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Alpine Profit aka – Forex Scam, Fraud and Warning

Alpine Profit aka AlpineProfit is an unregulated and unlicensed forex broker which has received a warning from regulatory authorities for being a scam.

The forex broker is based in Europe but lacks any proper licenses or regulations to offer its investment services. 

alpine profit

Moreover, the company is using illegal marketing tactics to take down any articles or  reviews exposing their illegal operations. The following Alpine Profit review will expose how this scam is operating and why you should avoid dealing with them:

Alpine Profit Receives a Warning from German Financial Regulator (Review Update)

Bafin, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany, has issued a warning against Alpine-Profit. 

According to the German regulator, they have begun investigating the company because it doesn’t have authorisation to offer financial services in the country. Also, they are not supervised by BaFin. 

alpine profit warning

In its notification, BaFin highlights that companies offering financial services in Germany must have authorisation under the KWG. However, some firms operate without having the necessary authorization. You can check if they have an authorization or not through BaFin’s database.

Also, BaFin and the German Federal Criminal Police Office recommend exercising utmost caution when investing money online. 

Receiving a warning from BaFin indicates that Alpine Profit is not a reliable firm. The German financial regulator is among the most prominent regulatory authorities in the industry. Their warning is proof that Alpine Profit is offering its services illegally and you should avoid trading with them. 

Perjury, Impersonation and Fraud – How Alpine Profit Takes Down Any Negative Press from Google

I’m not the only one who noticed the various red flags in Alpine Profit. There are various other blogs and websites which have exposed this forex scam before. 

However, when I was looking for their reviews online, I wasn’t able to find them on Google. 

They weren’t available on Google because Alpine Profit has posted fake DMCA notices against them. While DMCA notices are to help businesses prevent copyright abuse, scammers use fake DMCAs to take down content that exposes them or hurts them.

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dmca notice

In a fake DMCA, the scammer copies the damaging content, posts it on their website, changes its date and makes it seem like they were the original creator of that content. 

It’s illegal and constitutes fraud, perjury and impersonation

However, posting fake DMCA notices has become a common practice among scammers and fraudsters. Some recent examples include Profits Vision, Margex and NJ Ayuk

Alpine Profit has even attempted to take down the warning they received from German financial regulator, BaFin. This is further proof that AlpineProfit is not a trustworthy broker. It’s only a scam

Additional Information About AlpineProfit:

While the company has received a scam warning from one of the most prominent financial regulatory authorities of Europe, they still make ridiculous claims to attract victims. 

On its website, Alpine Profit claims that it focuses mainly on security and customer satisfaction. Another major claim they make is that they offer the MT4 trading platform to consumers. 

This is a huge lie. 

When I checked out their trading platform, I found that it was not the renowned and popular MT4 platform. Instead, it was a basic web trader.

The company doesn’t provide customers with the MT4 platform and lies about it. Why?

Because MT4 is among the most popular trading platforms in the industry. It offers customers with a wide range of tools, charts, bots and features which are absent in other platforms available in the industry. 

However, shady brokers like Alpine Profit lie about offering this platform so they can get you to sign up. 

Minimum Deposit and Trading Accounts

A huge red flag in AlpineProfit is the gigantic minimum deposit requirement of this broker. It demands $500 from investors to start trading. 

This is extremely high. 

Most of the regulated and reputed brokers keep their minimum deposit requirement around $10 or below because they want you to try out their services with the least financial risk. 

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alpineprofit deposit

On the other hand, scams like Alpine Profit keep their minimum deposit requirement high so they can steal as much as possible from every victim. 

The trading accounts this broker claims to offer are: 

Account NameInvestment Range
Explorer$500 to $2,499
Basic$2,500 to $9,999
Silver$10,000 to $49,999
Gold $50,000 to $99,999

Apart from these accounts, you can also get “managed accounts” here whose investment requirements start from $75,000. 

Unsurprisingly, this sketchy broker doesn’t share any additional information about itself. There is no information available about its license or regulation.

Why would a licensed company hide such information? Clearly, Alpine Profit is an unlicensed broker which is operating illegally. Their ‘About Us’ page doesn’t share any information about their ownership or regulatory status as well. 

Coupled with the scam warning this company has received, this is a huge red flag. 

Alpine Profit Review

After going through the above points, it’s obvious that Alpine Profit is a scam. The company doesn’t care about its customers and makes false claims about its services. 

They use illegal marketing tactics to get ahead and take down any negative press. 

Moreover, the company has received a warning from German financial regulator, BaFin for offering its services in their jurisdiction without having proper authorization. Alpine Profit has posted fake DMCA notices against multiple reviews and articles exposing their shady operations. 

It’s a fair possibility that they would try to take down this review as well. 

However, if they do, I’ll add an update on this review.

As a consumer, you should avoid trading with unlicensed and unregulated forex brokers, particularly the ones as notorious as Alpine Profit. With such brokers, your chances of losing your entire investment is extremely high. They can steal your deposits and even entice you into investing more. 

Beware of Alpine Profit.

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