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Shopping Sherlock claims that they have created an online environment you’ll be proud to share with your friends and family.  They claim that they are an affiliate program.  Let’s take a look and see what type of opportunity they provide.

Shopping Sherlock Scam Claims

It’s like Facebook with pay!

Get a chance to succeed in the online world by using our amazing product coupled with an unrivaled pay plan!

By sharing the business and the product with your friends and helping them do the same you’re creating your own savings network!

Reality  Exposed in this Shopping Sherlock Review

Shopping Sherlock was founded in 2012 by Michael Wiedder.


Independent Sherlock Distributor $249 + tax for Texas Residents and $34.95 Monthly – Enrollment includes an ongoing education/training program, custom branding feature, coupon/voucher creator and re-distribution rights for the Sherlock Shopping Application plus the S2 System Activation. Included is your Website link with an automated online marketing system.

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Registered Sherlock Representative $19.95 + tax for Texas Residents – Enrollment includes your Website link, Online Back Office with an automated online marketing system. A Registered Representative cannot distribute the Shopping Sherlock Application or earn the App Usage Commissions.


There are no retailable products for you to sell as a representative of Shopping Sherlock.  The only thing available for you to sell is the business opportunity.

“Products” included when you signup as a Independent Sherlock Distributor:

GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION LICENCE – The right to distribute the Sherlock Website.

EDUCATION PROGRAM – These educational materials are designed to help the Independent Sherlock Distributor (IGD) be more effective at distributing the Sherlock Web App, showing users how to save money online, and how to help small businesses leverage the Internet to improve their effectiveness.

BRANDING TOOL – This allows you to promote your personal name, logo, and message in front of all your users you’ve sponsored into the Sherlock System.

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MARKETING SYSTEM – Landing pages and advertising creative materials as well as follow-up autoresponders to help you build your business and database.

ADVERTISING SYSTEM – The customizable Sherlock Branding Tool enables businesses and Distributors to set up a link from the Sherlock to a vendor website, which can be local, regional or country specific. When customers use the Sherlock Web App they are always just one click away from the linked vendor’s website and offer.

SOCIAL PLATFORM – Thanks to the fact that the Sherlock rides on top of these major search engines, you can communicate with your sphere of influence.

MOBILE APP – Shopping Sherlock mobile app access all your deals and coupons on the go.

A shopping tool that is given away is not a product you are selling!

Value of “Product” = The average income is $1.49 per active Sherlock given away (2nd Qtr 2014 actual results).  You will have to have thousands of friends and family to generate any significant income from giving away Shopping Sherlock.

One sign of a pyramid scheme is if distributors sell more product to other distributors than to the public — or if they make more money from recruiting than they do from selling. – Source Federal Trade Commission on Multi-Level Marketing

If your potential customers are looking for low prices, deals on travel or cash back from purchases they have many other great free options to choose from.  Here are a few. Coupons, Sales, and Deals with generous Cash Back rewards. Cheap flights, hotels, vacations and rental cars. A web browser plugin to Automatically find lower prices while shopping.

Shopping Sherlock Review: Compensation Plan

The Shopping Sherlock compensation plan is a binary compensation plan with fast start bonuses which is MLM and NOT a single level affiliate program compensation plan.

Fast Start Bonus – A Sherlock representative earns USD $100 each time they personally sell 2 Sherlock Systems. There is not a deadline to accomplish the sale of 2 Sherlock Systems, nor is there a limit to the number of Sherlock Systems a representative may sell, and therefore there is not a limit to the number of $100 System Sales Bonuses that a representative may earn.

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Here is a simple question for you.  With the limited amount of income available by promoting the “product” to customers, why would your focus be anything other than recruiting people as Independent Sherlock Distributors?   The answer is simple you would not.  In my opinion the free Shopping Sherlock giveaway is just used as a cover for the pyramid scheme.

Shopping Sherlock Review: Final Verdict

The Shopping Sherlock business opportunity has nothing being sold by Representatives/Distributors except membership in the company itself.  The discounts and the “products” are a cover for the product-based pyramid scheme. Each person who profits in Shopping Sherlock does so primarily from the payments of others who are themselves making payments in order to obtain their own profit. In my opinion you should avoid this scam.

2.8 Total Score

Shopping Sherlock is using its "products" as a decieving cover for its product-based pyramid scheme. It's a dangerous scam and should be avoided!

  • Pyramid Scheme
  • Scam
  • Black Hat Marketing
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