioritize Amazix was primarily based on its shown quality and competence in the field.
  • Mr. Belkin assigned the lowest ratings to MOBU on ICObench as a result of his animosity toward the project, and he encouraged his acquaintances to express negative opinions about MOBU during that period. The individual in question was removed from their advisory position by ICObench as a result of their unscrupulous conduct. 

Evidence in the form of photographs, now held by MOBU, substantiates the claim that Mr. Belkin engaged in inappropriate and offensive language when discussing ICObench before his termination. This observation provided significant insights into his traits.

  • Mr. Belkin issued an ultimatum indicating that MOBU will not receive coverage on prominent platforms such as Cointelegraph, Newsbtc, & Ivan on Tech in the event of his termination. According to the CEO of Newsbtc, Mr. Belkin is seen as someone of questionable moral behavior who has yet to fulfill his financial obligations.
  • Yaroslav Belkin consistently expressed negative sentiment towards MOBU across various internet platforms and authored an essay that has been characterized as biased and accusatory, labeling the venture as a “fraud.”
  • According to Yaroslav Belkin, it is asserted that MOBU did not possess any purpose to construct a working model. Nevertheless, the working model has been made available on MOBU’s webpage for universal accessibility.
  • Understandably, Yaroslav Belkin’s removal from the web page was promptly executed following his termination, and he possessed complete awareness of this circumstance.

Therefore, it is regrettable that individuals such as Yaroslav Belkin, who possess a prominent platform for articulating their viewpoints, are capable of undermining the credibility of the blockchain business. 

Thus, the current situation poses challenges for large investors seeking to enter the field of blockchain technology. The MOBU team aims to move past this issue and prioritize financing and the establishment of a credible firm offering a fantastic item. 

It is highly recommended that Mr. Belkin also consider moving forward. MOBU has reached a threshold of enduring unwarranted mistreatment and will henceforth refuse to tolerate unprofessional conduct. 

If Mr. Belkin persists in causing harm to the brand of MOBU, legal recourse may be pursued against him. Additional esteemed experts of MOBU concur that the conduct exhibited by Mr. Belkin can be characterized as trivial and necessitates his assumption of accountability for his behaviors. 

There is a lack of substantive content in this discourse since it mostly consists of the public disclosure of Mr. Belkin’s matters. 

MOBU seeks to disassociate itself from the aforementioned situation and the lack of professionalism exhibited by a person who disseminated inaccurate data. 

The comprehensive examination of MOBU’s business activities and adherence to regulatory requirements can be obtained through Entoro, a globally recognized investment firm &  broker-dealer headquartered in the United States.

What is MOBU? 

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MOBU is a comprehensive solution designed to facilitate the introduction of compliant tokens for security on the blockchain for initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Yaroslav Belkin: Attempt of Defamation

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The reports appear to reflect a personal animosity harbored by Yaroslav Belkin towards Mr. [[not given]]. It is important to note that the article is not just factually incorrect and deceptive, but also exhibits an obvious bias towards one perspective.  

Additional transcripts of discussions can be furnished, together with a contractual agreement including Yaroslav Belkin, to refute his unfounded charges. The situation is resulting in significant harm to the reputation of both Mr. [[not given]] and the corporate entity MOBU.  

As a consequence of the deceptive & incorrect story, we are compelled to alter the name of the business. This business has received several favorable evaluations across various online platforms.

Who is Yaroslav Belkin? 

Profile of Yaroslav Belkin.

Yaroslav Belkin established his Marketing Agency and assumed the roles of Founder and Chief Executive Officer. During the subsequent 15-year period, the individual successfully obtained a clientele exceeding 100 & accomplished the execution of over 152 initiatives on behalf of prominent global businesses.

Thus, he made a notable accomplishment by assuming the role of Head of Digital for Cointelegraph events and Chief Marketing Officer at NewsBTC Media Group, leveraging his considerable expertise in Public Relations and Government Relations.

Yaroslav Belkin’s primary field of expertise lies in the realm of Digital Marketing and Marketing Techniques, encompassing a wealth of experience in DeFi & token Sale Marketing as well as Public Relations. If you want to know more about him, you may learn from the link: Yaroslav Belkin.

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Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, MOBU has repeatedly demonstrated a dedication to maintaining transparency and integrity in its interactions with investors. Despite the numerous hurdles faced in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) marketplace, the MOBU team’s unwavering commitment and innovative approach played a pivotal role in attaining notable accomplishments. 

The examination of Yaroslav Belkin’s latest essay, which pertains to an incident that occurred more than a year ago, before the commencement of MOBU, is of utmost importance. The aforementioned facts demonstrate the presence of inconsistencies within his article. 

The endeavors made by Yaroslav Belkin to engage multiple media platforms at that period did not generate any interest, as his allegations were found to be devoid of real substance & believability.

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