Notice: Beware of Scammer [email protected] is falsely claiming to represent GripeO. Do not pay them for removal services. Contact us directly to report any incidents! – Unregulated Scam Brokers is an unregulated broker which targets innocent traders and steals the money they deposit. They also resort to using fake DMCA takedowns in order to hide negative posts and review them. As a trader, I strongly recommend anyone avoid at all costs. If they have to resort to such cheap and ugly tactics for creating a fake reputation, then they definitely can’t be trusted with your money.

How Scams People

This post will expose exactly how the Empire Swiss scam works and why you should not open an account with this broker. They are not regulated by any financial authority in the world. In simpler terms, they are not licensed to provide any financial services in any country on the face of the planet.

Unlicensed brokers are not permitted to operate legally, thus they cannot be trusted. YOu should stay away from them as they can disappear from the internet at any moment and run away with your money.

There are also no details about the owners and executives behind, this is a big red flag because essentially gives the actual owners immunity from being held accountable by their victims.

On online forums I found only negative press on, users complain about not being able to withdraw their funds and struggling with bugs on the website. usually call potential victims and promises them big returns of investments on their investments. All they want is for the target to deposit money into their platform. Once that happens they keep upselling the victim until they leech the most amount of money possible. They even show a fake increase in value but when the victim tries to withdraw their money, they are shown an error. 

Brokers who scam masses often swindle their victims and disappear without a trace. You cannot contact them via phone or email once they run away with your money as all these lines of communication are shut down by teh scammers.

What is the role of a broker?

A broker is a person who facilitates transactions between traders, sellers, or buyers. A broker is a middleman who ensures transactions can run smoothly and that each party has the necessary information.

I’ve lost a lot of money to these scammers and I hope no one else falls victim to their heinous scam.

Fake Reviews On TrustPilot & SiteJabber

These scammers have made dummy accounts on Trustpilot and Sitejabber in order to scam more people. They posted fake 5 star reviews on these platforms and are blatantly abusing them.

They use these reviews as social proof to scam actual people. The victims don’t realize that these reviews have been written by the scammers themselves and get fooled.

Do not trust their ratings on Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

Michael Whitaker
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  1. The biggest problem with these online platforms is that they aren’t being regulated by any authority and they are taking advantage of consumers and running these scams without the fear of being arrested or facing some consequences from the officials.

  2. The true business of these companies is to get their user’s money stolen in the name of investment, don’t get attracted by these high ROIs and let your money be going in vain. I wouldn’t recommend trading with Empire Swiss.

  3. Why invest in a platform where no rules and regulations are followed and also it doesn’t have legal registration from some authorities, these fraudsters have crossed all the limits of cheapness.

  4. Beware of such platforms which aren’t regulated by the authorities of the country, because there is a 100% chance of being a part of the scam. Similarly, my friend lost $10,000 in a cryptocurrency scam where the company stopped sending him his funds, beware of these fraudsters.

  5. The company is a complete scam as they never had the intention of providing profit to their users instead they showed us only the darker side of their business. I meant that after investing I got to know that this platform isn’t a regulated site and if you are scammed by them you will not be able to register any complaint to any of the courts or police stations.

  6. My biggest mistake this holiday season was that I invested my money with Empire Swiss and all my enthusiasm was gone after the day when they stopped sending the money into my account. When I tried to register a complaint against these guys they backfired on me by blocking my profile.

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