Glen Clemans

Doesn’t listen to customers. We got tired of his attitude

I had read a lot of great things about Glen Clemans so I was very happy when we hired him. My wife and I were very excited to work with him and we looked forward to this arrangement. However all of our expectations were shattered when we really met the guy. 

Glen is a self-obsessed narcissistic fool. He doesn’t know anything about client service or customer satisfaction. I don’t know how he is in this business because we just couldn’t tolerate his poisonous behaviour. 

A Little Information About Glen Clemans

I don’t want you to confuse the Glen I’m talking about with someone else. Glen Clemans is a Founding Partner of CGC Financial Services and is a Financial Planner. He has more than 30 years of experience and I believe he is grown too old. Many publications have named him in their lists of the Top Financial Advisors. As I had read his name on one of those lists, I believed he would be perfect for our financial requirements.

I wouldn’t have wasted my money on CGC Financial Services and Glen Clemans if I had known how terrible his behaviour is. When I had contacted Glen’s company to hire him as my wealth advisor, I had very high expectations.

I was even paying them extra because Glen is among the most expensive financial advisors out there. However, when I hired him and his company, I found out just how terrible he is. 

Whenever we would request to meet with him he would send a subordinate in his place. It happened multiple times, not just once, multiple times. The subordinate usually didn’t know much about our account or requirements too. 

It was very frustrating to explain minor details to them. We hired Glen, not the newbies he was sending to us.

Do you know when did we get to meet him? We got to meet the financial advisor we were paying for, when we expressed our anger to his company. We told them explicitly that we didn’t want to do business with them if the guy we were paying for doesn’t even have the time to meet us. Their rep was very apologetic and promised us that Glen would meet with us. 

But I must point out, that meeting was more disappointing than the previous arrangement. 

Glen had no idea who he was meeting. He didn’t know any specific details about our account and it seemed like he hadn’t done any research too. My wife wanted me to fire Glen and his company right at the start when they sent associates instead of Glen. 

But for some reason I did not want to fire them this quickly; I thought they had more to offer. Obviously she was right and I was wrong. 

Glen had arrived with an associate who did most of the talking. Glen was just there for show. He didn’t say much and whenever he opened his mouth, he showed us how little he knew about us. He didn’t know anything about the investments we had made with them and what our future plans were. I must mention that his team had advised us to make several investments and we were complying with them so far. They were supposed to be aware of our future plans too because we had met with his sent associates multiple times. 

But Glen had no idea what our future plans were or what investments we had made. Even the associate they had sent with him had very little knowledge of our account. When I realised Glen didn’t know anything about us and our account, I told him that we don’t need his services anymore. 

He got all defensive and started scolding the associate who had arrived with him. She was petrified because and we saw how he was trying to shift the blame on her. I told Glen that it was his fault, not her. But he didn’t react very professionally to that. He started saying nonsense and told me, “You don’t know what you’re talking about, let me talk here”.

I can’t express the tone he said it in. He left our place straight then and we knew he was going to blame the girl for everything. 

His company contacted me and my wife multiple times later. We told them that we were very disappointed with the kind of services they provided us and we won’t do business with them. They still call us regularly in the hopes that we would get their services. I don’t think, however, that they would have improved anything. 

The way Glen reacted to our complaints made me realise what a terrible mistake I had made by hiring them. If Glen was really that professional as he claims to be, then he wouldn’t have reacted that way. 

I haven’t heard of any financial advisor who doesn’t know a thing about his customers. 

Glen Clemans is A Terrible Professional

Glen is too careless to be a financial planner. I have never seen such a professional who knows nothing about his client. He was never available to meet in the first place and would always send a subordinate at his place.

In my opinion, he is a lazy guy who doesn’t want to work. Either that, or he doesn’t care about his customers at all. No matter what the reason may be, Glen is surely not a reliable professional. 

He blames others for his mistakes and is too egoistical. I made a terrible mistake by hiring him. 

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An Egoist Narcissist

Glen doesn't remember anything about his customers and doesn't have time to talk to them. He thinks he is above everyone else. Not Recommended at all!

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  • Doesn't listen to customers
  • Doesn't attend meetings
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    Glen never attends any meetings. I have worked with CGC Financial Services and I can vouch for that. He is too lazy to handle clients and arrives late to office. He takes credit from other people and appears like the ‘right guy’ all the time because of that.
    I no longer work there. But when I did, I remember Glen coming to the office in the afternoon on weekdays. He would miss appointments and send someone else instead. Many clients would get mad because of it.
    One time, he sent two subordinates instead of going himself to one of our most prestigious clients and that client got so mad that he threatened to fire us that day. But other partners and higher-level executives ensured that the client didn’t get too mad. Glen no longer cares about his customers.

    - CONS: Doesn't care about customers Lazy
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