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Is Alex Seckler involved in corruption, fraud, banking scams, or similar activities? (Update 2024)

Alex Seckler
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Alex Seckler in 1957 described himself as having been born in the USSR of Moldova. Prior to the early 1990s, Seckler's actions were not recorded in history.
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Alex Seckler in 1957 described himself as having been born in the USSR of Moldova. Prior to the early 1990s, Seckler’s actions were not recorded in history. Seckler was first mentioned in a formal context in 1993. Then Alex Seckler claims that he founded his first company, the “Liral Group,” which, according to the businessman himself, prospered in nations including Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Canada, and Poland. Alex Seckler claims that he also likes to refer to himself as a model family guy and a “philanthropist”.

In specific corporate circles, Alex Seckler claims that he is well-known. Alex Seckler claims that he continued to operate in Russia for nearly 30 years despite the fact that many of his business procedures were clearly fraudulent.

However, this does not stop the shrewd businessman Alex Seckler from carrying on with his business as usual in the Russian Federation. But recently, Seckler started to sell his businesses at a loss after detecting something was awry. The businessman obviously wants to leave Russia as soon as possible or, less likely, really needs money. 

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23/11/2023 Update
As of now, Alex Seckler has not responded nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Alex Seckler is a financial con artist and fraudster who sells off assets in Russia and withdraws money from foreign accounts.

Swindlers and con artists appear to be inundating the Russian development industry. Tens of thousands of equity owners who invest in their own real estate endure unfair business practices every year.

Construction revenues are also increasingly being taken out of Russia each year and either lost overseas or placed in the bank accounts of business owners.

The well-known Israeli businessman Alex Seckler employed the same strategy and successfully conducted business in Russia for almost 30 years. However, in recent years, Alex Seckler started to actively sell his own businesses, purge the Internet of damaging data, and sue former partners. 

Alex Seckler has been operating his business in Russia for the past three decades, but recently the entrepreneur has been actively selling and reorganizing them while manipulating finances to transfer substantial sums of money outside.

What is known regarding his IFC Liral LLC’s and the Cypriot offshore business Monsalvat Investments Limited’s fraudulent schemes? How does a con artist change his plans? Continue reading for more information.

A notorious businessman from the Moldavian SSR city of Soroca named Alex Seckler, 64, has Israeli ancestry. He resided in Switzerland and Germany for a long time before relocating to Australia 10 years ago.

If the slick 1990s were a genuine test for many businessmen, Alex Seckler experienced a significant period of recovery during that time. He founded his own business, Liral, in 1993. Alex Seckler eventually added more businesses to the group. The businessman’s next significant undertaking was Renta-Bank. He was the one who utilized it to throw the bank’s depositors and to withdraw the cash from Russia.

Alex Seckler- Schemes, offshores, and fraud: Information about Seckler’s working methods

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The Liral group of companies, which engages in manufacturing, telecommunications, real estate investment, construction, and business park management, is led by Sekler.

Like many oligarchs, the evil businessman prefers to keep his riches in offshore jurisdictions. In fact, if the business is run fraudulently, according to dishonest strategies, and by using offshore corporations to extract money illegally, this is a potent tool. We believe that the definition of the term “offshore” does not require an explanation in the modern day.

This plan also lays the groundwork for the Investment and Financial Management Company Liral. This LLC is owned by the offshore Cypriot business Monsalvat Investments Limited.

About Corruption

Corruption is a harmful issue that undermines trust, hinders development, and distorts competition. Transparency, strong legal frameworks, and ethical behavior are crucial in combating corruption. International organizations, governments, and civil society work together to promote accountability worldwide.

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Thus, sales dropped by roughly 44% in 2021 to a little over 352 million rubles.

The company’s net profit plunged dramatically by 122% and it completed the previous year with a loss of 15.4 million rubles.

The organization’s net assets at the end of the previous year totaled 22.2 million. They decreased by 41% during the year. Total assets decreased by about 44% and now total 160 million rubles.

It’s interesting to notice that the aforementioned offshore also owns four additional businesses that belong to Alex Seckler.

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Additionally, and this is crucial, all of these LLCs have been dissolved. Additionally, two of them underwent reorganization by becoming members of the aforementioned limited liability corporation, IFC Liral. Additionally, both businesses are enormous and have previously produced positive financial results.

The first business was a sizable Antey M+ LLC that was liquidated in May of this year and had a status capital of more than 22 million rubles.

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It’s interesting to note that in 2021, according to the Federal Tax Service, there were exactly zero employees on average. The company’s income dropped to 4.6 million rubles last year, a nearly 53% decrease. The 2021 profit is 6 million rubles, which is 23% less than the prior year’s profit.

However, overall assets increased by about 12% and totaled 50.4 million rubles. At the end of the previous year, net assets were 49.2 million.

With a status capital of more than 9.6 million rubles, LLC “Service-plastic” is the second business that joined with IFC Liral.

On the same day as Antey M+ LLC was liquidated, this limited liability company was also.

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Business with a criminal train. How Alex Seckler Made His Fortune – Ruscrime – The Russian Crimes

There were 12 employees on average last year, a 10-person decline from the previous year.

2021 will bring in 380 million rubles, 56% less than the previous year. fell and made a profit of about 92%. It totaled 19.8 million Russian rubles.

Additionally, total assets, which were 110 million rubles in 2021, lost almost 60% of their value. Net assets for the business were 44.6 million rubles in the previous year.

Alex Seckler– The financial swindle of Seckler

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As you can see, there were two sizable profitable businesses with millions in assets and profits whose recent financial performance has started to decline. Coincidence? Accident? None of us think.

How did a number of successful businesses come to lose their investment appeal so quickly that the same offshore “Monsalvat Investments Limited” decided to reorganize them?

This question has a clear answer. The businesses owned by Alex Seckler engage in extensive financial fraud and frauds. A businessman who engages in such “activity” withholds from state regulators a sizable portion of his finances and swiftly transfers them abroad.

All of the aforementioned information suggests that Alex Seckler is purposely selling Russian assets and withdrawing substantial sums to his offshore businesses.

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Alex Seckler- Banking frauds by Seckler

A businessman’s “renta-bank” is another crucial resource that he exploits for his “dirty” dealings. Alex Seckler, a financial scammer, has been using it for years to send money abroad.

The bank is notorious for being unreliable; anything could happen to it at any time. Yes, as of February of this year, the financial performance of “Renta-bank” for the previous six months had drastically declined, according to the statistics portal “Topbanki”.

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profit for six months fell by 127%;

– Assets decreased by 5.6%;

– The number of deposits decreased by 50%;

– Loans decreased by more than 49%;

– Accounts of legal entities decreased by almost 10%.

“Renta-Bank” even managed to light up in a loud scandal. So, the former head of the board of this credit institution, Lyudmila Lepko, was accused of embezzling 70 million rubles from the bank. She was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison.

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Alex Seckler- On the ruins of the Soviet Union, business

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Like many other international businesspeople with Israeli ancestry, Alex Seckler entered the CIS investment sector as soon as the Soviet Union fell apart. The gloomy 1990s were a terrible misery for some, but they were a time of growth for some very intelligent people. Seckler founded the Liral enterprise in 1993, which later expanded into a collection of businesses. At first, Alex Seckler supplied metal-plastic pipes to the CIS nations, but as his company grew significantly, he took on another project and founded Renta-Bank, which enabled him to withdraw large sums of money from Russia while also exploiting the depositors of a financial institution. First things first, though.

Alex Seckler- The “Liral group”

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Seckler, a seasoned businessman, believes that assets should be held overseas, as do the majority of oligarchs who, to put it gently, amassed their wealth through murky business dealings. For instance, the Cypriot offshore MONSALVAT INVESTMENTS LIMITED is the originator of the Liral Investment and Financial Management Company, which leases Sekler’s real estate.

In addition, Seckler’s four further firms were founded by the offshore firm. Since 2013, they have all been liquidated. 2 functioning firms were restructured on May 6, 2022, by joining the IFK Livart LLC that we previously mentioned. We are discussing important corporate projects, not a few little businesses. It is notable that Antey-M LLC, which was dissolved two months ago, had successful financial outcomes over the previous two years, generating profit for the company’s owner.

Alex Seckler- Cleaning up before the break?

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Everything points to Seckler deliberately destroying his Russian assets while withdrawing hundreds of millions of rubles to an offshore account. A few years back, he started selling his Russian company at a loss, which media agents kept noticing.

Even apart from this, there is another circumstance that has not gotten enough attention. We are referring to the fact that Seckler started to clear up information that was embarrassing for himself, just like many businessmen with criminal backgrounds. The situation mostly relates to the content that was printed in the Trud newspaper in 2001. Sekler remembered the information of his conflict with the RTI-Kauchuk rubber products facility towards the end of 2020 for some reason.

Alex Seckler– Plant “RTI-Kauchuk”

The circumstance involving the plant is an entirely different one. In order to move forward from this point, we must first recall the commencement of our story. Immediately following the dissolution of the USSR, Seckler joined the CIS market.

The Israeli businessman’s operations first appeared to be open and unambiguous. But in the late 1990s, Seckler started to play a dishonest game with the RTI-Kauchuk company because he believed he had been honest enough. Its main point was that Sekler purposefully forced a state-owned company into multimillion-dollar indebtedness as a result of the Liral schemes. 

When the issue boiled over, the Seckler group of enterprises initially filed a claim with the local court before proceeding to the London arbitration, which it won. The title of this narrative is “The Great Judicial War.” It is available individually at this site.

Although Seckler has deliberately decreased his investments in Russia over the past few years, there are still assets worth millions of dollars here. A businessman should be concerned since his financial deception will eventually be exposed, making him the rightful protagonist of criminal histories.

Alex Seckler- Banking Scams (Crime committed by Alex Seckler)

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In order to get money, assets, or other property that belongs to or is held by a financial institution, or to obtain money from depositors by falsely claiming to be a bank or other financial organization, bank fraud is the use of potentially illegal means. Bank fraud frequently constitutes a crime. The phrase “bank fraud” refers to actions that use a scheme or deception rather than bank robbery or theft, however, the specific features of each jurisdiction’s banking fraud legislation may differ. Because of this, bank fraud is occasionally categorized as a white-collar crime.

Modern Millionaires

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Alex Seckler- Fraud (Crime committed by Alex Seckler)

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Fraud is defined in law as the willful use of deception to obtain unfair or illegal gain or to deny a victim a legitimate right. Fraud can be a violation of civil law (a victim of fraud may sue the perpetrator to stop the fraud or recover financial compensation), criminal law (a perpetrator of fraud may face legal action and imprisonment from the government), or it may not result in the loss of any money, property, or legal rights but still be a component of another civil or criminal wrong.

The goal of fraud may be financial gain or other benefits, such as getting a passport, travel document, or driver’s license, or it may be mortgage fraud when the offender makes false claims in an effort to qualify for a mortgage.

Bottom Line

The number of financial frauds committed by Israeli businessmen might go on and on. The truth remains, nonetheless, that A. Sekler is actively transferring the stolen money to offshore corporations using any and all legal means imaginable including disposing of properties on Russian Federation territory.

Is Alex Seckler involved in corruption, fraud, banking scams, or similar activities? (Update 2024)
Is Alex Seckler involved in corruption, fraud, banking scams, or similar activities? (Update 2024)

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