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Nick Briz

Nick Briz the basketball player is a SCAM

Nick Briz the Instagram/Youtube basketball player is a huge fraud. Nick Briz does promos on his Instagram page but don’t expect to get your money’s worth. The guy is very unstable and goes back on his word. Nick Briz thinks he is bigger than he really is and he scams people to feed his drug habit. Also, he thinks he is a celebrity because Drake follows him but in reality, he is just a ballplayer that couldn’t make the NBA so he runs an internet scam centered around his dunks and “workout”. Truth be told he’s not even a good basketball player he can just dunk. Watch out for this guy he is a troll and doesn’t deserve the number of followers he has.

Also, he didn’t get that many followers from dunks. He did a bunch of viral videos with homeless people making fun of them and giving them beer and weed instead of food.

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  1. u sound like you talking about yourself

  2. His new squad is garbage. Just watched them on You Tube and they couldn’t even beat 5 scrubs. Carlos shot 5 hairballs.

  3. Lol damn, all accusations and no proof. You salty AF. Grow a backbone

  4. I found this page when I searched “Nick Briz Scam” I guess he really is a fraud! Chris was right, this guy Nick Briz is really a fraud and a rat

  5. What a waste of space on the internet. I can’t believe this “article” is even still up lol. Baseless, poorly written and no actual proof of anything, someone’s just mad for nothing .

  6. Nick is actually very kind. He has definitely let the fame get to his head a bit but what young man wouldn’t. He is a GREAT ball player and his friends support him thick and thin, showing he has more character than whomever wrote this garbage.

  7. If u watch the vidios he has pretty good game and you probably don’t watch any of the video maybe this is you. Your talking about not nic

  8. Article is trash. Writing is trash. No proof to back up your claims. This is just sad. Clearly you typed this while feeling some type of way. Sounds like a temper tantrum. Baby stuff.

  9. The guy is a complete Dbag. Do not trust him he will scam you

    • You’re trash. If you wrote this it’s hilarious to see you commenting on your own trash article. If you didn’t that’s just as funny, actively looking for a place to trash nick briz!? You don’t have anything better to do than to just devote more of your time too him? Sad!

  10. Why u Doggin up my boy nic bro , put up 1000 bucks and meet him on the court then loud mouth u no u was jv all ur life sounds like u wana be like Nick Go brush ur teeth ur breath stank !!!

  11. Drunk on that HATERADE.

  12. you mad bro?

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