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Amex Financials

Broker Amex Financials ( ) positions itself as the best service for professional and novice traders. 

The creators claim that the resource has been optimized to maximize the client’s profit, and in terms of capabilities and potential, it is currently one of the leading crypto and binary options brokers in the industry.

Did You Know?

The examples of cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Every cryptocurrency is different in features from the other currencies. Some of the benefits of cryptocurrency are low fees, fast transactions & intact privacy.

The project team is a team of experienced professionals with experience in the Forex market, derivatives and in the risk management system.

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All of this sounds fantastic, especially considering that Amex Financials recently appeared literally out of nowhere and suddenly became the market leader. The domain was registered on November 18, 2019. There are no reviews about this resource, but even without this, according to the many unrealistic promises, we can conclude that this is a typical scam.

The perceived advantages of Amex Financials “broker”

What makes scammers stand out? First of all, you should be suspicious if the broker promises the client a guaranteed profit. In the section “Three Steps to Your Success”, the site creators assure that a user can earn 86% in 30 seconds:

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In reality, the client will face almost guaranteed monetary losses.


The company promises guaranteed profitable trades based on a free risk management system. 

This is complete nonsense that cannot be trusted. However, the scammers have insured themselves and in the “basement” of the site on the main page, one can say the opposite:

“The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and may result in the loss of all your funds.”

In fact, the regulator obliges the licensed broker to publish the exact percentage of traders who lose money when trading.

On average, this indicator ranges from 75% to 95%. The scammers decided not to bother and scare away clients with information that 100% of their traders are left without money.


This is another lie. Amex Finance is a binary options broker that offers huge payouts. Currently, binary options are prohibited by most regulators due to the high percentage of losses and the high level of fraud in this area. 

For example, in the EU, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) banned binary options back in July 2018. Now ESMA has severely limited the maximum leverage. 

So for non-professional clients, brokers from the EU and the UK are currently not allowed to offer leverage above 1:30 for currency pairs and 1:20 for CFDs.

Trading bonuses are another way to divorce clients, which is actively used by various scams.

 Our today’s heroes are no exception, customers are promised “gifts” in the form of:

  • From 5 to 20% this is a deposit bonus;
  • 10 to 20% is a referral bonus.

Together with the bonus, the client is imposed deliberately impracticable conditions for his working off.

At the same time, the client who received the bonus is limited in the right to dispose of his money. 

Fraudsters stupidly ignore all requests of the trader to withdraw the deposit balances under the pretext of not fulfilling the conditions for working off the bonus. I

n our case, everything happens according to the classics of the genre. 

On the site there are no regulatory internal documents: the client agreement and the rules for the use of bonuses. 

“Broker” is dark, scammers have something to hide. Customers who received a bonus waiting for some nasty surprises.

Amex Financials Trading Terms

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“Broker” offers 5 types of accounts. The minimum deposit for opening a trading account is from 500 USD. 

Depending on the type of account, clients are offered different “carrots”: free signals, advanced training from “professionals” and even connection to the “risk-free trading” program.

Amex Financials Team

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Let’s get to know the people on whom the growth of wealth and customer service directly depends. 

On the organization’s website, these are consultant Sarah, CEO and founder Richard, and manager Lisa.

In fact, the crooks just stole pictures of these characters from a third-party site:

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The broker’s website contains two telephones as contact numbers – with the UK code: +44 7451 233486 , and with the US code: +1 252 512 3623 . 

Also posted are two obscure addresses: 2364 Kelly Street, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA and 34 London Road LLANDRINDOD WELLS LD4 2CS. Checking on a google map shows that the addresses are fake.

Quote from the broker’s website :  is a trading platform based in Germany that allows you to trade the financial markets using digital currencies through a sophisticated combination of expert engineering.

The question arises: why is the German office address of the “German-based platform” not listed? 

The answer is simple: we are dealing with anonymous scammers who do not have legal offices, the crooks indicate fake addresses and hide their location.

On the site,  there is no information about the company on behalf of which the services are allegedly provided. 

Also, there is no information about the licenses received, the presence of which is mandatory in all regulated jurisdictions. Trusting money to anonymous crooks is at least silly.

Reviews on Amex Financials

There are no reviews of Amex Financials clients which can be verified. The explanation is simple: the scam started working relatively recently and they haven’t reached many people YET.

If we take a look at some of the professional reviews on Amex Financials, we find that no one recommends their services. Because there are no reviews on Amex Financials, we don’t recommend doing business with this broker.

Amex Financials Review 2021 Verdict

We strongly advise you to refrain from any cooperation with this “broker”. 

All signs point to typical financial fraudsters hiding behind a pretty name. By sending money to such an organization, you are guaranteed to lose it.

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We strongly advise you to refrain from any cooperation with Amex Financials ( All signs point to typical financial fraudsters hiding behind a pretty name. By sending money to such an organization, you are guaranteed to lose it.

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