Dr. Michael Shohet is a Terrible Plastic Surgeon (My Experience)

Dr. Michael Shohet’s terrible videos and social media posts have been seen by millions of people, and he has become a recognized authority on all things plastic surgery.


I have witnessed firsthand the meteoric ascent of surgical aesthetics and its widespread appeal as an aid in the field. Michael Shohet is a prominent influencer.

But as I’ve examined his methods and the dangers they pose more closely, I’ve discovered some startling realities that must be addressed.

This is an introduction to Michael Shohet and his operations in plastic surgery. A well-known influencer in the field, he has established himself.

Liposuction, rhinoplasty, and a facelift are just a few of the treatments he has done on himself.

Additionally, he has posted videos of these treatments on his social media pages, giving viewers a glimpse at what happens behind the scenes during plastic surgery.

Did You know?

Rhinoplasty is the medical intervention for altering the shape of the nose. Most people go under the knife to set themselves according to society’s standards. However, the first Rhinoplasty was reported in ancient Rome.

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