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Konstantin Bas: Was He Involved in Fraud? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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Konstantin Bas has faced serious allegations of fraud. Find out if those allegations were true or not in this Gripeo review.
Laboratory of Konstantin Bas

A laboratory owner and a marketer were found guilty of a bribery scam

Konstantin Bas, the proprietor of a medical testing laboratory, as well as his marketers, were sent to prison for settling a Maryland pain relief execution of $1.37 million in bribes as compensation for carrying out urine specimen examines provided through government healthcare initiatives along with insurance companies. 

Konstantin Bas, of the city of Brooklyn, has been convicted to a single year along with one day in custody plus forced to forfeit a total of $241,600 & pay a penalty of five thousand dollars, according to a news release from the United States Attorney’s Department for the District of Maryland. 

Mubtagha Shah Sayed, a Jersey City marketer, received a sentence of a time in prison & compelled to surrender $23,400 & pay a four thousand dollars penalty. 

Accu Reference, thereby a testing laboratory in New Jersey, is owned by Konstantin Bas. He engaged Syed to publicize his research facility throughout the years 2010 and 2011. 

In February, Syed saw Mohammad Ahmed Khan. Ahmed is the Chief Administrator for American Spine Centre’s network of pain relief centers. 

The clinic mostly requires testing of urine to track the amounts of pain medicines & drugs in an individual’s bloodstream. Sayed proposes paying bribes for tests of urine provided by Accu Reference.

Khan communicated the concept among the Clinic’s shareholders and then appointed Wick Wadhwa, the organization’s chief financial officer. To discuss specifics within Accu Reference. Konstantin Bas intended to give Wadhwa approximately five percent of the revenues if they struck a transaction jointly. 

However, subsequently, Wadhwa severed his ties with the executive & cut off the ownership stakes, contacted the hospital’s proprietor, but stated that Accu Reference was willing to offer a bribe of thirty-five dollars per sample, but the attorney general stated claimed the testing facility paid a lot more. 

According to the US Attorney’s Office, the plan primarily permitted Wadhwa & Khan to collect sixty percent of the bribe income, with the remaining going to facility proprietors Dr. Atif Malik & Sandeep Sherlekar. 

According to the prosecuting attorney, American Spine Centre Hospitals delivered 700 to 1300 specimens of urine to Accu Reference. Medicare & payers pay the testing facility an aggregate of $4.4 million, whereas Wadhwa & its collaborators pay $1.37 million. 

Malik, the medical center’s co-owner in Germantown, Maryland, had been condemned to a total of eight years in prison. Sherlekar, another co-owner, perished while he made his debut. 

Wadhwa, who lives in Frederick, Maryland, pled a plea & is scheduled to be punished on September 26. Khan was additionally accused of this conspiracy, yet he is currently on parole. 

What is Bibery Case? 

Bribery is the factor of delivering money or valuable items to persuade someone to do something.

The CEO of the laboratory was sentenced to federal prison involved in an extortion program

Konstantin Bas news

Konstantin Bas of Brooklyn, the state of New York, as well as co-conspirator Mubtagha Shah Syed of New Jersey City, received sentences of one year as well as one day in jail correspondingly, in addition to three years of supervised freedom, for an arrangement whereby a Maryland pain relief perform known samples of urine to Bas’s evaluation laboratory in exchange for 1.37 dollars million in bribery.  

Konstantin Bas was looking by Chief Judge Bredar to lose $241,600 and pay a penalty of five thousand dollars in return. Syed was looking for by Chief Judge Bredar to spend the initial 90 days of his release from prison in his house with CCTV surveillance, as well as forfeit the amount of $23,400 & submit four thousand dollars as a penalty.

Following the direction of Special Agent in Chief Gordon Johnson of the National Bureau of Investigations, the repercussions were made public by the United States Attorneys for the Eastern District of Maryland Robert K.

Special Agent in Director Maureen Dixon’s estate, Branch of Investigative Services, Branch of the Inspector General of the US Department of Human Services, Baltimore Field Branch.

Konstantin Bas was the proprietor & President of Accu Reference, a pharmaceutical diagnostic laboratory with its corporate headquarters in New Jersey, according to their plea deals as well as court records.  

Konstantin Bas started advertising Accu Reference’s products with Mubtagha Shah Syed in the latter part of 2010 or the beginning of 2011. Syed met Muhammad Ahmad Khan, who is the chief executive officer of a collection of Maryland-based discomfort-management medical centers organized under Advanced Pain Management Solutions but operating over the moniker American Spine Center for Public Relations, in February 2011.  

Drs. Atif Malik & Sandeep Sherlekar operated and owned the medical centers.  Individuals who received prescriptions for alleviating pain medicines were obliged by APMS to provide specimens of urine to be analyzed to track the amount of either pain medicines or additional opiates in their bodies. 

Syed & Khan considered the prospect of APMS sending its customers’ urinary toxicological samples to Accu References to be analyzed in exchange for bribes throughout their January 2011 discussion. 

Khan addressed the concept with Malik & Sherlekar, which delegated additional conversations about the deal to Vic Wadhwa, APMS/ASC’s CChief Financial Officer. 

Syed organized an interview among Konstantin Bas & Wadhwa, throughout which it was decided that the proceeds generated from the urine toxicology examinations would be split evenly among Accu Reference & APMS or ASC staff members.  

Furthermore, Konstantin Bas promised to give Syed five percent of the earnings for his involvement in bringing the deal up. Unbeknownst to Konstantin Bas, Wadhwa informed Malik & Sherlekar of the fact along with Konstantin Bas had reached an agreement on several thirty-five dollars per sample cup for bribes, a figure that was much less than the number of commissions Konstantin Bas would receive following his arrangement with Wadhwa. 

This permitted Wadhwa & Khan to pocket almost sixty percent of the bribe money. From the beginning of 2011 to July 2012, APMS/ASC submitted 700 to 1,300 client specimens of urine to Accu Reference for consideration for bribes.  

Accu Reference earned about 4.4 million dollars in reimbursements to analyze the samples provided by APMS by Medicare & private insurers.  Konstantin Bas directed his enterprises to pay about $1.37 million in kickbacks to Wadhwa & the others he conspired with. 

Case Study: 

United States v. Konstatin Bas 

Order and Memorandum 

Alexander Cardoso submitted a Motion to Intervene & Unseal on April 1, the year 2022, following the Federal Rule of Civil Practice. The Petition asks only that the Court intervene for the sole purpose of unsealing all briefings, memos, shows, or recordings submitted concerning Respondent Konstantin Bas’ punishment in this matter. 

The Supreme Court issued an order for government officials & Konstantin Bas to respond to. After reviewing the responses, the request for reconsideration will be approved regarding the Punishment Memorandums provided by both sides in the year 2018, albeit Konstantin Bas will be allowed to resubmit copies of the Punishment Memorandums with the initials of his kids and his spouse removed. 

If the Motion requests information in addition to these Memoranda, it shall be refused with no consequence. 

  1. Scope of Request 

Despite Cardoso’s wide phrasing in his first Movement, the judge believes that the defendant is at present requesting admission to only 2 publicly available documents in the Judgement Memorandums submitted in the present matter. 

Cardoso’s stated cause for requesting these records is related to a civil case against Konstantin Bas arising from his management and ownership of multiple clinical testing facilities also played a role in the previously mentioned illegal incident. 

  1. Intervention Allowability

The 4th Circuit has ruled whether the First Amendment right to admission additionally provides for independent involvement, while it fails to outline the particular procedure in the district court’s proceedings. 

In addition, networks have similarly affirmed the legality of a movement for intervention to show that the public’s constitutional right of having access to criminal proceedings is appropriate or have allowed those in the general public to claim this right via less formal implies including a letter delivered to the district court on their behalf.

  1. Access to Sentencing Guidelines

In furtherance of ruling Cardoso’s request legitimate, the Court decides there is no sufficiently strong basis to deny Cardoso easier access to the already-public information he seeks. 

Presumptively, legal processes & accompanying records are open to anyone. The reality that Cardoso’s motion primarily wants less-restricted utilization of already-public materials weakens the goals weighed by the legal assumption.

  1. Redactions

Konstantin Bas requests that the Court allow the defendant to “file a modified copy of his judgment statement that safeguards critical data” which offers a substitute for rejecting Cardoso’s Request. 

Konstantin Bas is not asking the Government’s Memorandum be likewise censored, so it seems unlikely that the types of suppression permissible by this Order relate to that material. 

Although Konstantin Bas’ Objection fails to define highly classified data, the power he offers indicates that he intends to carry out non-substantive modifications about the identities of his spouse & young kids in his Judgement Statement and linked documents. 

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About Kickback Scheme

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By the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Maryland, Konstantin Bas started advertising Accu Reference’s products in 2010 with co-conspirator Mubtagha Shah Syed in a bribery conspiracy that lasted until the year 2012.

Syed met with Muhammad Ahmad Khan, the chief administrative officer of a group of Maryland-based pain control medical centers established as Advance Pain Management Services in 2010 while operating under the name American Spine Center (APMS/ASC) in February 2011.  

Doctors like Atif Malik & Sandeep Sherlekar were the owners of the medical centers.  Individuals who received prescriptions for relief from pain medicines were obliged by APMS or ASC to provide specimens of urine to be analyzed to track the quantity of either pain medicine or additional opiates in the body. 

Who is Konstantin Bas?

NOTJSsGgjCwqIrzB076ovlcW4PlXzvreb0YCYbqGN0wYXZl3exANtCZfyxsl9ssCZHA 0lEYSP8riEVf8KRKi6BAtZI YKqN8CbPLHeBwrfvNz aAKJGy1eax7ID6sKKPITnZOxtw WE5nX2sLoZzOA

Konstantin Bas is the owner and CEO of an architectural administration firm situated in London, England. He has been in charge since 2007. During free time, he appreciates interacting with friends and family, & his hobbies include trail running & yoga. 

The most effective method to use leisure separate from the job varies depending on the person in question, but whatever endeavor is selected ought to move the mind away therefrom any tensions plus relax the person’s physique. 

Konstantin Bas: Going Above and Beyond 

Konstantin Bas is not your typical home designer. Konstantin Bas, the chief executive officer of a prominent residential building solid, pushes excellent construction of homes to an entirely novel level, collaborating alongside the best in design and architecture to produce anything genuinely unique for those he builds for and their loved ones to cherish for centuries in the future.

Duties of CEO by Konstantin Bas 

Konstantin Bas is the chief executive officer of a London-based building management organization. He loves his job & possesses a lot of responsibilities. According to him, there are many ways to become a successful CEO which are as follows: 

Wsd9igc5VgiuNzgBDjYWwq8Fzb9I4rqupOf q4kG96zvOXBQw 9fp14LsY3KtcgOCX3mSb5ozxShUfCM oHil94o6j7BRW9xoH R7dfsDoVQ4ytghw4 ckVXcvCqu10HtSHIA4 K2G6fdz6EZAuA0
  • Strategy 

Executives are accountable for creating plans to assist their companies succeed. The chief operating officer can additionally devise methods to address difficulties or problems. 

The chief executive officer will also tell their workers about what they must do to ensure that the strategies are successful. CEOs collaborate extensively with many other people in the organization and help them to establish the best course of action for specific assignments.

  • Leading the team members 

A CEO of any organization is a leader who also serves as the firm’s owner. The leader of the company will know how to inspire personnel & manage themselves in ways that benefit both individuals & the firm as a whole.

To ensure the business’s achievement, the chairman of the board will collaborate with senior executive groups.

  • Enhancing the working environment 

A negative work environment reflects poorly on the organization and discourages workers from functioning effectively. The chief executive officer must keep an eye on the work atmosphere and take care of any issues that arise. 

Workers ought to feel free to approach the chief executive officer if they have any concerns. Genuinely enjoy managing and arranging individuals and endeavors, then could be an excellent chief executive officer. 

Not everybody is cut out for this kind of work, so be sure you understand the responsibilities of a chief executive officer while pursuing it.


Since the year 2007, Konstantin Bas has served as the chief executive officer of a London-based construction management organization. He is an accomplished residential builder who understands the importance of providing excellent customer service.

However, Syed organized an appointment with Konstantin Bas and Wadhwa, during which they promised that the earnings generated from the urine toxicology examinations should be split evenly among Accu Reference & APMS/ASC workers.

Accu Reference earned about 4.4 million dollars in reimbursements for the testing of the samples provided by APMS through Medicare & private insurance companies.  Konstantin Bas forced his enterprises to shell out roughly $1.37 million in bribes to Wadhwa & his co-conspirators.

Konstantin Bas: Was He Involved in Fraud? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Konstantin Bas: Was He Involved in Fraud? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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