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Streamline Funding – A Horrible Mess of a Lender

Streamline Funding is an Austin-based lender that claims to offer short-term loans quickly to real estate investments. They serve builders, flippers, and investors. 

However, their reviews suggest that the company tries to scam clients by using predatory tactics. They faced a lawsuit in 2011 for such practices and since then, have garnered a reputation for it among their clients. 

The following review will give you a detailed overview of this Texas-based lender:  

About Streamline Funding:

Streamline Funding is a hard money lender located in Austin, Texas. Their address is 9050 N Capital of Texas Hwy bldg 3 ste 130, Austin, TEX 78759, US. The company opens its office between 9 AM and 6 PM and its contact number is 512-250-8575. 

The company was started in 2010 and filed for administration dissolution last year in August. It claims that the company is trusted by Texas’s most successful real estate investors. The company offers residential bridge loans, fix and flip loans, construction loans, and land acquisition loans as well as infill multi-unit loans. 

However, they don’t reveal this information on the website. This is a huge red flag because the company tries its best to hide any details about the team operating at the firm. 

In the current age of business transparency, Streamline Funding hides the names and faces of its experts. You’ll need to get in touch to know anything about the people working at the company. 

Streamline Funding review

The company’s “About” page has nothing but fluff content. 

Why is it a big red flag? Because it means that you can’t know about the qualifications or experience of the “specialists” working at this firm. 

They can give you a fake name and you wouldn’t be able to verify. After all, who needs to hide their identity except for thieves and scammers? 

Horrible Streamline Funding Lawsuit: 17 Claims Against These Scammers

Another huge red flag is a lawsuit this company faced in 2011. A couple had filed a lawsuit against Streamline Funding Inc and several other companies for issuing an illegal loan to them which they couldn’t pay because of their income.

The lawsuit alleged that Streamline Funding had conspired with the Washington Mutual Bank to issue the illegal loan. While the court had dismissed the claims against the bank and other defendants, it had allowed the plaintiff to sue Streamline because of its shady practices. 

You can learn more about it here: Streamline Funding Lawsuit

Delayed the Deal Through Incompetence then Tried to Extort Money out of the Client

Streamline Funding (or should I say, Noble Capital Texas?) had approached the reviewer to get a hard money loan. They told the reviewer that their project was a little small for the company but would get approved quickly for a $3.6 million loan with only 7.5% down payment. 

The company also told the reviewer that they will need to pay interest only on the amount they had used and they will close within two weeks. All of this sounded like a great deal so the reviewer stayed with them exclusively. 

However, due to the nature of their project, they wanted the loan quickly and in a time-sensitive manner. Just a few days before closing, the lender asked them a barrage of questions suddenly. Then, the appraisal for their project came in low and Streamline sent them a new term sheet at the last minute. 

When the reviewer contacted the appraisal company they told them that the appraisal was just completed and a lot of crucial information was omitted by Streamline Funding. 

Streamline Funding review

The reviewer shares that after they cleared out the issue with the appraiser, their appraisal came back $2 million higher than what Streamline had sent them. 

But Streamline Funding stuck to its claims and asked for double the original down payment. Within 48 hours of the deadline, they started demanding that the reviewer put land as collateral for the loan as well. 

The reviewer says that they got lucky with a competitor and didn’t have to get forced into a terrible deal by this lender. 

What is Streamline Funding?

Streamline Funding has been dedicated to empowering real estate investors in Texas since 2002. Our goal is to provide them with the necessary resources, flexibility, and expertise to help them grow their business beyond their expectations.

Botched the Loan and Turned it to Noble Capital

Streamline Funding review

Fred shares that Streamline turned his loan over to Noble Capital which refused to give him his last draw. He had to spend money out of his pocket to complete his investment which put him in financial trouble. His project was foreclosed on and remained in court for a year. He shares that it’s a horrible company and if you want to stay in business, you should avoid them. 

I guess Streamline had turned their loans over to Noble Capital because they realized they will get overtaken soon. The only people who suffered because of it were their clients. 

Streamline Funding Lies and Misleads Clients

Streamline Funding review

Tyron shares that he had his worst hard money lending experience with Streamline Funding. They lied to him and misled him. He adds that he wouldn’t send his worst enemy to this lender.

There were several additional complaints against this company and I guess that’s why they chose to get taken over by Noble Capital. 


Streamline Funding is a dangerous lender. It bullies clients into accepting their ridiculous demands and traps them by promising to offer a lucrative deal first. 

Due to the various negative reviews and consumer complaints, this company is now rebranding itself as a part of Noble Capital. Beware!! 

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Streamline Funding is a lender based in Texas that’s reputed for botching loans and putting the pressure on the client. Their lack of professionalism is not to be undermined. Hence, avoid them.

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  1. It is extremely disappointing to read a review citing completely false information. Most notably, the headline of a lawsuit used as a main example of poor character is not Streamline Funding Group LLC, private lender based in Texas. The Streamline Funding referenced in the lawsuit is an entirely different entity on the east coast.
    Immediately after stating Streamline does not list their loan programs, the article shows a screenshot of the one of the website pages that clearly lists a drop down for “Loan Options.” The screenshot image in this review also provides evidence that more information in the article is inaccurate by showing there are additional drop-downs under the “Who we are” which does include names, titles, and headshots of team members under the sub-tab of “Meet the Team” – all of which was excluded from this review.
    Furthermore, any experienced real estate investor knows the procedure of appraisal validation in order to maintain lending terms. It is a basic principle of real estate financing private and conventional – if a property cannot meet the projected appraisal amount, additional capital and/or changes in terms will need to be executed. Per Gripeo’s own statements: We only present factual, unbiased and objective content on our website. There are 9 counts of libel within this post and will be legally be addressed with Gripeo.

  2. 1.35

    They are liars alright… Won’t even keep their word these people.

    Streamline Funding is a total ripoff

    - CONS: Liars No ethics or respect whatsoever
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