Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez: Using Lies to Conceal the Truth? The Truth Unveiled! (Update 2023)

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Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez is using fake PR to peddle lies and promote himself as something he isn't. Find out more on Gripeo.
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In the previous article, we discussed Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez and now we will discuss his fake PR strategies they used to hide their corruption and wrongdoings.

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We talked about Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez’s terrible past in the previous article.

In the following article, we shall discuss Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez’s public relations methods. How he conceals his identity and misleads the public with a plethora of useless facts.

Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez is the subject of an enormous amount of evidence. Despite this, he has published several works with the assistance of hired bloggers and actors. 

Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez has gone above and beyond what the media normally does to hide such facts. To clear his identity, he is publishing false photographs of himself. 

Manfred claims to be an expert in many things including climate change, business, logistics, and much more. He is marketing himself like this to hide his criminal history.

He doesn’t want people to find this type of content. As a result, he is writing essays as Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez. As a result, if someone looked for him online, they would not come across stories that revealed the truth. Instead, they’d come across one of his sponsored blogs. 

One of the articles discusses the supply chain problem that occurred during Covid-19. This post was produced to replace the many that chronicled his heinous past.

Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández, a board member of EVM Energa, discusses potential possibilities in supply chain problems.

Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández, a Supply Chain specialist, claims to predict a range of possibilities depending on whether GDP accelerates and inflation maintains stability or declines.

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“As a result of the pandemic’s effects, supply chains are suffering primarily in the United States and China, which account for more than 40% of global economic output,” Quintanilla Hernández stated.

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According to Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández, this incident is caused by the Delta variation. Once it dissipates, supply chain constraints will cause growth to accelerate while inflation falls.

There are similar scenarios in which prices could remain high because the effects of Covid-19 may not be transitory.” “It’s also conceivable that, while the price is high, growth will be slower in the short to medium term,” the expert said.

Finally, Quintanilla Hernández noted that options such as “nearshoring” might be a tool for nations dealing with product shortages caused by these consequences.

Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández, a Supply Chain specialist, argues that the company’s work in decreasing emissions makes a difference to the environment.

These electric units provide 60% operational savings when compared to units with gasoline and diesel engines, while also decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by 100% and noise pollution in metropolitan cities.

Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández’s Multiple Ventures:

Sustainability is an important factor that is being implemented by a growing number of businesses. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), corporations’ ambition to become environmentally friendly and ethical climbed from 65% in 2019 to 73% in 2020.

According to supply chain specialist Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández, there are already world-renowned corporations such as Nike and DHL that help to decrease pollution emissions through sustainable connections.

The athletic goods company established the Supplier Climate Action Program (SCAP) to collaborate with some of Nike’s top executives on developing a long-term strategy to decarbonize the supply chain and reimagine its business strategies from the inside out in the interest of growth and sustainability.

Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez evm

In this regard, Mauricio Quintanilla stated that climate change has a significant impact on suppliers, thus it is vital to adjust the way they do business, from industrial planning to obtaining energy.

“For example, DHL will add electric and natural gas vehicles to its delivery services in Mexico in order to offer a more sustainable distribution chain in cities and over long distances,” he added.

Many companies, according to Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández, have decided to incorporate the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals, also known as SDGs, into their company’s plans in order to implement environmentally friendly actions, and it is projected that 40% of fossil CO2 emissions will be reduced by 2030.

EVM Energy (One Of Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez’s Companies)

EVM Energa, an industry leader in the generation of electric power, sold approximately one gigawatt of installed capacity in Mexico to Valia Energa, a regional unit of Actis, a London-based financial group. 

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The EVM Energa portfolio consists of two thermoelectric plants near the nation’s capital, Energa del Valle de México I (EVM I) and Energa del Valle de México II (EVM II). When utilized together, each unit can create 950 megawatts of power. They also have General Electric technology, which means enhanced reliability and effectiveness, which is the cornerstone of their outstanding productivity. 

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The acquisition of the Mexican company’s assets was formed by Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández and Ernesto Garca Quintero, according to a news statement from Valia Energa.

It was a significant step in the organization’s attempts to bolster its leadership in the country’s energy change and, more importantly, establish its standing as the dominant company in the area by constructing large-scale power platforms, carrying out optimal procedures, and maintaining the highest social responsibility standards.

Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández and Ernesto Garca Quintero founded Energa del Valle de México (EVM), an electric power production company, in 2013. EVM has achieved enormous growth over the years as a consequence of capitalizing on opportunities while creating cutting-edge commercial tactics for the Mexican electrical sector.

Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández Claims to be an Ports Expert

The oversaturation of container ships in the key distribution ports has resulted in product delivery delays, disrupting the supply chain. As a result, several corporations have elected to employ their own container ships.

According to supply chain expert Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández, the procedures taken by Walmart, Costco, and Home Depot are a strategy to reduce delivery times and, more crucially, prices.

Quintanilla Hernández said, “Product distribution is streamlined with the technology of the companies’ container ships, and the chains save up to six times the amount they would pay if they did it via third parties.

Although the turmoil produced by COVID-19 in the supply chain is projected to stop in mid-2022, Manfred Mauricio stated that a growing number of enterprises are choosing such tactics to deal with product shortages.

Furthermore, Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández understands that there is a high demand for items from grocery chains and customers, which might lead to a more severe scarcity during the Christmas season.

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Unfortunately, the shortage of transport containers and the limitations of holding centers are being added to the long list of transportation issues and a lack of professional workers.” As a result, anarchy ensues, which is almost impossible to contain,” Quintanilla Hernández stated.

Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández is a Climate Change Expert?

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Companies all across the world have begun an energy transition, which means they have ceased utilizing oil and coal as the primary power producers to create space for renewable resources and, as a result, prevent global warming.

However, energy expert Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández emphasized that the shift must be handled since it is a complex constellation of marketplaces and value chains that work in various ways, which has disturbed the industry’s roots.

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The success of a strategy will be dependent on the company’s ability to develop sustainable, low-emission operations, as well as providing alternate financing, developing new capacities, and training its staff to accept change,” Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández stated.

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Renewable energy technologies, such as photovoltaic solar panels and onshore wind power, are now becoming cost competitive with conventional sources of energy all around the world.

Furthermore, Quintanilla explained, renewable energies will be cheaper than carbon and gas in many energy markets throughout the world during the next ten years.

However, oil and gas corporations are increasingly attempting to expand outside of their main markets, diversifying investments into other energy categories in response to investor pressure to enhance growth rates and groups dedicated to combating climate change.

Here are some Twitter posts –


Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández produces many products


From garments to refrigerators, the worldwide supply networks of numerous items have been impacted by more than a year and a half of the Covid-19 outbreak; but, according to Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández, the difficulties in the so-called supply networks may be resolved by the following year.

And, according to experts, the worst of the crisis might be over in just a couple of months.

“Many problems of stagnation may have already reached their peak, which means one thing: port elimination in Asia and the United States,” stated Mauricio Quintanilla.

The Bottom Line 

Finally, Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández urged governments to collaborate with businesses to find solutions that would have the least effect. This is how they used fake PR and strategies to fool people and hide their corruption. As you have read in both sections of this essay, you are aware of Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez’s dark past and the public relations strategies he employs to conceal his identity.

He doesn’t want anyone to find this sort of article. Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez is therefore writing essays under his name. As a result, if someone looked for him on the internet, they would not come across stories exposing the truth.

More Information- 

Below are some links that you can visit to get more information about Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández i.e. how they are trying to save their image by using fake PR, fake news, and fake articles.

Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez: Using Lies to Conceal the Truth? The Truth Unveiled! (Update 2023)
Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez: Using Lies to Conceal the Truth? The Truth Unveiled! (Update 2023)