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Samir Azizi Dubai – Is He Arrested in the Criminal Activities? Disclosing the Truth! (Update 2024)

Samir Azizi Dubai is a German criminal wanted for tax evasion and fraud in Germany. 

US authorities arrested him in March 2015 when he landed at San Francisco International Airport and was headed to Dubai. The man has an Afghan passport and is a legal resident of Germany and the United States. 

In San Jose, the US Attorney’s office had filed a criminal complaint against the criminal to make the arrest. 

According to German documentation, Samir Azizi Dubai is wanted in Germany for multiple financial crimes including 89 counts pertaining to tax evasion. He committed these crimes from 2008 to 2012. 

Apparently, Samir had formed a gang to set up 11 companies that all dealt in cellular communication and similar technology. However, German authorities allege that the companies filed false tax forms to get fraudulent tax returns. 

In total, these alleged criminal activities caused German tax authorities a loss of more than €61 million.

Samir Azizi Dubai

Suspiciously, when you look up Samir Azizi Dubai, you don’t see any news articles mentioning his alleged criminal history. Instead, you get random social media accounts and blog articles promoting a social media marketer with the name “Samir Azizi Dubai”. 

Samir Azizi Dubai

Clearly, his marketing team is flooding the internet with these useless pages to bury the news articles mentioning Samir’s alleged criminal past. 

This is a clear attempt at spreading disinformation so people wouldn’t find out the truth about Samir. It’s a pretty common tactic among scammers to use paid PR to bury their criminal history. 

1/12/2023 Update
As of now, Samir Azizi Dubai has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

For example, Schwartz Konstantin Valerievich is an Estonian criminal whose marketers used this tactic to hide his history of embezzling billions from a Russian bank. 

The pathetic attempt of Samir Azizi Dubai’s marketers indicates that he might be guilty after all. Below are more details on the case against him: 

More Details on Samir Azizi Dubai’s Alleged Crimes:

In 2015, a US court authorized the extradition of Samir Azizi Dubai to Germany. German authorities had charged him with 89 counts of tax evasion which included 77 counts of giving incomplete or incorrect statements about tax-relevant facts. Also, it included 12 counts of not informing the authorities about tax-relevant facts. 

German authorities reveal that Samir evaded €61,105,368 in VAT (value-added tax). 

In court, Samir claimed that he was not the director of the firms on paper and couldn’t be held accountable for the companies’ tax evasion. 

However, the authorities contended that he was acting as the de facto managing director of those companies. So, he was obliged to file tax returns for these companies. 

Furthermore, the authorities alleged that he was committing “Missing Trader Intra-Community” fraud aka carousel fraud. 

How Samir Azizi Dubai Ran the Scam:

The authorities had begun investigating Samir Azizi Dubai in December 2007. They had received a report from the Cologne District Savings Bank to the North Rhineland-Westphalia Regional Criminal Police Office of suspected money laundering. 

The report was about Samir’s sister Hosai Azizi, the official managing director of WOC at the time. WOC was the company the authorities suspected of money laundering. 

They suspected the company because it had sold €1.7 million worth of cell phones but most of them were cash sales. Moreover, a significant chunk of those transactions took place in a different country. 

When the authorities investigated WOC for carousel fraud, it led them to Samir Azizi. 

Then, the German authorities searched Azizi’s houses and business premises of WOC after getting the required court orders. The documents they found revealed more evidence of carousel fraud. 

For example, it found multiple inconsistencies in the VAT filings of the company and its suppliers’ filings. Similarly, when they compared the purchase and sale prices of individual cell phones, they found that the net purchasing prices were higher than the net selling prices. 

It was a clear indication that Samir Azizi Dubai’s companies were committing tax fraud. During those investigations, most of Samir’s family members had either applied for new passports or left the country. 

Also, it’s worth pointing out that Samir was cooperating with the authorities in the beginning. However, he subsequently broke ties with his attorney and fled to the US. 

Samir Aziz Dubai Court Documents:


Samir Azizi Dubai was trying to reach Dubai but the US authorities were able to arrest him before he could. 

If they would have failed, this financial fraudster would have gotten away for good. 

Now, his marketers have begun flooding the internet with fake information and social media pages to hide his criminal past. Certainly, he can’t hide his criminal activities. 

Financial fraudsters are becoming increasingly confident recently. For example, MSP Limited is a forex broker which uses illegal marketing tactics to bury customer complaints and negative reviews.

Beware of such fraudsters.

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Samir Azizi Dubai was fleeing from German authorities to Dubai when he was arrested by the US authorities on SFO. He was wanted for tax evasion charges that cost German authorities over 61 million euros.

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  1. It is very good to see the tough move by the US officials and how they caught this fraudster and the way they handed over Samir Azizi to Germany for further investigation.

    • My wife was also part of the people writing about this scammer, her team received a lot of praise when he was caught. She told me that a special trap was made for catching this scammer because it was told that he might be getting the complete details of the airport and also a special task force was appointed which would make him concerned and cancel his plans. It was a difficult one but easily tackled from the team.

  2. The interesting thing about these scammers is that they are hiring a dedicated team of people who are being assigned the task to delete the criminal records of Samir Azizi from social media sites.

  3. It is horrible to hear about these frauds for years, these fraudsters always try to fly to Dubai after committing such crimes. My simplest request to every country is to always keep an eye on these scammers before they steal € 61 million from your country and make you feel betrayed.

  4. My only thought after reading about this scam is that it is the responsibility of the government to make a dedicated team and also a team of ethical hackers so that they can deduce the internal information of the scammers. Tit for tat is very important for these fraudsters.

  5. There should be intercontinental special forces to operate with these scammers as they haven’t stolen the tax from the German Authorities but stolen the money of the people who are working hard and paying their taxes on time, as they scam the country and then move to other countries, in this case, he was fleeing to Dubai but was caught.

  6. My father is also a police officer, and in this case, the smartness, as well as alertness of the police, made it possible to catch this scammer otherwise he was planning to flee to Dubai which would make it tough for the government to get him back, so a big salute to the police officials.

  7. I wish the German government would remember his crimes and then punish this fraudster accordingly. I hope Samir Azizi will stay in prison for a long time for doing this scam.

  8. The rate of tax evasion is also increasing, with the case of Samir Azizi he was showing his selling price lower than the cost price, where he tried to show his company suffering loss, which allowed him to be free from the taxes.

  9. 0.6

    It’s good to see when policing authorities succeed at doing something. I hope he faced a strict sentence in Germany, these fraudsters deserve the strictest of punishments. They toy with other people’s savings and livelihoods.

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    • The type of investigations from the officials against WOC has my heart, it would be a great move if every country starts an investigation against these scammers and send them behind bars like Samir Azizi.

    • The Dubai officials should help other countries to make it possible to set a trap for these scammers and help other countries to catch them. It will help other countries to equalize the debt from these fraudsters.

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