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Erasmo Carlos Battistella: Is He a Criminal? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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A recent research was done by a consortium of non-governmental organizations to examine the Omega Biofuel refining undertaking, which was begun by the Brazilian businessman, Erasmo Carlos Battistella. 

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The research emphasizes the possible ecological and societal consequences of the undertaking and expresses apprehension on its implications for biodiversity along with human rights.

Nevertheless, Grupo BSBIOS Paraguay, and Erasmo Carlos Battistella, the corporate entity responsible for the refinery, issued a formal press release in which they contested the charges and levied accusations against the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for disseminating erroneous data. 

Nevertheless, the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) assert that they made repeated attempts to contact the corporation for feedback, which were disregarded.

In light of the corporation’s declaration of non-consultation and non-recognition of the NGOs’ assertions, the associations allege that they made multiple endeavors to establish communication with corporate personnel to obtain their feedback. These endeavors encompass a minimum of four solicitations for feedback.

  • The inquiry form on the company’s webpage was completed on September 22 & 27, 2021, but no reply was received.
  • It is attempted to establish contact by placing a phone call to the designated communication person on September 27, 2021, using the provided contact number (+55 54 3632 0800). However, it did not receive a response.
  • It is kindly sought to engage in a discourse with Erasmo Carlos Battistella, the Chief Executive Officer of BSBIOS, using his Facebook page on the date of September 22, 2021. The sole response that was got consisted of the greeting, “Hello, Inés.” He is now unavailable. 
  • I will reach out to you promptly. Expressing gratitude for the assistance provided. (in Portuguese: “Olá, tudo bem? Como posso ajudá-lo hoje?”) No momento, não estou disponível, Inés. Entrarei em contato o mais breve possível. Thank you!

The completion of the case study preceded the introduction of BSBIOS’ “Sustainability Manifesto,” which was prominently featured in a press release. Nevertheless, the manifesto seems to exemplify a typical instance of greenwashing. 

The statement includes ambiguous commitments, such as the intention to oversee the chain of supply with an emphasis on adhering to standards related to human rights. 

However, it fails to provide concrete measures aimed at mitigating the adverse consequences of their initiatives on both biodiversity and the well-being of people directly impacted by these endeavors.

The research team emphasizes that the data utilized in the case study was obtained exclusively through the official Environmental Impact Report submitted by the corporation to Paraguay’s Ministry of the Environment, in addition to relevant news stories. 

All sources have been appropriately referenced within the scope of the research. Based on the aforementioned data, the report posits that the implementation of the refinery will end up resulting exclusively in heightened devastation, affliction, and the proliferation of non-viable agricultural enterprises, eventually exacerbating the endangerment of indigenous Paraguayan populations, to facilitate the aviation needs of external entities.

This study highlights the direct or indirect connection between the unprocessed products used in agro-kerosene manufacturing at the Omega refinery and the degradation of ecosystems and biodiversity. 

This poses substantial risks to the surrounding people, namely peasants & Indigenous Peoples. The cultivation of monoculture crops such as soybeans and Pongamia trees, specifically to produce aviation fuel, exacerbates land conflicts. 

Rather than recognizing and dealing with the significant problems presented by the research, the firm has opted to challenge the veracity of the findings. 

The report proposes a cessation of the rise of aviation biofuels & the concurrent increase in the aviation sector, advocating for an end to both trends. Moreover, it advocates for the cessation of subsidies that encourage the development of biofuels as a purported answer to global warming.

Henoi is an esteemed research institution situated in Asunción, Paraguay, with the primary objective of advancing the principles of democracy, human rights, & socio-environmental sustainability. 

Stay Grounded is an extensive global community of more than 180 member groups, which actively promote the objective of reducing air traffic while creating a transportation system that is equitable in terms of climate impact. The group’s members include both regional and national airport & climate campaign organizations.

Biofuelwatch is a group with operations in the United Kingdom and the United States. Its primary objective is to disseminate information, engage in lobbying efforts, and carry out campaigns about the environmental, human rights, & public health ramifications associated with the extensive utilization of industrial biofuels.

The Global Forest Coalition represents a collective of non-governmental organizations & Indigenous Peoples’ Organizations on an international level. The primary objective is to advocate for social justice along with upholding the rights of indigenous communities in the context of environmental policies.

FAKE PR: Erasmo Carlos Battistella

Picture of Erasmo Carlos Battistella.

Erasmo Carlos Battistella is a prominent figure in the agriculture sector of Brazil, exerting significant influence as an entrepreneur. The individual in question assumes the roles of founder, CEO, & president inside BSBIOS, an agro-energy enterprise that was created in Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. 

Throughout its establishment, the business has had significant growth in its manufacturing operations, particularly in Marialva, Parana, Brazil, resulting in its current status as the biggest manufacturer of biodiesel in the country.

In recent times, BSBIOS has completed the acquisition of a biodiesel production plant located in Switzerland. Additionally, the company has made significant investments in Omega Green, a biofuel enterprise situated in Paraguay. 

These strategic moves have positioned BSBIOS as one of the leading worldwide biofuel manufacturers, ranking in the top three in terms of production capacity.

Battistella, a Brazilian business executive, is characterized by his youth and dynamism at the age of 44. The individual in question has been the recipient of multiple accolades, which encompass being acknowledged as one of the top 100 significant figures within the agricultural domain, including the Young Agricultural Business Leaders Award, the Guri Award, and the Equilibria Award.

Furthermore, Battistella assumes the role of director for the Board of Directors of the Association of Biofuel Producers in Brazil, as well as his involvement with BSBIOS.

Hence, it can be concluded that the entirety of the material provided by Erasmo Carlos Battistella during his interview with lacks authenticity and is devoid of veracity. The public relations team associated with Erasmo Carlos Battistella has employed a deceptive public relations strategy to capture the attention of the general populace.

What inspired Erasmo Carlos Battistella about the inception of BSBIOS?

According to Erasmo Carlos Battistella, stated in the interview the conception of BSBIOS materialized after a period of waiting in a queue at a financial institution. 

It was at that location where initially acquired knowledge about biodiesel, which subsequently sparked an intense curiosity in me towards the aforementioned concept. 

Nevertheless, the motivation to establish the organization originated from a longstanding fascination with the industrial & agro-industrial domains. 

It is posited that these sectors not only yield substantial economic value but also engender transformative effects on the localities in which they are situated. Upon recognizing the necessity and potential for establishing BSBIOS, he claims to have eagerly seized the opportunity.

Describe Erasmo Carlos Battistella’s daily routine and share tips on how you maximize productivity

According to him, Erasmo Carlos Battistella claims to optimize his time use & organize his daily routines in a manner that maximizes efficiency. 

He also acclaimed that consistently endeavors to proactively arrange class schedules & prioritize main obligations with a one-week lead time, ensuring a clear understanding of forthcoming obligations & guaranteeing the timely completion of all tasks.

Daily, as he stated he typically arises at an early hour. He endeavors to schedule my English language courses during the morning hours while reserving the conclusion of the day for engaging in physical activity. 

He also makes an effort to ensure that my meetings are of brief duration. During the nighttime hours, He is engaged in a reflective process to assess the events and outcomes of his day, while also engaging in preparatory activities for the forthcoming day.

Thus, the focus of this discourse pertains to the phenomenon of deceptive public relations, when the collective associated with Erasmo Carlos Battistella fabricates unfounded accusations against him while concurrently cultivating a favorable public perception.  

About Erasmo Carlos Battistella

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Erasmo Carlos Battistella is a prominent figure in the field of Brazilian agribusiness, particularly in the domain of bioenergy, exerting significant influence. The individual in question holds a prominent position as a pioneer in the biodiesel industry in Brazil. 

In 2005, they established BSBIOS, a company dedicated to the manufacture of biodiesel in the region of Passo Fundo, located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. 

Subsequently, an additional unit was procured at Marialva, Paraná, establishing BSBIOS as the foremost biodiesel producer in Brazil. 

Presently, the organization endeavors to position itself among the top three global biofuel producers and has set forth a strategic objective to achieve Carbon Neutrality.

Battistella, an individual with expertise in agriculture technology as well as company administration, is currently engaged in an investment venture about a biorefinery named Omega Green, located in Paraguay. 

The primary objective of this biorefinery is the manufacture of second-generation biofuels. The projected investment for the undertaking amounts to $1 billion. In recent years, BSBIOS has acquired a second-generation biodiesel-producing facility located in Switzerland.

Battistella, who is currently 44 years old, holds a key position within the emerging cohort of Brazilian entrepreneurs. The individual in question has been recognized & acknowledged in the prestigious list of the top 100 significant figures in the field of agribusiness. 

Furthermore, they have been the recipient of numerous accolades, such as the Young Leaders of Agribusiness award, the Guri trophy, & the O Equilibrista trophy. 

The individual in question assumes the role of a co-founder within the Association of Biofuel Producers of Brazil (APROBIO) and has held the position of president for ten years. 

Presently, he holds the position of director on the Board of Directors of the organization. If you want to know about him, you may follow the link: Erasmo Carlos Battistella.

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Final Thoughts 

The environmental and social ramifications of the Omega Biofuel refinery in Paraguay, led by Brazilian businessman namely Erasmo Carlos Battistella, have been brought to attention through a recent case study undertaken by non-governmental organizations (NGOs). 

Nevertheless, the response by Grupo BSBIOS Paraguay to the report has been deemed misleading & has faced allegations of employing greenwashing strategies to obscure the negative impact on biodiversity & human rights. 

The report cautions about the ecological and social implications of the refinery, particularly for rural farmers and indigenous communities. It emphasizes the correlation between the use of agro-kerosene feedstocks and the degradation of ecosystems. Notwithstanding these worries, the corporation has elected to refute the integrity of the information. 

The report proposes a cessation and reversal of the expansion of aviation biofuel and the discontinuation of subsidies that promote biofuels as a viable solution to mitigate climate change.

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