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Goldco Vs Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals and Goldco are two of the most well-known gold dealers in the US, but which one should you buy from? 

Augusta Precious Metals is better than Goldco. The following article will go into more detail on how I came to that conclusion.

In this Goldco vs Augusta Precious Metals article, I will look into the offerings, reputation, experience, and customer service of Augusta and Goldco to find out why Augusta is the best in for acquiring gold for retirement.

Augusta Precious Metals is suitable for investors who have over $50,000 in their 401k or IRA (or a budget of more than $50k to invest in precious metals). If your budget is lower then you can go with Goldco.

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Goldco Overview 

Goldco, founded in 2006, is one of the most regarded gold IRA providers. 

They’re known for their excellent customer service and educational resources, which help clients diversify and protect their retirement savings by investing in precious metals.

Goldco logo

Goldco’s reputation is backed by its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and 5-star rating on Trustpilot. They offer a wide variety of gold and silver coins and bars to meet the needs of all investors, with a low minimum investment requirement of $25,000.

Whether you’re a beginner investor or a seasoned pro, Goldco has something to meet your needs. 

According to Goldco founder and CEO Trevor Gerszt, having a diverse portfolio can be extremely helpful in protecting your wealth.

Goldco’s CEO is on the Board of Directors of BBB. It clearly shows Goldco’s leadership’s credibility. However, this does not imply that APM is falling behind. They, too, have widely recognised leadership.

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Augusta Precious Metals Overview 

Augusta Precious Metals, established in 2012, is a newer Gold IRA provider than Goldco, but it has quickly become one of the most trusted in the industry. 

Goldco vs Augusta Precious Metals

They focus on customer service and helping clients protect and grow their wealth by investing in precious metals.

Augusta Precious Metals has an A+ rating with the BBB and a 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot, while Goldco has an A+ rating with the BBB and a 5-star rating on Trustpilot. So, both companies are highly rated by their customers.

Augusta stands out for its personalised service, which includes a dedicated customer success agent for each customer. 

They also provide a variety of investor educational resources where you may learn everything there is to know about gold and silver investment.

Overall, Augusta Precious Metals is a great choice for investors who are looking for a reputable Gold IRA provider with a wider variety of investment options. 

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Differences Between Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals 

Now that you’re familiar with both of these companies, let’s explore some of their key differences:

Goldco vs Augusta Precious Metals: Product Selection

Goldco offers a wide variety of gold and silver coins. They have popular options like American Eagle coins, Canadian Maple Leaf coins, and many bars from reputable mints such as the Royal Canadian Mint and PAMP Suisse.

Additional notable products include: 

  • Gold Liberty Coin
  • Gold Independence Hall Coin
  • Gold Australian Saltwater Crocodile Coin
  • Silver American Eagle Coin
  • Silver Great Barrier Reef Coin
  • Silver American Eagle Proof Coin

Surprisingly, there were no Platinum or Palladium products available. This can be a huge concern for investors because of both of these metals. 

Augusta Precious Metals, on the other hand, follows a more selective approach. They also offer a wide range of options and each one has been carefully selected for high quality. 

Consider American Buffalo coins, Austrian Philharmonic coins, and Royal Canadian Mint gold and silver bars. Augusta Precious Metals prioritises quality above quantity.

You’ll find all the popular IRA-eligible gold and silver products here. This includes

  • Helena Gold Sovereign Coin
  • American Gold Eagle
  • Australian Striped Marlin Gold Coin
  • The Rose Crown Guinea Gold Coin
  • Canadian Silver Soaring Eagle
  • American Silver Eagle
  • American Platinum Eagle

And many more.

Platinum and palladium coins and bars are also available in their product list.

Goldco vs Augusta Precious Metals: Fees and Minimum Investments

When evaluating Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals, the associated fees and minimum investment requirements are crucial factors to consider.

Goldco sets a relatively low entry point with a minimum investment requirement of $25,000. This makes Goldco an accessible choice, especially for investors with modest portfolios or those venturing into the realm of Gold IRAs.

Goldco’s fee structure is competitive, with annual fees determined by your investment value. However, it’s important to note that specific costs may vary based on individual investments. To obtain accurate and detailed information, it is recommended to directly contact Goldco.

Augusta Precious Metals, in contrast, requires a higher minimum investment of $50,000. This makes them an appealing option for investors with more substantial portfolios or those seeking to allocate a significant portion of their retirement savings to precious metals. 

Similar to Goldco, Augusta Precious Metals offers competitive fees. However, for precise quotes tailored to your investment, it is advisable to initiate direct communication with the company. 

Prices may fluctuate based on the specific investment amounts.

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Goldco vs Augusta Precious Metals: Educational Resources 

Both Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals recognize the critical role of investor education in the realm of precious metal investments.

Goldco stands out by offering an extensive array of educational resources on its website. These resources, including articles, videos, and guides, delve into various aspects of investing in precious metals. 

On the other hand, Augusta Precious Metals takes an innovative approach to education. 

They provide a unique opportunity through a free, comprehensive webinar tailored for potential investors. 

This webinar covers a wide range of topics, including the advantages of investing in gold and silver, the historical context of precious metals, and the specifics of setting up a Gold IRA with Augusta Precious Metals. 

By offering this personalized learning experience, Augusta ensures that potential investors are well-informed, arming them with the necessary knowledge to make confident and well-considered investment decisions.

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Goldco vs Augusta Precious Metals: Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is a pivotal factor in choosing a Gold IRA provider, ensuring investors receive the necessary support and guidance every step of the way.

Augusta Precious Metals stands out for its outstanding customer service. The company goes the extra mile by assigning dedicated customer success agents to each investor, offering personalized guidance throughout the investment journey. 

These agents assist investors in setting up a Gold IRA, selecting suitable precious metals, and managing their investments effectively. 

Augusta’s commitment to personalized support has earned them a remarkable 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot, solidifying their reputation for delivering exceptional customer service.

Goldco, too, provides reliable customer service, with a team of knowledgeable and friendly representatives readily available to address inquiries and guide customers through the Gold IRA setup process. 

Their efforts are reflected in a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, with clients consistently praising their responsiveness and expertise.

Goldco vs Augusta Precious Metals: Customer Reviews 

When selecting a gold company, analyzing online reviews is essential. In this regard, Augusta Precious Metals clearly outperforms Goldco by a significant margin.

Augusta Precious Metals Reviews  

When it comes to Augusta Precious Metals, the reviews paint a remarkably positive picture. They boast an impeccable record with no complaints on Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

Not just that, Augusta has received thousands of positive reviews across various consumer platforms, including Trustlink and BBB itself. 

On BBB alone, they’ve garnered over 100 positive reviews, all singing praises for their service.

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What sets Augusta apart is their A+ rating and accreditation with the BBB. Achieving this accreditation is no small feat, as the Better Business Bureau maintains strict criteria. 

Additionally, on Trustlink, another prominent consumer platform, Augusta Precious Metals has received hundreds of positive reviews, showcasing its consistent commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Their AAA rating on BCA, the highest possible on that platform, further solidifies their trustworthiness.

Goldco Reviews 

While Goldco also enjoys positive feedback, it’s worth noting the nuances. 

They have an A+ rating on BBB with hundreds of positive reviews, particularly highlighting their extensive product selection and helpful customer support. 

Similarly, on Trustpilot, they have garnered 5-star reviews, a testament to their quality service.

However, Goldco isn’t without its criticisms. There are complaints available online, primarily revolving around their sales staff being perceived as pushy. 

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While they have received significant praise, these complaints are a factor to consider when making a decision.

Both companies have their strengths, but Augusta Precious Metals shines brighter in the realm of online reviews, with an overwhelming number of positive testimonials and outstanding ratings across multiple reputable platforms.

Goldco vs Augusta Precious Metals: 

When you’re going to open a gold IRA, it’s important to know who’s the custodian you’re investing with. 

Goldco’s Custodian and Storage:

Goldco collaborates with Equity Trust Company, a custodial partner with extensive industry experience and a prominent reputation. 

Headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, Equity Trust Company is renowned in the industry and offers clients the opportunity to invest not only in precious metals IRAs but also in other alternative investments like real estate and currency. 

Goldco takes pride in its partnership with all major storage providers, ensuring clients have the flexibility to store their precious metals in the nearest IRA-eligible vault. 

This strategic choice enhances accessibility and convenience for investors.

Augusta Precious Metals Custodian and Storage:

Interestingly, Augusta Precious Metals also partners with Equity Trust Company as their custodial partner. 

This shared preference for Equity Trust underscores the trustworthiness of this custodian, especially when two of the most popular gold IRA companies choose them. 

Augusta Precious Metals, like Goldco, offers multiple storage options across various locations:

  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Wilmington, Delaware
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Springfield Gardens, New York
  • Jackson, Ohio
  • New Castle, Delaware

The diverse array of storage locations reflects both companies’ commitment to ensuring precious metals accessibility for their customers. 

This extensive reach provides investors with the flexibility to choose storage facilities that are convenient and secure, further enhancing their investment experience.

Both Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals demonstrate a commitment to investor accessibility and convenience by partnering with reputable custodians and offering multiple storage options across various locations. 

However, the shared choice of Equity Trust Company as the custodial partner highlights the mutual trust these companies place in their selected custodian, indicating a high level of confidence in the custodial services provided.

Goldco vs Augusta Precious Metals: Key Highlights 

In the realm of client support, Augusta Precious Metals stands out for its hands-on approach. Clients frequently commend Augusta for their exceptional support and the emphasis they place on educating investors. 

The team at Augusta seems readily available to answer queries and guide clients through the complexities of gold IRAs. 

This level of support can be a game-changer, especially for individuals new to the world of precious metal investments.

On the flip side, Goldco has faced challenges, particularly concerning its sales staff. 

Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction, stating that their concerns were not adequately addressed. In a field where trust and communication are paramount, these complaints could raise red flags for potential investors.

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One notable advantage that Augusta Precious Metals offers is its interactive web conferences. These sessions provide a detailed understanding of how gold IRAs function. 

This initiative demonstrates Augusta’s commitment to ensuring its clients have a comprehensive grasp of their investments. 

Unfortunately, this level of interactive learning isn’t a service offered by Goldco, putting Augusta a step ahead in terms of investor education and engagement.

Despite these differences, it’s essential to acknowledge the common ground. Both Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals provide gold IRAs and gold IRA rollovers. 

This means clients have the flexibility to choose the investment option that aligns best with their financial goals and retirement plans.

In essence, while both companies offer similar investment opportunities, Augusta Precious Metals shines through their proactive client education and interactive learning, ensuring their clients are well-informed and confident in their investment decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions on Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals Comparision

Q. Is Goldco a Reputable Company?

A: Yes, Goldco is indeed reputable, they have over a decade of industry expertise since its establishment in 2006. They offer an extensive range of gold and silver products for investors. Goldco holds an impressive A+ rating on BBB and has garnered numerous positive reviews across reputable consumer platforms such as Trustpilot and BCA.

Q. Is Augusta Precious Metals Legit?

A: Absolutely, Augusta Precious Metals has been a legitimate company in the industry since 2012, led by a team of experienced experts. Commonly known as Augusta, the company has received widespread acclaim, earning thousands of positive reviews on respected consumer platforms like Trustlink, BBB, and BCA. Augusta is renowned for its transparency and has been recognized for its integrity.

Q: Are there Differences in Fees for Investing in Gold and Silver through Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals?

A: Yes, both Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals charge fees for their services, including purchases, storage, and account maintenance. The exact costs can vary based on the specific products and services selected by investors.

Q: What Options Do I Have to Open an Account with Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals?

A: Both companies offer online account opening options, as well as the flexibility to start the process via phone or through a representative. Investors are required to provide necessary personal and funding information.

Q: What Advantages Do Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals Offer in Gold and Silver Investments?

A: Investing in gold and silver through Goldco or Augusta Precious Metals provides a secure store of value and acts as a hedge against inflation. These investments facilitate portfolio diversification, safeguarding investors from market volatility and inflationary pressures.

Goldco vs Augusta Precious Metals: Conclusion

Hopefully, it has cleared up some of your questions.

Now, when it comes to making a choice, here’s the breakdown: Goldco might catch your eye with its lower minimum investment requirement, but it does come with higher fees and a bit of a limitation in terms of product variety. 

On the other side, Augusta sets the investment bar a bit higher, but they offer a wider range of products and, importantly, lower fees.

Considering these factors, if I were to make a personal recommendation, I’d lean towards Augusta Precious Metals. Their variety, lower fees, and strong product offerings make them a compelling choice for investors looking to dive into the world of precious metals.

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