Nayan Bheda Neptune Group: Exploring Allegations of Scam. Let’s Uncover the Suit! (Latest Update 2023)

Nayan Bheda Neptune Group
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Nayan Bheda Neptune Group is facing stringent legal action for his alleged corrupt practices. Find out more about him in this detailed review.

Who is Nayan Bheda Neptune Group? What is the controversy he is embroiled in? Find out the answers in this detailed review:

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About Nayan Bheda Neptune Group

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Neptune Group was formed more than a decade ago by Nayan Bheda, Sachin Deshmukh, Nayan Shah, Mahesh Shetty, Chetan Bheda, & Animesh Dharamsi, a team of first-generation Businessmen. It maintains an unrelenting dedication to excellence, reducing expenses, plus timely completion by vigilantly tracking every endeavor with a committed key staff. 

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1/12/2023 Update
As of now, Nayan Bheda Neptune Group has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Nayan Bheda Neptune Group has grown significantly, allowing it to construct cutting-edge business, residential, retail, including entertainment facilities around the nation, as well as a fully integrated township and an Information Technology Center. Nayan Bheda Neptune Group has created one of India’s largest malls, Neptune Magnet Mall, as well as Mumbai’s largest IT Park, Neptune Element. 

It accomplished its goal and is currently completing over ten million, with approximately 20 million sqft of upcoming projects distributed across the city of Hyderabad, Kochi, Nagpur, Mumbai, & Pune.

100s of People Claim Their Dream Homes Were Never Built – The Lawsuit Against Nayan Bheda Neptune Group

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A lawsuit of deception and illegal violation of faith has been launched concerning Neptune Group’s founder after buyers claimed those residences expected to be turned over in 2012 were never completed. 

The Thane Rural Police Station has contacted more than 100 people, claiming that an established construction company, such as the Nayan Bheda Neptune Group, has not delivered the rental units provided a year ago at its affordable apartment convey in Ambivil near Kalyan. 

A complaint about lying as well as an unlawful violation of faith has participated against the organization’s founders, Nayan Bheda along with Sachin Deshmukh. 

Although more than one hundred individuals have so far contacted police, reports say that over 500 purchasers will be impacted because building on a portion of the building has been halted until the year 2009, after the Neptune Swarajya initiative was announced. 

The project offers around 3000 homes ranging between Rs 1500 and Rs 1,800 per sqft, via ownership expected in 2012. 

The homes are nowhere to be found, and development on our stage has started,” one of the prospective buyers stated, saying that the police charges were lodged on Thursday afternoon. 

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Sushilkumar Mishra, a 41year old small-time entrepreneur who makes roughly 15,000 rupees a monthly period, is one of the complainants. Mishra stated that he had reserved a two-bedroom flat for a price of eight lacks. 

He then stated that he has been sleeping in a rental residence in Kalyan for the past four years. I utilized visiting the construction location regularly to see whether the work had begun or not. Since it is clear that the contractor is refusing to hand back the homes, we were left without no choice but to approach the police, said Mishra who collected the reservation fee of about 90,000 in 2010. 

The city government was formally accused by the Nayan Bheda Neptune Group of the “delay” on part of the construction, and the balance of the flats is scheduled to be finished over to customers in November. 

Bharat Chauhan, the company’s marketing in-charge, stated that over 2,800 apartments will be given over to customers beginning in November of this year. The endeavor would have been finished much sooner if development had not been halted due to a shortage of civic approvals. 

The group published an advertisement claiming it had not rescinded one booking and had, in reality, offered customers a full reimbursement together with interest fees if they were interested in canceling the arrangements. 

Schemes for Affordable Housing are in Disarray

Several initiatives delivering so-called cheap housing are in a state of uneasy uncertainty. More than 12 of these initiatives throughout Boisar, Palghar, Shahpur, Vasind, Ambivli, & Karjat were either blocked in the five years before this one. 

The first projects to be abandoned were those offered by an established builder in Vasind & another firm in Karjat. The Vsind builder repaid the funds invested with fascination, whereas more than 1,000 participants in the Karjat development are still fighting for their money over a seven-year period following the purchase sums were paid. 

According to industry analysts, a lot of builders took on inexpensive housing developments during a dip in the urban housing market, not recognizing that the margins of profit in these kinds of developments are thin. 

Nayan Bheda Neptune Group

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Beware of Nayan Bheda Neptune Group

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Nayan Bheda Neptune Group: Exploring Allegations of Scam. Let’s Uncover the Suit! (Latest Update 2023)
Nayan Bheda Neptune Group: Exploring Allegations of Scam. Let’s Uncover the Suit! (Latest Update 2023)

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  1. These people are fraudsters. How can they do this? They have not done right with the buyers. They must get punished. This is not at all done. This can not be accepted.

  2. They need to get punished. What they have done is unacceptable. Because of their greed now so many common people who invested their money must be suffering. These fraudsters should get a very harsh punishment.

  3. If the media is not going to raise their voice then who else will? It is important that the media shows the situation of the victims so that at least others get aware of such fraud people.

  4. Whatever has happened is not at all right. How can these people do this with people who already struggle so much with their finances? This money must have been the savings of a lifetime. They save for their whole life to buy a house and it must be all that they had that they lost.

  5. What the media is even doing? Don’t they have any time to expose such big real estate scammers? This is ridiculous. Instead of focusing on stupid news they need to focus on such issues.

  6. One can never imagine the pain of someone who has lost their savings of a lifetime until and unless it happens to them. It is important that we learn from the mistakes of others and do not trust anybody that easily.

  7. I am really shocked after reading this article. This is such a big real estate scam. This issue must get addressed by the government. Victims should get justice. This can literally happen to any of us.

  8. This is the reason why buyers need to be aware before investing their money. You should always check if they have a legit license or not. No one should buy a house or flat without doing proper research about the real estate group.

  9. I have read a lot of complaints about this real estate group and whatever is written in this article is the same as what others have complained about. I believe that not so many people can lie. This is the truth about this group and these scammers.

  10. I agree with this article as the same thing has happened with one of my colleagues as well. He told me that he invested his money and booked a flat but he never got the flat and whenever he tried to talk with the staff of the group. He rather got abused.

  11. These scammers are such big liars. These greedy people have done just so much harm to the victims. All the victims have not only lost their money but also their time and dream of buying a house.

  12. What the victims must be going through is just hard to imagine. There all savings they have lost. They must be under so much mental stress. It is just so horrifying to even think about it.

  13. The real estate scam is on the rise these days. It becomes really important for us to stay aware of such scams and never trust anyone who doesn’t have a legit license for their business.

  14. How are such fraud people able to dupe so many people and the government is silent on this? What is even happening? These people are deceiving so many buyers and no one is saying anything.

  15. I agree with this article and want that all the victims get justice. These people should get a very harsh punishment so that they are never again able to do this big fraud with the common people of this country.

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