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Mavro Cryptocurrency

Sergey Mavrodi is one of the most shameless scammers I have experienced in recent years.  He has run the MMM scam over and over again. Now, in just a few days, the Mavro Cryptocurrency is being launched.

MAVRO is the flagship solution with a decentralized and absolutely transparent platform for Multi Level Marketing structures. This solution is based on Blockchain Ethereum, which is almost impossible to destroy.
Mavro is an Organization created to provide a decentralized technology solution for MLM payment processing and support the MLM users and businesses through transparency and a public ledger. The open and decentralized MLM platform will include an API and wallet which are going to change the entire MLM industry worldwide. The innovation of smart contracts will power the bounty system making it transparent and decentralized as well. All of these features will become powerful replacements to the current market solutions.
The revolution for the worldwide economy is here.
We can do a lot!!!
Financial Apocalypse is inevitable!!!

The ambition and goal of the MAVRO team is for MAVRO to become the main and biggest cryptocurrency and payment platform for all MLM companies all over the globe.

Yet again, the world is coming to an end and you need to part ways with your money.

MMM Global is the creation of Sergey Mavrodi best known for running the MMM pyramid scheme in Russia. Mavrodi was charged with fraud in Russia in 1997 after the collapse MMM. Tens of thousands of Russians lost their money with this scam. A decade later he was found guilty of defrauding investors of $1.7m. He was sentenced to 4+ years, he had already been in jail for 4 years, so he got out in a month for time served. There were rumors that he would do it again, except he would TELL everybody that it’s a pyramid scheme (so they can’t get him on fraud).

What is interesting is that the Mavro Cryptocurrency people claim:

“all the old MMM became extremely corrupted. They are controlled by scammers. Do not believe anything they say. That’s why we are starting a new, transparent and decentralized platform that is impossible to destroy now. We can do a lot!”

What Makes Mavro Token Different?

The essence of the Mavro token comes from it’s foundation upon the decentralized cryptocurrency network. From this foundation,users and businesses alike become insulated from government regulations, receive increased transparency, and access to a revolutionary peer-to-peer powered bounty system. Through these differences though, we will establish the new normal for the multi-level marketing industry. Let’s dive into each of the topics a bit further to discuss their potential benefits to users and businesses within the multi level marketing industry.


The nature of blockchain technology allows for transparency to become a cornerstone from both a technical standpoint and logistical perspective. The technical advantages of transparency comes from its ability to be reviewed by any party at anytime without efforts invested into record keeping. This leads to a host of advantages such as lower operating costs and lower overhead. Even so, the logistical standpoint provides even more value for businesses and users alike compared to the technical perspective. The logistics of tracking sales, ensuring trust within a (currently) heavily human based system, and simply having payment solutions available directly in the same system. All of these factors display the power of utilizing a transparency based platform.

Bounty System

The peer-to-peer based bounty system will empower both businesses and users to get the best opportunities. For users, finding opportunities within the multi level marketing industry will never be easier. The businesses offering these direct sales models will also benefit from an increase in workforce capacity. The synergic nature of the bounty system will allow everyone involved to thrive for success. Through this, the Mavro platform will further propel the niche direct sales industry towards a trajectory of success.

Government Regulations

Many of the governments around the world currently regulate the MLM industry with strict standards. This leads to a huge problem for companies operating within the space. Government regulations lead to increased operating costs and thus less profit for a business’ bottomline. The users can also suffer from governments which over regulate the industry. Key players within the MLM industry have been pushed out of operation because of strict regulatory policies. The decentralized nature of the Mavro token will lead to a buffer between companies operating in the space and governments which over regulate the industry.

All and all the Mavro token aspires to solve these problems. The ERC23 token will allow for an increase in system transparency. The transparent nature of the system allows for an increased bottomline. The benefits of the bounty system transcend a host of benefits listed above by providing value to both users and businesses alike. Finally, the decentralized nature of the system will protect it from government intervention. Through these innovative solutions Mavro hopes to find long term success.

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Mavro Cryptocurrency Review Conclusion

Don’t fall for yet another scam using the MMM name. When new suckers can’t be found this scam will fail taking your money with it.

2.4 Total Score

Mavro Cryptocurrency is another scam using the MMM name. There's no reason to trust them.

  • Untrustable
  • Bizzare False Claims
  • Scam
  • Fraud
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  1. Scam scam scam. Worst investment scheme which is making fraud in different countries. Do not invest your hard earned money in this scheme. Shameless people who manage MMM.

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