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Tom’s apology video on the Juji Tom Lawsuit.

A Mentally Unstable Freak Paying For His Deeds

If you’ve been a fan of the Juji & Tom YouTube channel, then you must’ve been shocked to hear about the recent breakup and contreversy between Jon Call and Tom Boyden.

Juji recently sued Tom for taking over $100,000 from Grip Genie, a company in which Tom had a majority stake and Juji & Erin Borsodi had minority stakes.

Following is a summary of Juji’s complaint against Tom and his horrid behavior.

Tom Boyden Lawsuit Details

Stealing Money From Grip Genie & Taking Unauthorised Loans For Gambling & Fun

Tom used company funds for personal reasons and got large loans without the unanimous consent of the other members as required in the operating agreement.

On April 2020, Erin Borsodi noticed $30k missing from Grip Genie’s Company account, later it turned out that Tom stole that money to pay his tax bills, and reportedly he still hasn’t paid back that money

In addition, Tom took $119,459.08 from the company’s funds for personal expenses.

That’s not all, he also took out several busiensses loans amounting to ~$180k. To be more precise, he took out four loans:

A $27,000 loan, a $50,000 loan, a $59,000 loan, and finally a $43,000.

All of these were not authorized by the other members (Juji & Erin).

He spent all that money on useless luxuries and wierd products, including an $8,000 trampoline.

Tom also has a severe gambling addiction, he made two unauthorized transfers from the company’s account to his friend Shaun Downey’s PayPal account. He even bet his company stake in a poker match.

Restraining Order From Juji

Juji has also filed a restraining order against Tom.

Tom is prone to fits of rage.

In addition to throwing tantrums when not getting attention like a 9-year old spoiled brat, he got in a gym manager’s face for calling him a cameraman.

Sorry ot break it to you pal, but Tom, you are, a cameraman.

In one instance, Juji missed repacking the weight in a technical weightlifting maneuver and instead of stop filming and help him, Tom stood there while Randy Alarcon ran to help Juji.

On march 19, Juji changed his channel name from “Juji & Tom” to “Jujimufu”.

On March 22, Tom released an apology video, which he has removed from his channel, luckily I’ve saved a copy here, and you can watch it.

The apology video really shows how much Tom cared about Juji, he is literally reading a script which his lawyer probably provided him from his phone.

From what Tom has said publicly, he doesn’t seem to show any guilt or remorse for his actions.

Tom Boyden Vs. Jujimufu (Jon Call) Full Court Doucment

If you want to read the full court document yourself, then you can download it using our link down below. It is the official copy from the Govt.’s website
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