Abood Law Firm – Petty, Unprofessional and Greedy

Abood Law Firm is a law firm with offices in Michigan and Illinois. They offer various litigation services including 

Their locations are: 

  • 246 E Saginaw, Suite 100, East Lansing, MI 48823
  • 470 N Old Woodward Ave, Suite 250, Birmingham, MI 48009
  • 500 W Madison Street, Suite 1000, Chicago, Illinois 60661

The contact numbers of each of their locations are:

  • East Lansing – 517-332-5900
  • Birmingham – 248-549-0000
  • Chicago – 312-625-0000

Andrew P. Abood runs this firm with Jeffrey Lance Abood. Both of them are attorneys where Andrew is a trial attorney while Jeffrey is a Family Law and Criminal Defense attorney. 

Other lawyers working at this firm are:

  • Joshua Laker
  • Alycia Penn Covington
  • Carrie Koerber

On paper, they seem like an ordinary law firm. However, they have attracted a ton of negative reviews from their disgruntled clients. In the following review, I have highlighted some of those complaints to help you decide whether they are worth your money or not:

Abood Law Firm Made Misogynistic Suggestions 

Abood Law Firm

Brain doesn’t recommend Abood Law Firm. He shares that he used their services 14 years ago and it was horrible. The lawyers made a misogynistic suggestion by saying that having a woman do their litigation would be better. 

However, their appointed lawyer was terrible in court. Brian highlights that no one should believe what this firm says. 

Harassing a Business for Political Disagreement

Abood Law Firm reviews

Kyle shares that one of the owners of this firm started harassing their friend’s business page. Why? Because the person had a different political view. Sam Abood tried to ruin their business and livelihood by constantly calling them racist on every post. 

Kyle says that Sam is an extremely horrible person. Furthermore, Sam had never done business with the person in question. He was only harassing the business because the owner had a political disagreement. 

This is Samuel J Abood from Abood Law Firm, he is the brother of Andrew and Jeffrey:

Abood Law Firm reviews

Below are the comments he made on the business’ posts. You can clearly see how is trying to harass the business:

Abood Law Firm reviews
Abood Law Firm reviews
Abood Law Firm reviews
Abood Law Firm reviews
Abood Law Firm reviews

Lawyers at Abood Law Firm are Bullies

Beth shares that the lawyers at Abood Law Firm don’t listen to a word you say. The people here are bullies and definitely not worth the prices they charge. 

Beth points out that her lawyer didn’t help her through her divorce. 

He did nothing except take her money. 

It was the worst experience ever for Beth.

Jeffrey Abood Doesn’t Talk Professionally, Uses Derogatory Words and Phrases

Adam had contacted Abood Law firm to get some legal advice on a paternity matter. However, he couldn’t understand the contradictory suggestions Jeffrey Abood was giving him. 

Adam highlights that Jeffrey was going against the suggestions he makes on his website. 

Moreover, he took an extremely bitter tone with Adam and even used derogatory words during the conversation. 

Adam felt as if he was talking to a guy on the street and wanted to start a physical altercation. 

Also, Adam points out that he has lived in the city of Detroit for most of his life but he never encountered such rudeness. He points out that he has never experienced such unprofessionalism as well. 

Adam says he will be filing an investigation report through the bar association on Abood Law Firm. He suggests that if you are considering getting legal advice or services, you should spend your money elsewhere. 

Because the people here are extremely unprofessional and have zero ethics. 

“Abood Law Firm Lacks Morals, Cares Only About Your Money”

The above reviewer shares that Jeffrey Abood only cares about money and lacks morals. 

They highlight that he is not a good lawyer and doesn’t do well in court. Furthermore, he will keep asking you for more money. 

The reviewer highlights that you should look for a different attorney who would actually care about your case and not your money.

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No matter how many boastful claims Abood Law Firm makes, one thing is certain, their clients don’t agree with them. 

Furthermore, one of their founders harassed another business simply because they had a political disagreement. This goes to show how professional these lawyers truly are. 

They have received a lot of complaints and it doesn’t look good. 

Hence, if you’re looking for an attorney in Birmingham, Chicago or East Lansing, find someone else. Avoid this firm.

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Not worth your time

Abood Law Firm has received numerous complaints from its clients for living them in the ditch. One of its owners even resorted to harassing a business owner because of a political disagreement. There are plenty of lawyers out there, you don’t have to work with this one.

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    Jeff Abood ia MONSTER
    June 9, 2022 at 7:22 pm

    Lawyers like Jeffreey Abood are the reason why people don’t trust lawyers anymore. He is the scum of the earth who leaves his clients when they need him the most. The guy is extremely careless and unprofessional. Working with people like Jeffrey will make you truly realize just how evil this world is. That is why I was not surprised to see someone from ABOOD LAW FIRM harassing an ordinary business owner. If you want good legal services, this is NOT the right firm for you. Go someplace else and avoid these lawyers at all costs!!! The bar should look into the business dealings of Jeff Abood. I’m 100% sure they will a lot of stuff wrong. That man has no regard for his clients. Clients who put food at his family’s table. He has no care for them whatsoever. Truly an evil charlatan.

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    - CONS: Unprofessional selfish greedy
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  2. Who would even want to work with these guys. Pathetic.

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