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Tony Robbins is considered an amazing inspiration, but behind the curtains he is an egotistical narcissist. Read more here on Gripeo.
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Tony Robbins is a fine example of people who make it big by selling BS products. He is called the infomercial king for a reason, he is good at that.

He is so good at selling BS products that he has made a fortune on the same. But it doesn’t mean that he is a legitimate coach. If I say a lie a thousand times, will it become truth? 

Certainly not. Tony Robbins is a compulsive liar. He preys on people’s emotions and through their hearts, finds his way into their wallets. He plays with people’s emotions and if you ask me, that’s not a good thing. It’s unethical. He is a scam and his entire brand is based on lying to everyone. The only difference between him and any other con artist is of style.

Tony yells a lot and uses a lot of cuss words.  You won’t find these many self-help coaches who yell the F-word this many times. Tony has no (or little) knowledge of all the topics he talks about. He is simply a liar who knows his way around a crowd.

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His seminars are worthless and their price is always in thousands. He manipulates people and if you will see any one of his speeches with some logic, you will see that he only speaks rubbish. Amazingly, his lies are selling books and people are falling prey to his scams again and again.

I went to one of his seminars, bought one of his books and I can say, he is nothing other than an overrated yelling liar. Whatever Tony is today, he is because of his large web of lies and cheats. I can’t believe the amount of turmoil he has made others go through. His seminars are painful, useless and cost a lot.

About The Original Fake Guru

Who is Tony Robbins?

There is a whole Wikipedia page about Tony Robbins. There is another biography present on his own website if you take a lot of interest in his biography, feel free to visit his site.

Tony was born as Anthony J. Mahavoric on 29th February 1960 in North Hollywood, California. He says his early life had been full of chaos and he used to work as a handyman to help provide for his family. He left his home when he was 17 years old and started working as a janitor.

He did not go to college. His scams started as a motivational speaker after he met Jim Rohn. He used to do promotions for speakers at that time. He became a business partner with John Grinder later on. He started teaching Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP.

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He released his first infomercial in 1988. This is when he started his scam. His infomercial was a big hit because of his good deception skills and lying ability. If you would go to his website, you will find a profile of a narcissist. There, you will see the bio praising Tony’s lifetime achievements. It tells you that Tony is six times best-selling author and a guy who has changed the lives of over 50 million people.

Do you know why he has this many bestsellers?

It’s not because he is an expert or a thought leader. It’s because he writes BS books on topics that sell and market them as if they’re going to change your life. If you will see the ad of a book, which costs a few dollars, telling you that you can transform your life completely by getting a copy of the same, chances are, you’ll buy it without a doubt.

Like many successful con artists, Tony knows how to deceive and manipulate people. He uses different strategies, used by scammers and con artists, to deceive people on a large scale. If you will read his ‘life-changing’ books with attention, you will find them full of useless, vague advice. There is nothing valuable present in all of his bestselling books. He is a renowned businessman, however. His fake persona has helped him gain accolades and awards.

He is not only a con artist and a scam but he is also a narcissist. The start of his biography (present on his website) can give you a glimpse of his narcissism:

“The 1 Life and Business Strategist”

His bio keeps telling you how great he is, how generous he is, and what an impact he has made on the world. When I went to one of his seminars and read a few reviews of the same, I found his egoistic nature in its best form. When you hear him talking about something on the stage, he only praises himself. Tony’s companies have a business of $5 billion per year. This depraved man has made a fortune on the hard-earned money of innocent people. It’s a sad truth that such liars and scammers are living lavish lifestyles by cheating other honest people. I wish this review will help you realize how narcissistic and depraved Tony Robbins really is.

Tony Robbins Personal Review

Tony Robbins Scam: My Experience With The Giant

I had attended one of his seminars because I was intrigued by his daunting presence. I searched for him online and found him to be one of the highest-earning self-help coaches and motivational speakers. I thought to myself this guy must be amazing. But before I thought of going to one of his seminars, I thought I should check out one of his books. Now, you should note that Tony Robbins is also a bestselling author and anyone would trust a bestselling book, wouldn’t you?

So I bought his book “MONEY: Master the Game.” And  I can tell you one thing, it is full of nonsense. The book doesn’t tell you anything about wealth management or boosting one’s income. Like his all other self-help books and seminars, this book was also full of rubbish content that provided me with no value or insight. I’m not a book reviewer so I don’t know how to say this but if I wanted to sum it up in a few words I would say that THE BOOK IS USELESS.

It was my first book regarding finance and I was amazed by the thoughts Tony was sharing. When a multi-millionaire is giving you advice on how to manage your funds to get rich, wouldn’t you take it? I was foolish at that time to believe in Tony. Now I know that one should always check the credentials of a financial guru before heeding his/her advice. The irony is, Tony tells you to check the credentials of a finance guru as well.

When I think of it now, I consider it as one of the stupidest mistakes of my life. This guy has zero credentials and he doesn’t have any finance experience. It’s true that he is rich (too rich to be honest) but that doesn’t give him the qualifications to give financial advice to middle-class Americans. His book first discusses some motivational garbage. You shouldn’t be surprised to see useless motivating garbage in any of Tony’s books because that’s what increases his sales. And talking about motivation is the only thing Tony knows in reality. I am talking about the rubbish present in his book now but at that time, I didn’t find his advice useless. I was impressed by his writing and I thought I could learn more if I attended one of his seminars.

Moreover, Tony’s infomercials always plague the television. Every American has seen Tony Robbins’ infomercials at least once on TV. I was too stupid to trust this guy. Anyways, I booked a ticket for one of his ‘Motivating’ seminars. It cost me $5,000 and believe me, it was a lot for me. I had to switch up my budget and cut back on some expenses to afford this seminar.

But the seminar promised valuable knowledge and life-changing insights. And like any other desperate financially struggling person, I was lured by these words. When I attended the seminar, I realized my mistake. It was packed with people who also wanted to change their lives for good and find useful knowledge that will help them in this regard.

We had to wait for half an hour after the designated time for Robbins to arrive. There were all kinds of people present in the crowd. What we all visitors got in return for our $5,000 ticket and 30 minutes of waiting was a 45-minute speech from a 6-foot guy who was constantly yelling f*ck. The seminar started with music and Tony entered the stage with enthusiasm. Everything was just too energetic. I was excited to hear more of Tony but after a few minutes into the speech, all my excitement vanished. He was just yelling and saying nonsense things. In about every 2-4 minutes, he would bring up his struggles and how he managed to get ahead in life. Then he started asking questions to the public. He brought out a member of the audience who was suffering from depression. This lady discussed how she has grown tired of her life and that she no longer sees any hope.

Do you know what Tony did?

He told her that she is wrong to think that way. I loved this part but hated the next. He told her to come to the stage, then he picked 4 random strangers (all men) and told her to hug them tightly. He said, they are your friends and they believe in you. What kind of rubbish was that? Did he really force a woman, who is suffering from depression, to hug four random dudes? I was disgusted. I realized that Tony is a misogynist and he acts as he cares about his followers. Believe me, he doesn’t. The rest of the seminar was full of such BS and trash. I learned nothing of value and I felt angry because I had wasted $5,000 (not counting the cost of the trip) to listen to a middle-aged crazy guy who likes to yell.

Oh, and also, he is ignorant. When I asked other visitors, some told me that they had burned up their savings to get to this seminar. They were struggling in their lives and they had hoped Tony would give them some useful guidance. When the seminar ended, the organizers started pushing us to buy more of his tickets and products. One of his ‘advanced’ seminars costs about $8,000! What kind of advice will a guy receive there?

Tony Robbins is running a huge scam. He is deceiving people, telling them that he would give them useful advice while all he does is yell for an hour and share his life stories. There is nothing you can learn from Tony Robbins apart from the fact that the world is unfair. There are scammers, liars, cheats, and frauds like Tony, who are earning the big bucks for doing nothing while an honest person toils day and night. I began doubting the book I read, “MONEY: Master the Game”. I did a little research and I found that it is one of the most useless finance books present in the market.

Why did it sell so many copies then?

Tony Robbins 1

It’s because it sells fake promises and dreams. It’s written by one of the biggest con artists present in your world and Tony spent a lot of money on marketing it.

This book is supposed to give you financial wisdom. But the truth is, it gives you nothing more than some vague advice and some motivational garbage.

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I still regret my purchase of his book and the $5,000 ticket to his seminar. I would have been better off if I hadn’t wasted my money on Tony’s rubbish.

My advice is, consult with a certified professional and not with this ignorant, narcissist, who doesn’t have an idea of finance or wealth management.

Unanswered Complaints And Shocking Allegations On Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins Complaints and Allegations

There are many people who have suffered due to the malicious lies of Tony. I’m not the only person who thinks Tony is an overrated piece of shit who shouldn’t be allowed to share his views. He is selling lies and the worst part is, people are buying them. A critical review of his book, which I unfortunately read, called “MONEY: Master the Game” was published in the Guardian.

Here is the link:

The reviewer discusses how Tony Robbins is not the right person to give you financial advice. This guy caused countless people to be deprived of 90% gains of the stock market when he told his followers to pull out of stocks in 2010.

Tony doesn’t know a thing about finance and he is the wrong person to give advice on this topic in all sense. This review also shares how Tony Robbins has used the name of popular investors such as Warren Buffett, Paul Tudor Jones, and Jack Bogle. The reviewer has also discussed how Tony Robbins’ advice is useless for most of the readers. The investing tips he is sharing are for those who have hundreds of thousands of dollars in spare (if not millions). And most of the readers of this book, like me, don’t have that kind of money.

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If you ask me, I think Tony has no idea of finance and investing. He saw an opportunity in finance writing and thought to himself, “Fuck, I’m gonna make myself some money with this now.” And with no prior experience and no basic knowledge of finance, he wrote a book on this subject. I highly suspect that he even wrote it himself. He could have hired a ghostwriter to do the job for him while he goes out there stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from other innocent people.

That’s not all –  To fuel the sales of his book, he lied publicly about the contents of his book. I’m not the one saying this. You can check the review and see it yourself.

He told everyone that he was going to share a ‘never before shared’ strategy with Ray Dalio. The strategy which he shares, in reality, is a common one for any follower of Ray. So, Tony Robbins is a guy who lies vehemently and sells rubbish to thousands of people. To ensure people buy that rubbish, he spends lavishly on marketing and advertising, tricking others into believing that he is legit.

The Truth About His Seminars:

His books aren’t the only trash he sells to the world. Many other people who have visited his seminars have found him to be utterly stupid and vague. I have already shared my story with you. But there are hundreds (if not thousands) of people who agree with me on the point that Tony Robbins is a cheat and his seminars are nothing but a waste.

And don’t even get me started on his ‘fire walking’ stunts. They are for show-off and he organizes them to deceive people. Not one, not twice but many times, people have been severely burnt and hurt because of his firewalking routine. The worse thing is the people who get hurt because of the routine blame themselves and not the ‘guru’ for the failure.

They think they are unworthy or they lack the willpower to succeed in life. They don’t think logically. They don’t look at the facts. They don’t look at the 6-foot guy forcing them to walk on burning coal. No, they blame themselves.

These guys don’t sue Tony because of the shame they feel. If Tony asks you to walk on fire and you fail, you are perceived as a wuss and a failure in the eyes of other ardent followers of this monster.

Countless people have burned their feet and faced injuries because of Tony’s negligence. But none of them sued this guy. It’s a shame.

His nonsense firewalk has been featured in the news because of the injuries it has caused. His firewalk sent 30 people to the hospital whose feet were burnt severely because of the burning coal.

According to his website, the firewalk is a symbolic way to help people overcome their fears. And if 1% of the 7,000 participants get burnt, it doesn’t affect them. They don’t care about the well-being of their customers.

This means if 70 people get burnt, they don’t care. Why should they? The people who are fire-walking have already paid Tony for participating.

Frankly, this attitude doesn’t surprise me. If you get physically hurt during a fire-walk with Tony Robbins, don’t expect to get a refund or any aid. You’ll end up with some physical injuries, low self-esteem and a number of people calling you a loser.

The kind of businesses Tony Robbins is running is all deceitful. Take a look at all of his information products and you’ll find vague advice on a cashable topic.

Tony also has a Netflix documentary called “I’m not your guru”. The title is wasteful because the whole documentary is about him being your guru.

I have already discussed one of his seminars (which I attended) and his Netflix documentary is about another one of his events.

The main highlights of his event are:

  1. Tony forcing a woman to break up with her boyfriend in front of thousands of other people
  2. Tony forcefully assigning a few ‘uncles’ to a survivor of sexual abuse
  3. Tony hugging a sexual abuse survivor (very tightly)
  4. Tony forcing a suicidal lady to speak about the reasons why she wanted to die, in front of thousands of strangers

All of this happens in between the constant yelling (of the F-word) by Tony. The fun fact is, all the attendees paid $5,000 for the event. The value they got was zero.

Concluding The Tony Robbins Review

I’m glad that I came to my senses and stopped listening to this cheater. But there are many people who are still falling prey to this wicked fraud. What do you think of Tony now? Do you think he is a legitimate coach or malicious fraud?

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Empitome Of Failure

There are millions of people in this world that have changed how we see the world, imparted it one way or the other. Nonetheless, Ryan Robinson is not part of them. It seems like he is doing something life-changing, says he is passionate about helping people realize their potential, all of which he does for himself, not for these people he claims to be doing it for. He is a blogger; bloggers want to make money; that is why they go into blogging in the first place.

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    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    Thank you. We are trying to get a group together for a class action lawsuit and to report him and success life to multiple trade commission. Please email us at trfraud2022 at gmail dot com.

    + PROS: Nothing. Disgusting scam artist.
    - CONS: Con artist. Took our money and then nothing. Promoted Richard Tan and then disappeared. No email replies. All the videos from success life website have been deleted.
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  2. 0.5
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    Scam. Convinced by a Tony Robbins representative to sign up for a period of life coaching which sounded really good that would help with my business, pressured into paying money upfront and received no coaching and no further contact from them after they took my money. No one to complain to no response from anyone absolute rip-off. Would not recommend keep your money and do not give it to anyone representing Tony Robbins

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Rip-off Scam
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  3. You are a complete idiot. Suckers like you empower frauds like Robbins.

  4. One fine day busy watching TV and TV commercial of 30 minutes struck in the name of Tony Robbins. Anthony Robbins aka Tony Robbins is the biggest fish in the business of motivational speaking and as a self-help Guru. As I kept watching, my husband came running and instantly popped up the question, “Do you know who he is?” I was like yeah of course though truthfully; I dint know much about him except his reputation as a motivational speaker. My husband replied telling me that he watched his Netflix documentary and how it turned out to be a life changing experience and he, an awesome guy and asking me to watch his documentary and giving him a chance! I yelled at him saying never, no way but you know as they say relationships are full of compromises! I agreed and we watched halfway through, the guy Tony Robbins dint seem so bad but never imagined in my weirdest dreams two months later standing in front of the guy and walking on fire. Yes, you read it right. A Walk on fire!! It sounds cult like and yes, I did walk on Fire and injured and hospitalized.

    Thanks to a BOGO special that I signed up and was offered to attend Tony Robbins’ Unleash Your Power Within seminar in Dallas, Texas. I thought it was going to be a casual weekend thing where you listened to him speak, maybe had a few introspective conversations with yourself, did some networking and that was it. And there I was wrong. His 50 hours long sessions, four days in total made me think to back out at once.

    On day one, I arrived 3 hours late and as soon as I entered the auditorium, I was shocked to see the decorum. Around 16000 people were jumping up and down screaming on the top of their lungs. I somehow found a seat next to my husband and there he was with a giant grin and gruffy voice! This is what people are meant to be doing at Tony Robbins event. They listen to him speak and then every 20, 30, minutes pop up when they hear the loud pop music play and jump up and down, with their hands in the air, Whoosh and scream. Even though I was feeling awkward and not in the mood to jump and scream, the sight off around 16000 people jumping and screaming makes it look weird for no reason. Then by midnight, it was optional though to walk across fire, around 16000 people waited to happen it atlast. And as soon as my turn came, the man next to me shouted and there I zoomed in and walked on fire, injuring myself and hospitalized.

    Tony also makes you get to the proximity of the people you sit next to. It’s the strangest feeling sitting very close next to your neighbour as if massaging in an awkwardly manner for a longer period of time.

    Although this was not Tony’s fault, the venue wouldn’t allow outside food. So here we were attending his sessions from 9 till midnight with no food and the only food you can buy was the one which was overpriced and unhealthy. Tony calls this event as a kindergarten level where there’s a lot of time spent at the event being upsold to go to other events or get coaching. Tony charges a whooping amount of $1 million for private one on one coaching and around $10000 for other events. It was an overall Cult experience I’ve ever had.

    Coming back to Tony Robbins Fraud revealed, the guy is everywhere on TV these days with 30 and 60 minute infomercials. With such exposure, people tend to ask, “Is Tony Robbins a scam, fraud or for real?” Tony Robbins uses the two main techniques to get people to do what he wants. These techniques are Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Ericksonian hypnosis.

    Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is presented as a fast way to get results in psychological therapy. He also uses fire walking and other devices as metaphors to convince people that anything is possible. Tony Robbins encourages students of his program to ‘fake till you make it.’

    Ericksonian hypnosis is the scariest teaching of Tony Robbins wherein it’s a way to induce

    trance without the subject’s knowledge, they are hypnotised and planted a suggestion.

    Tony Robbins was slammed on social media for the comments he made during a seminar about Me Too Movement.

    Theres a footage that shows Robbins talking to a crowd in San Jose, California denouncing the movement.

    Tony Robbins says Women are using Me Too to make themselves significant but in this video clip, the brave sexual abuse survivor called him out.

    Who is Tony Robbins?

    The biggest fish acting as a motivational speaker, best-selling author and self-help Guru. After a difficult childhood, he went out on his own and started promoting motivational seminars and from there he started developing his own sessions as a self-help coach and started conducting seminars. His parents were divorced, and his mother remarried more than once including marriage to Jim Robbins who legally adopted Tony. During high school, Robbins grew ten inches, a growth spurt later attributed to a pituitary tumour. He has said his home life was “chaotic” and “abusive”. When he was seventeen years old, he was kicked out by his mother and never returned. Robbins later worked as a janitor and did not attend college.

    After knowing the above things and incidents are you still unsure of Tony Robbins as a major jerk and scam artist?

  5. He is a cult leader.

    Almost everyone in my office at work for some reason had an obsession with him. Some people were at a few conferences. Then there was a seminar in Dallas. Everyone who was going was guilting others to go too. 1 or 2 people put off going on a family vacation because of it.

    I think some people went just mostly to say they walked on the hot coal, but supposedly if you’d burn yourself it would be that you don’t believe in yourself or something

  6. I love Anthony Robbins, and I think he has a great company. Considering the values that are taught by him, you would think the employees at his company would follow those values. However, this is not the case.

    I ordered a large sum of Anthony Robbin’s green drink for a huge sum of money (relative to my income). There were some problems with delivery, and the product was sent back to Anthony Robbins Institute. I then emailed them with potential solutions, and instead of working with me to resolve the problem, the greedy sales team chose to ignore me instead (probably to receive their commissions). I sent several emails and went to Customer Support online, but the sales team just continues to ignore ALL of my emails.

    I was not refunded, I never received the product, and I did not get any compensation. I spent several months trying to resolve the issue since it’s such a large sum of my income that was invested.

  7. Read for yourself the real truth about Tony Robbins, all the sexual stuff is here!

  8. 1
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    It’s too bad that you didn’t have a good experience because I went in November and everyone I spoke with totally loved it. It is totally worth the money. I do agree with you about the irritating guy on the second day (too much drama for me) but that was the only part that I wasn’t totally enthralled with. You missed a very good day on the fourth day, he had several professionals who were leaders in the field speak, and it was very informative.

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  9. Did you catch his latest crap; I had heard about him decades ago and read a book about how he had his staff look for the cutest women to have sex with after the presentations. But the whole idea that survivors of rape and incest are angry and will get no where if they are so angry and really are just looking for power and significants and don’t we all make mistakes he said, we are talking about Me Too and that means rape and incest and sexual abuse for him to say well we all make mistakes; I was livid, its not a mistake when you rape someone buster. That happened to a 15 year old who was raped by a staff member where I worked, I got fired when I confronted and then they took her into a sweat lodge and had her shake hands with he rapist and say it was a misunderstanding and she went home to slit her wrists, so its a tad bit more then a mistake buster and then his, if you live in a glass house, do not throw stones at others glass houses, well he will be getting his lawyers in a row as nine women so far have accused him of sexual abuse, and one as a teenager which makes it statutory rape, and then there is the issue of his nonsense seminars of pure nothing, I have had my share of spiritual fakes, and new age growth movements, he never appealed to me, too full of ego and I sensed something was off by his manner, its all show, and he really has no experience except he has perfected his act called bullshit. My father was a huge bullshitter, he was the art director to one of the biggest advertising companies and he was full of shit, and peddling it. So I see past allot of what desperate people thought they were getting from this oaf. Do catch his whole Nigger chant he claimed to say in front of a black audience, I do not buy that for a second, he was saying chant, you are a nigger, I am a nigger we are all niggers, and presto free from hundreds of years of genocide in one swift tone deaf man who needs to be put out to pasture. He got too big and even to watch him is a irritation as he dances around and shouts and I could maybe put up with that if he was for real and really helping but all he is doing is helping himself to peoples money who want a change, and well lets see what happens with all the women and the child he sexually abused allegedly.

  10. In 2014 I was at a point in my life where I needed help, especially in the area of taking action and feeling depressed. I had major issues doing the simplest of activities, and I would procrastinate everything I did!

    I spoke with Al Melchoire, who guaranteed that my issues would get resolved, so I signed up for the year-long program. The first three weeks with the first coach did not do it for me. I didn’t feel the coach was vibing with me. My second coach was much better, he was an NLP expert, and we were clicking.

    After several months I was still battling with the same issues. I wasn’t taking action, and I would get motivated, but then a few days after the phone call, my energy would go downhill. The problem was taking action, which also reflected in the homework I received from my coach. I knew that this issue MUST get resolved, as it has held me back throughout my life, so I kept pushing through.

    About 7-8 months later, I called Al and told him I want to cancel because I’m still not able to resolve my problem. He gave me a reframe and assured me that I should stick with it, so I did since I’m not the type to give up. However, the problem was still there. Both my coach and Al were convinced that I’m attached to my “story” of not taking action, etc. However, that itself didn’t solve the problem either, it was their way of pointing at why I wasn’t changing.

    I paid good money to join this coaching program with the hope of change in the way I do things, but I was self-sabotaging, unconsciously. The reality of it was that this coaching program did not have the “know how” to tackle my issue. I was not happy towards the end of the program, especially because they started pointing the fingers at me. I told Al that I’ll be writing a review of my experience that I was not able to tackle my issue.

    He contacted his supervisor, and I got a call that if I write a bad review on the coaching program that I would be banned from any Tony Robbins materials. Wow, I could not believe it! I’ve waited to write this review because I wanted to see where I was a year or two after the program. While some areas of my life have certainly vastly improved, I’m still dealing with this taking action and procrastination issue. I knew it then as I know now, this is a deep subconscious emotional issue that needs healing and release.

    I’m sure that to a degree, I was attached to a story and developed bad habits, but at the end of the day I was promised change and the program could not deliver. Al went on to tell me I was the 3% that didn’t succeed, and he was quite rude about it. The truth is that coaching over the phone is MUCH less effective than a face to face session (my concern from the beginning which Al assured me on).

    The Tony Robbins coaching is really for people who are already somewhat on the path of their goals and desires and need that extra push. It’s not for individuals that have deeper issues trying to shoot towards the sky with heavy bricks tied around them. The feeling I got was that Al and his supervisors are more concerned about the sale vs. individual needs.

    • The most genuinely wise and generous life advice isn’t from the shallow, money grubbing, self hyping, infomercial guys. I’d highly recommend listening to recordings of the late Earl Nightingale, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, etc.

  11. I had one phone call with a guy and thought why not, I’ll do this. After I made the commitment over the phone and had my first session, I realized it was more than I could afford. I sent an email asking to cancel the subscription and to get a refund minus the one session. The point of contact agreed.

    Four days after he agreed to cancel and refund, a payment of $1785 was automatically withdrawn from my bank account. Not only had I not yet been refunded the original payment amount, no action was taken to stop the second payment from pulling.

    The point of contact said, “oh sorry, it will be in your account, but it may take up to one business day.” To any observer, this would mean one business day, not more than that. At this point, because I was not expecting to have this amount withdrawn, had just over one dollar in my account. It has been three days, and the money still has not been refunded.

    After calling and emailing, no one has seemed to take any responsibility for the series of errors apart from, “there is nothing we can do.” This is a scam with charlatans out to make money like everyone else.

  12. Tony Robbins is a snake-oil salesman of the worst kind. His events, his pseudo-science and the whole rah-rah is a giant commercial con-job designed to suck money out of dumb people.

  13. My husband was depressed, so I paid for him to do the TR courses. TR told him the reason he was depressed was because of me, and he should get divorced! We are still together. TR in my book is a nasty piece of work, who has earned his money on the backs of the poor by lying and manipulating people. At some point, there’ll be a reckoning. Meanwhile, if you’re smart, then please do not go on one of his courses – it’s all histrionics. You’re better off having a really nice holiday and reading a range of different self-help books (not TR’s obvs!) and work out which ones feel honest and truthful.

  14. I attended the UPW seminar in San Jose California .The best way to sum up this event is that it’s an emotional roller coaster for people that don’t know how to have fun.

    In short, I paid good money for Tony to act like a rock star onstage. He would sing along to songs and bang sticks together. I paid good money to collect hugs and high fives from strangers after we performed hyperventilating exercises and then we were asked how alive we feel. Well duh, a little bit of human interaction mixed with a concert atmosphere and some breathing exercises, most everyone will be feeling different. I paid good money to have stories of successful people with troubled past told to me by Tony in the attempt to show that we all could overcome hardships and become wealthy with Tony’s programs. It was pretty much this same thing every day for 4 days but they changed the approach angle a bit each day. It gets real old real fast.

    Below is a break down of the days that I attended.

    Day 1:

    Cheerleaders perform the opening act along with volunteers. Then rock star Tony comes out and tells the audience how we will be changed forever, he’s had tons of success with this program. He tells stories about famous people he has met. He makes sure to tell you how good he’s doing, he owns jets, island resorts, houses everywhere, his businesses do 5 billion a year. He drops success bombs often. He also makes sure to tell you about all his problems, most seem to be exaggerated to some extent or he would be written about in medical journals. About hour 10 is when the 2 hours prep speech starts for the firewalk. Your ability to believe in yourself while thinking about wet moss is all you need to know about walking on coals. That took 2 hours to deliver that information. I left during this firewalk rant, it seemed like it would never stop. I left at midnight, most didn’t leave the event until 1:30 am. Most were not impressed with the small coal pits they walked on, grown men said the walk was two steps.

    Day 2:

    A guy named Joseph runs the show on day 2. No Tony besides some videos that you watch, probably the same ones you can watch on YouTube. Joseph’s most important bit of information that he passes along is “assitude”, when your feeling down or depressed, just shake that ass! It apparently fixes all. We then played Simon says, I think to just kill time in between stories or to keep people awake. Then a special guest comes out, he tells his sad life story and then turns it into a sales pitch for more events that cost normally 20k but if you sign up today, you can get it for 10k. Don’t worry, they make sure to tell you they have financing. It was gross.

    Day 3:

    Tony’s back! He tells us some crap about voice box issues but he’s developed a second voice box through his belief of ” the power within”. And then he starts telling you that this type of therapy or his program only works if you keep going to the events or buy his products. It’s a viscous cycle, keep coughing up the dough and he will keep telling you how good you are. Tony even had the audience overcome their issues by shoving their fingers in their noses and throwing their problems away like a booger. 10,500 people all did this! And then Tony turns on the sales pitch for the $10k event, there was even a break for the audience members to go sign up. What a deal.

    So I would recommend to keep your money unless this review sounds good to you, then have at it.

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