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Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia- Is He a Fraud? The Truth Exposed (2024)

Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia
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Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia- What is claimed and mentioned by Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia about Imperia Structures is that -” Imperia Structures' legacy has been to lift the standard of excellence several notches higher with each new invention.
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Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia- What is claimed and mentioned by Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia about Imperia Structures is that -” Imperia Structures’ legacy has been to lift the standard of excellence several notches higher with each new invention. As evidenced by a series of industry-defining mega high-end projects that are on par with some of the best landmark developments in the world, we have been one of the pioneers of India’s real estate growth story, formulating new value propositions and injecting a fresh perspective in industrial, IT, residential, and commercial construction.

Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia has constructed and leased over 2 million square feet of commercial space to Fortune 500 and multinational corporations. Tata, Videocon, Samsung, GE Money, Aptara, Legrand, Larsen & Toubro, Reliance, Citibank, Blue Star, Siemens, Voltas, DIESL, Globerian, and others are among them.

Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia claims that with over 30 years of building a glittering real estate portfolio, a current land bank of over 100 acres spread across India, and a year-on-year growth rate of approximately 17%, the Group has distinguished itself as one of India’s realty juggernauts that will invariably play a globally relevant role in the future.

Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia claims that while our goal is to reach all of India, we are currently focusing on projects in the Delhi NCR through partnerships. Each year we hope to extend our reach in terms of both geographic spread as well as in-depth reach within each community we aim to serve.”


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Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia

Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia, who claims to have a strong commercial history, joined Imperia Structures Ltd. as Managing Director in 1990. Since then, Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia asserts to have spearheaded the company through a series of achievements. It is claimed by Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia that Imperia’s remarkable expansion has always believed in pushing the bounds of creativity to realize its aim of elevating India’s urban infrastructure to the same level as the world’s finest constructions.

Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia claims that his assured, energetic, and unwavering attitude has seen Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia develop Imperia into a firm charged with driving India into the future. It is mentioned and asserted that the organization has succeeded in pushing India’s real estate credentials to the threshold of world primacy as a consequence of his outstanding eye for innovation and Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia‘s penchant for rigorous strategic management.

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Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia- But let’s see what is the true reality of Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia’s company named Imperia Structures Ltd.

One of the customers complained about Imperia Structures Ltd. that- 

He had purchased one 500 sqft space/unit at Imperia Mindspace (erstwhile Byron). It has stopped the assured returns long back. Now started sending the Maintenance bill and asking them to pay him. He mentioned that he has not received any allocation letter for the space/unit, or building completion certificate… he tried calling them so many times and sending emails to them. Never picks up the phone or replies to emails.

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Another customer complained and mentioned – “I have purchased one 500sqft space/unit at Imperia Mindspace (erstwhile Byron). It has stopped the assured returns long back. Now started sending the Maintenance bill and asking them to pay me. I have not received any allocation letter for the space/unit, or building completion certificate… I tried calling them so many times and sending emails to them. Never picks up the phone or replies on email.”

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One of the customers Rukhmani complained about Non- payment of assured return & lease rent since Sept.2020.

She mentioned that- 

“I, Rukmani Mangalagiri, purchased from M/s Imperia Structures Ltd a virtual space unit no. IMP-IT-8002 measuring 500 sq. Ft. in its project “Cyber Business Centre” at Knowledge Park-V, G. Noida in March 2019. M/s Imperia had paid me assured return till August 2020.

As per the contract, the company was to give Assured Return/lease rental @ Rs.40/-sq. ft. per month since September 2020 BUT it has not paid the same to date. Despite several follow-ups with customer services/concerned staff, no response has been received from the company

The payment has been due for the last 33 months, i.e. since September 2020. The amount due from Imperia is Rs. 8, 92, 254/- excluding interest.


Due for no of months: 33

Assured return/ month: 27038

Total due from M/s Imperia: Rs 8, 92, 254”

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One of the complaints was filed against Imperia Structures Ltd. by Nimmi Grewal.

Nimmi Grewal vs. M/S Imperia Structure Ltd. & Anr. on 15 September 2021

Smt. Nimmi Grewal (hereinafter referred to as ‘complainant’) has filed a complaint under Section 17 of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 against M/s Imperia Structures Ltd. & Anr. (hereinafter referred to as ‘opposite parties’) and has pleaded for the following reliefs:

  1. Direct OP No. 1 to refund a sum of Rs.20,55,185/- (principal amount as well as interest at the rate of 12% from the date of deposit till the date of filing the present complaint).
  2. Direct OP No.1 to pay further interest @ 12% p.a. on the principal amount from the date of filing the present complaint till the date of actual payment;
  3. Direct OP No.1 to pay a sum of Rs.2,00,000/ towards compensation to the complainant being a senior citizen for mental torture agony suffered at the hands of the OPs.
  4. Direct OP No.1 to pay a sum of Rs.1,00,000/ towards the cost of litigation.
  5. Such further and other orders as this Hon’ble Commission may deem fit and proper may be pleased be passed.

Reference- Nimmi Grewal vs M/S Imperia Structure Ltd. & Anr. on 15 September, 2021 (

Vipin Gupta & Anr. vs M/S. Imperia Strutures Ltd. on 18 April, 2022 (

Another customer complained about- the Imperia Elvedor project’s non-handing over of the property.

She writes- “I had booked a studio apartment in Imperia Elvedor sector 37D in Gurugram at the launch of the project. The company has taken 99% of the payment but the project is completely stopped and there is no response from the company regarding this project. my hard-earned money has been gone in drains..what to do? No one in the company picks up the call one is allowed to enter their office..where to go?”

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One of the customers Sudipta complained and she wrote –” I am a victim of the so-called project by the builder. The concept of virtual property in itself is a fraud concept. Here conceptually the builder is supposed to give you an assured return of 12% but it neither gives you that nor the procession, nor the rights to occupy OR to sell. So in a nutshell, you don’t own anything and you realize that your money is gone and that you are the victim of a Ponzi scheme which fundamentally is fraud. Welcome to Imperia Mindspace.”

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Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia- Some of the common frauds committed by Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia who is the owner of Imperia Structures Ltd.

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  1. False Promise

This is the most typical sort of fraud, in which a builder fails to fulfill the promises made when the purchase is completed. These usual promises include the date of possession of the house, the percentage of returns, freebies, and so on. The most well-known case previously reported by the media was that of a Gurgoan-based real estate developer who promised 12% returns on investment till ownership. Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia defrauded nearly 700 investors for a total of over Rs. 1,000 crores. He gave them cheques that were going to bounce. We’ve also witnessed examples of real estate developers who kept their commitments.

  1. Conveyance and Title Cheating

This often happens to unsuspecting consumers who are putting their hard-earned money towards their ideal property. It is carried out by builders and private sellers who replicate title titles of disputed properties and offer them to unsuspecting customers. By the time the customer understands this, the vendor has already left the scene.

Several builders frequently refuse to offer the conveyance certificate after completion. In such circumstances, the unit managing committee must file a complaint and seek a considered conveyance or face serious consequences.

  1. Rental Returns Trap

This is a marketing gimmick undertaken by builders wherein they claim to offer assured returns if the property is rented out. This fraud is undertaken to lure those who are purchasing a property as a means of investment. Builders tend to create fake rental listings of their property as well to bait buyers. In reality, post-purchase when the property does not attract any rental inquiries, the buyer is left in a lurch as he/she has no one but themselves to blame for the same.

  1. Purposeful Delays

As much as a builder may say that there is a scarcity of raw materials or he/she is awaiting certain approvals, in reality, they may just be bluffing. A well-known builder who is making luxury homes in the posh locality of Juhu in Mumbai has delayed one of his projects for more than 3 years. Not only that, the property is still under construction. One may wonder why a builder would do this. The simplest answer is that he/she wants the property to be fully booked. Another is that the builder probably is pooling money from one project to another. There have been several instances wherein builders have delivered the properties on time as well.

  1. Untimely approvals

Builders at times procrastinate seeking approvals and sanctions for various connections like electricity connections, water connections, and so on. So what happens to a buyer in such a case? Well, you have a house without electricity and a water connection.

Quite useless isn’t it? Unauthorized layouts, land use violations, etc. are more serious approval offenses that builders often take advantage of. These kinds of issues can be freely and privately discussed on the forum of your apartment management software. If you or someone you know has been conned in any of the above 5 ways, then do mention the same in the comments below. Let us become more aware of how dishonest builders can con innocent buyers and also not let them tarnish the image of the honest builders too!

Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia- What is a real estate scam? (Crime committed by Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia)

Builders or developers target consumers who want to buy/rent a property and come up with creative plans that offer low rates or reduce the financial burden on the buyer, which may sound enticing, but once the money is taken from the buyers, these plans turn out to be schemes in which consumers are duped out of their money and never receive what they were promised. Although the real estate industry has grown more regulated in recent years, unscrupulous builders and developers continue to discover methods to defraud people out of their money, and it is critical for consumers who buy or rent homes to be careful of tactics used by builders/developers.

Harpreet Singh Batra ImperiaConclusion

In an industry as big as real estate, a wide range of scams can be perpetrated by builders on unsuspecting buyers ranging from engaging in misrepresentation of title, making false promises about the property in question, deviation from previously approved plans, forcing cancellations, luring buyers into Ponzi schemes like assured return schemes and bait and switch schemes and using unfair practices while renting out the property, etc.

A healthy dose of skepticism can go a long way toward preventing from falling victim to these scams. This can be accomplished by:

  • Reading about recent/emerging industry practices in the news.
  • Conducting research about the property and the developer/owner.
  • Requesting documentation for every promise made/transaction completed, as well as thoroughly reading any paperwork related to the transaction.
  • Hiring a real estate agent/professional or a lawyer when purchasing/renting property can also help ensure your documentation. For example, an agreement of sale deed, rental agreement, lease deed, sale deed, and so on is not detrimental to you, and you are made aware of your rights as a house buyer.
If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.
Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia- Is He a Fraud? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Harpreet Singh Batra Imperia- Is He a Fraud? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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