Searchline Database Pvt Ltd: Is It a Fraud Corporation? Let’s Uncover This Fact! (New Update 2023 )

Searchline Database Pvt Ltd
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Searchline Database Pvt Ltd has received multiple complaints online. Is it a scam or a legitimate company? Find out the answer here.

About Searchline Database Pvt. Ltd. 

Searchline Database Pvt Ltd. was founded on the 29th of January the year 2016. It is a non-government corporation that has been registered with the Registrar of Organizations in Ahmedabad. It has a paid-up capital of the amount of Rs. 500,000 & a permitted share capital of 500,000 rupees. 

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The activities include technology publication, consulting, and delivery, Software publishing involves the creation, distribution, and even publishing of already prepared (non-custom-made) programs, operating systems programs, commercial and various application programs, including entertainment programs for every operating system. 

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After examining the customer’s requirements and challenges, consulting entails giving the best remedy in the manner of custom software. 

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Customized software also comprises custom-made technology based on particular customer orders. Also featured is the creation of any type of program in accordance with user instructions, software management, and web page development.

Searchline Database Pvt Ltd’s annual meeting of shareholders took place on November 30, 2021, while the company’s financial statement was last submitted on 31 March of that year, in accordance with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) data.

1/12/2023 Update
As of now, Searchline Database Pvt Ltd has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Mitul Dxaben Modi and Mukesh Bhagwatprasad Tiwari are the owners of Searchline Database Pvt Ltd. 

Searchline Database Pvt Ltd’s CIN, or Corporate Identification Number, of Searchline Database Pvt Ltd, is U72200GJ2016PTC085874, whereas its registration number is 85874. Its official location is A/502, Signature-2, Sarkhej Sanad Highway, Village, Sarkhej, Taluka, Ahmedabad. the official email address is [email protected].

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Customer’s Complaint against Searchline Database Pvt Ltd

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As per the report based on India Consumer Complaint Forum, it is stated that Searchline Database Pvt Ltd is a fraud organization. 

One of their clients claims that Searchline Database Pvt Ltd is a scam, If you are prepared to work from home, consider coming to our headquarters for an interview. You attend the conference, and the others describe the work to you. 

You will be provided image sheets & will be required to transcribe all of them on a piece of paper. You accept it, nevertheless, they require an initial fee. There are multiple strategies. I followed the standard procedure. 

As to this arrangement, you must contribute nine thousand rupees as guaranteed savings, with the balance of Rs. 7500 refunded to you on a monthly basis. This package is for a period of six months and the usage taxes of 1500 rupees are not going to be refunded to customers. 

Searchline owners ask customers to agree to a contract with them that states three hundred pages every month for a period of six months. For each correct website, you will be paid Rs. 75. 

The amount of work is assigned to you after the contract is signed. Everybody was well up to that point, but the amount of work stunned you. 

The graphic pages are designed in such a way that your brain will not grasp what they’re supposed to mean. There are numerous problems with the picture sites themselves. 

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There are errors in grammar and spelling, and the sentences are unfinished with no sense at all. Because there are errors in all of the information that they supply, you are going to be unable to send them a precise page. 

So, essentially, this is rubbish and a ruse to swindle you out of Rupees. 9000, which cannot be repaid until you complete the work. You will be unable to complete the assignment since you will be unable to comprehend it.

Customer’s Reviews of Serachline Database Pvt Ltd

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Searchline Database Pvt Ltd has poor ratings on consumer platforms

Requiring us to pay the sum as a deposit!!

One of the company’s clients mentioned a comment, Hey everyone, I’d want to tell you about the Searchline Database Private Limited firm, which is a scam.

So, I’ll tell you how it’s a scam. I received a telephone call from an individual for this home-based job he told me to come to the workplace, which I disregarded, but he kept calling until I went, then I connected with a lady, who was basically pressuring me to provide a payment of Rs 4000/-. I didn’t have any cash on hand at the moment, so I promised her I’d pay her in the month of March. Nevertheless, she stated that you must pay at least a small fee to secure your place. As a result, I gave 100/- s. They’ll provide you with an acceptance, but the payment is not recoverable.

Searchline Database Pvt Ltd

Get Your Money Back Suspicious

If you have been scammed by Searchline Database Pvt Ltd, then you can get justice by sharing your complaint with us. We will connect with you experts and journalists who will help you get your money back and get heard by the right people.
It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.

They provide you with an acceptance, but the payment is not recoverable. Her response was that starting in March, she would ask for a deposit of nine thousand dollars.

Another Reviewer Warns Against Searchline Database Pvt Ltd

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Fraudster organization is a complete waste of money and time

The consumer of Serachline Databases Pvt Ltd says, I got a call from an individual for this house bases job and he said I ought to go to the company but I refused but he kept calling and I attended the place of work so, after all, I accepted the offer of 6000/- rs three hundred pages 180 pages. 

I delivered the assignment on time, but after a few hours, they denied it, claiming that I had utilized a third-party program, which was a false justification for cancellation. 

I did not utilize any of the apps since they kept cutting and putting the conversation aside although I called on multiple occasions.

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Fake Work-from-Home Opportunity

The customer claims that it is a Phishing firm that defrauds individuals who offer work-from-home opportunities. Somebody is going to give you the perception that you must enter into a corporation. To conceal the deception, it will produce a contract that depends entirely on the other party’s point of view. 

You must type the given image into Notepad or their software. One error and the entire page are disqualified, so they aren’t going to reimburse anything. You must pay a fee ranging from 9000/- – 15000/- depending on your plan. They are going to keep the funds if you do not pay.

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Netizens expose Searchline Database Pvt Ltd

Searchline Database Pvt Ltd is a Fraud

Guys, this is among the most deceptive companies. Throughout this essay, I hope to assist anyone who is affected by this.

This is the contact information for one of the directors of Searchline Database Private Limited. 

Make an appointment with this individual directly regarding a reimbursement. There is an additional individual in Delhi the Janakpuri branch whose real name is Mayank, and he is the most powerful scammer I have ever encountered. 

There are two more girls who belong to this group, whose names I will not reveal owing to their security standards. It’s the phone number of Mayank, the criminal group’s leader 

I trust that this information is useful to you. Join together, sufferers, and submit a complaint about those basterds.


Searchline Database Pvt Ltd is a complete hoax 

This is a total fraud.

I, too, had fallen for it. I paid my costly deposit of Rs. 9720/- & accepted the contract. I’m not sure exactly how to obtain my cash returned.

Searchline Database Pvt Ltd is a Massive Swindle

Searchline Database Ltd is a Swindle. Companies simply take cash from us in order to provide labor to us. It set us a Huge Target that we can’t accomplish on our own. So we surrendered and discovered that we had been duped by them. Searchline employees are extremely ***. They lack insight into whether to interact with others. 

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Searchline Database Pvt. Ltd., an established supplier of work-from-home employment, has devised several simple methods to dupe consumers, and it is a bogus firm. 

There are several tips that could come from this fraudulent firm, like making their clients idiots and never returning the amount that they put in at the time of joining as the company stated it was refundable in addition to the first salary. As a result, it might be a fraudster database company. 

Searchline Database Pvt Ltd: Is It a Fraud Corporation? Let’s Uncover This Fact! (New Update 2023 )
Searchline Database Pvt Ltd: Is It a Fraud Corporation? Let’s Uncover This Fact! (New Update 2023 )

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