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Allure Esthetic – Discriminating Against Clients Review 2024

Would you go to a surgeon who discriminates against his clients? If not, then you should avoid Allure Esthetic by Dr. Javad Sajan. 

Many reviews share that he discriminates against people based on their weight and gender. He doesn’t even offer his services to some people because of these reasons. 

He would want you to think he’s a genius surgeon but his reviews say that he wastes time and botches procedures.  

It’s important to know if a surgeon is good or not. For example, Dr. Praful Ramineni at District Plastic Surgery is notorious for leaving his clients disfigured and then ignoring them when they complain. 

That’s why I thought it was necessary to share the following Allure Esthetic reviews. You should know how Dr. Sajan’s patients actually think about him. Reading the following reviews will also help you figure out how he forces people to add positive reviews on him. 

Javad A. Sajan, M.D Wiki: Allure Esthetic, Realself, Wife, Education, False Claims, Questionable Tactics, & More

Dr. Javad Sajan runs Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery in Seattle, Washington. His clinic is located at 600 Broadway #320, Seattle, WA 98122, US and their contact number is 206-209-0988. Allure Esthetic opens from 8 AM to 9 PM on weekdays (Monday to Friday). 

Additional Allure Esthetic locations are: 

  • Bellevue
  • Kirkland
  • Tacoma
  • Portland

Dr. Javad Sajan wife is Sabrina Sajan. They have a travel blog called Javad & Sabrina where they post about their experiences online. According to his clinic’s website, Dr. Sajan has performed thousands of plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures and has created new software and technology for the sector. 

He also claims that he is dedicated to serving every patient’s individual needs and desires. 

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Dr. Sajan received his medical degree from Medical College of Wisconsin. He is the sole doctor at Allure Esthetic. The CEO of this clinic is Javad’s wife, Dr. Sabrina Sajan while the COO is Gricelda. 

Dr. Sajan has created a web series called realdrseattle. He also hosts the Plastic Surgeon Podcast and his social media handle on Tiktok and Instagram is @realdrseattle. 

Allure Esthetic prices are quite exorbitant, here is a price list for some popular procedures to give you an idea:

  • Facelift: $11,995
  • Brow lift: $5,995
  • Breast lift: $8,995
  • Standard tummy tuck: $7,485
  • Gluteal implants: $12,995
  • Fat transfer to face: $4,995

To some people, these prices might seem reasonable. But when you look at the various Allure Esthetic reviews, you’ll realize that Dr. Sajan is asking a little too much for his expertise and skills. 

According to his own clients, Dr. Sajan is not that great of a doctor. The various Allure Esthetic reviews say that he discrimantes against trans people even though his clinic offers transgender services. 

He is involved in a lawsuit at the moment. More details on that below.

Dr. Sajan Lawsuit:

Javad Sajan filed a lawsuit against Sara Smith in December 2019 in Santa Clara County Superior Courts, Downtown Superior Court. This case is still pending. The lawyer representing him in this Dr. Sajan lawsuit is Andew Olmsted.

There isn’t much information available on this case as it’s still pending. You might need to wait for a few months to get an update on this lawsuit. 

Here are the details of Dr. Sajan lawsuit:

Allure Esthetic review

Dr. Javad Sajan Wouldn’t Refund $1250 when the Client Can’t Proceed with the Surgery

Allure Esthetic review

The reviewer was having severe chest, neck and back spasms so they saw a doctor. Their doctor gave them a signed document saying that they can’t proceed with the elective surgery. 

Even with a signed document saying that the reviewer can’t get the surgery, Allure Esthetic refused to refund their $1250. Moreover, the reviewer had cancelled their appointment within 90 days but the clinic refused to refund the deposit and the PPE. 

Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery is a Joke, Botched Non-surgical BBL

Allure Esthetic review

The reviewer shares that Dr. Sajan doesn’t perform a proper non-surgical BBL. She had paid $15,000 for the procedure but received no results whatsoever. The reviewer suggests other consumers to go someplace else and avoid this clinic completely. This is one of the numerous Allure Esthetic reviews that say you should avoid going to Javad’s clinic because of their lack of expertise and professionalism. 

Dr. Javad Sajan Makes Fun of His Clients Behind Their Back

Allure Esthetic review

Lily shares that Dr. Sajan treated her very rudely. Later, she found out that he was making fun of her behind her back. Moreover, she discovered that he regularly makes fun of his clients and complains that he is making money off of being a bully. 

Dr. Javad Sajan is Fatphobic, Insults the Client and Made Her Cry (Elite Reviewer)

Allure Esthetic review

Victoria doesn’t recommend Dr. Javad Sajan. She shares that he is a money-hungry and extremely fatphobic guy. She went in for a surgery consultation and he looked at her weight and expressed little interest. He said “but thanks for coming” and then took her in the examination room to scrutinize her further. 

In the exam later, he told her that she was not a suitable candidate for surgery. Note that Victoria had gone to his clinic to get a fat transfer. She walked out of that place crying and says that she would give this place zero stars if she could. 

The reviewer has shared her experience on other platforms as well:

Allure Esthetic review

Allure Esthetic Wants Your Money Before You Even Step a Foot Into the Facility, Wanted the Client to Pay $1200 for Booking an Appointment

Allure Esthetic review

The reviewer had called this clinic to make an appointment for a microneedling session and the clinic told them that they will need to give them their credit card information. Apparently, this plastic surgery clinic doesn’t book an appointment or even hold a spot without getting your credit card info. 

The reviewer booked an appointment by giving them the necessary information and thought everything was fine. Moreover, they planned to get 3 microneedling sessions but then they received a text message telling them to contact the clinic. 

When the reviewer called the clinic, they told them that they needed to pay $1200 for the microneedling sessions a full week before the appointment. 

Note that the reviewer hadn’t filled out any paperwork or received any consultation. The clinic had told them that they needed a consultation to determine if they were a suitable candidate or not. 

They share that the customer service at this clinic isn’t good and money is the only thing they care about. 

Dr. Javad Sajan Offered the Client $500 to Take Down the Review

Allure Esthetic review

Erin had booked a consultation and treatment for dermal fillers. She waited for an entire month to get the appointment. But 5 minutes into her appointment, the PA told her that she wouldn’t have time for her treatment because she was 11 minutes late.

The PA didn’t make any time for the treatment because it interfered with another patient’s appointment. In other words, the clinic made Erin wait for a month only to cancel her appointment because she was 11 minutes late.

Her next scheduled appointment was a month away. 

She later added an update on her review. Turns out, Allure Esthetic had contacted her with an offer to pay $500 if she took down her review. 

As you’ll read more Allure Esthetic reviews you’ll find that it’s a common tactic Dr. Sajan uses. It’s a dirty and cheap way to manipulate the ratings on his clinic’s third-party profiles. Many medical professionals think it’s okay to use unethical tactics. For example, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a transphobic surgeon who uses paid PR to bury her complaints. 

Staff Gives Wrong Dosage of Dysport, Doesn’t Accept its Fault and Starts Arguing with the Client

Allure Esthetic review

Heather shares that she had an extremely disturbing experience at this place with two nurse injectors – Lynda and Angela. 

She is a seasoned Botox user and has used it for 13 years consistently. So, she knows when an injection procedure isn’t done properly. 

Her first experience was with Lynda. She injected Heather with Dysport and used 90 units in her forehead and between her brows. Lynda told her that she probably didn’t use enough Dysport between her brows and if she wants, she can come in for a retouch in 2 weeks. 

Heather points out that her forehead was frozen after 2 weeks but there was more movement between her eyebrows than she wanted. So, she emailed the clinic for an appointment and got one a week later. 

She had to drive for 30 minutes to get the retouch. But Lynda behaved very rudely during this visit. She pushed with her fingers between Heather’s brows and told her to scowl. Obviously, Heather couldn’t do that because Lynda was holding her eyebrow muscles. 

Still, Lynda said that Heather didn’t need any touch up because nothing was moving. Heather adds that she had video proof but she didn’t bring it up. Lynda also claimed that because Heather’s muscles were different because she is caucasian. 

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The reviewer says that she didn’t want to go back there but thought to give them another try. This time she had Dysport with Angela. Angela was very professional and Heather pointed out her concerns, she increased the amount to 105 units. This was the perfect dosage and gave the right results.

Heather’s third visit was with Lynda and she told her to do the same thing Angela did. But she refused. Lynda asked her to pay $395 which was more than what she paid in her last visit. 

When Heather asked why the price had increased, Lynda pointed out that she needed 120 units of Dysport, a considerably larger amount than the last time. 

It was a painful experience for Heather. You can find this review on the Allure Esthetic Yelp page.

Dr. Javad Sajan is Anti-nonbinary and Fatphobic (Elite Reviewer)

Allure Esthetic review

Although this complaint only has two words, it was worth mentioning because the poster is a Local Guide on Google. They have added 81 reviews on Google and 187 photos meaning they add reviews actively. Still, they added such a review so you can understand how frustrating and disappointing their experience must have been. 

There are many complaints highlighting that Dr. Sajan discriminates against people based on their gender. This is surprising becuase he offers transgender services in his clinics. 

In other words, he likes trans people as long as they pay him. 

More Allure Esthetic Reviews Dr. Sajan Might Take Down Through Bribery:

Allure Esthetic Offers a Refund (Bribe) When You Post Your Complaint and Makes You Sign a Waiver Document so You Can’t Complain Again

Allure Esthetic review

Shannon has shared her experience on other platforms too:

Allure Esthetic review

Client Drove 3 Hours to Get to the Clinic, They Cancelled Her Appointment

Allure Esthetic review

Harassing an Old Lady Through Unsolicited Emails, Ignore Her Request

Allure Esthetic review

Allure Esthetic Threatens the Client to Take Down their Complaint 

Allure Esthetic review

Dr. Sajan will Take Your $100 Only to Refer You to One of His Many Other Clinics

Allure Esthetic review

Spent 2 Hours to Get to the Interview, Asked Questions that Could’ve been Asked Over the Phone

wBZwsje50txy5FxGFJ3ncGoF rMILYwtPvc3megfrzCkWoyXeGQ9MxK49cY3LKjAVuQWatgTNl AMB5f8opvFYfnrEVYIEaGLtFU5ezih0ZgYuhmAz2Zw5ZrdJiQdwCLwG9ADT1d=s0

Client’s Cashier Check had a Minor Issue, Allure Esthetic Called the Police

oQ5IlaYfAXTFlRLnWnN06ryIOpQui5MQkslEg efEcEy3 aGSN68bphWUj9gUKqRlWfo0s8HhuQqgwpnv527z67xmxduQ3cMrgZvtbjO1deGD5DpvXosT

Dr. Sajan doesn’t Provide Services to Trans People

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Dr. Javad Sajan is a Misogynist

EYUE56m4HmyAOLQMb9SBZn Sc1pSD6T yFfF s7a7DdlLIhPP2HaB64Rx5nE9F

Paid a lot of the Consultation, Dr. Sajan wouldn’t even Shake the Client’s Hand

BakbKuusSiFObgzsxsatFkqRYX8 oVOWI7uIRvWGl265qCShreEYcgatFuExklksyshPxSsnb8bE2o uat23Wy2T3ghpab0ea by pFqBq5U7HiEY1vJWAl4 o6j f0eOC2CQ3K=s0

Dr. Sajan Was 40 Minutes Late to the Appointment

tNYLtWaygGdhruP5hR2eW5B6Pe75MwXv9ke 63ayYdyMNYaFcs4SQNkmDfZXhPjKEejOCM1hyZhozo9oqQj CnKy0Sb8MViO0e3RRvVS4q6wuvoYBJoys paPokzWYd9QtzeA0fO=s0

Allure Esthetic Started Threatening the Client for Sharing Her Complaint Online

Piizt7JSW1aREq LHafBJhu238pNkYZ0em9TNP3Mp5jC1vzwrVdeibRin7hNVPjEoJWfWckvlAvQBslEFLd1XlWO7mKXrGh6Y15Xk2MuFvAMcNfpziS8K8v2Fybkp597oUX2FWIM=s0

Booked an Appointment with Dr. Sajan, A Nurse Performed the Procedure and Botched It

BEc9X56DeWuMYrKU ikP9EH5LwhsFyXHgVM L4U1DiU BcIZdtTpI9eJ6m1PwBJ1FSFv0tbZvd9Tod0NmElxIjbCs2afEDR6H0zM5p4fg 4JfnJ9XdrdnijqO1wOlkDSsUNJow5o=s0

Consultation Fee is Too High, Clinic Sends Frequent Email Ads Once They Get Your Email

Iv P8eVI4ov318xV3rLGV4T4tpFxdnBqc4dybX7YWZYbkx3ccb9RURhDjqDTcoV 2WDTwDIlYzWxPuG5ej NIc d Idf29Amqr39bvVlAMkwYaAoh 5FgbytE4tsg1FhVf50 ilp=s0

Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery Prices are High, But the Results are Disappointing

13MLRKcqlJJy0nGKPJQvHDPQeN8tw hBdfoJAi ldFppNA4pG4iCVBNO4SshJdvYCM3HIAOuUiWUpOAFrkosRd43fPzvGL03 WiBk8DAbg6CvHrwVuWreCc5gGX5N9W5Pyb1ZJc =s0

There’s No Courtesy or Professionalism at Allure Esthetic 


Verdict: Avoid Allure Esthetic (By Javad A. Sajan, M.D)

It’s clear that you can’t trust Allure Esthetic. Dr. Javad Sajan is running a dangerous clinic and doesn’t care much about his clients. What’s worse is he is fatphobic and transphobic. The guy discriminates against his patients and no person deserves that. 

Dr. Javad Sajan might be very successful but it seems he lacks humanity and compassion, two of the most important qualities you’d look for in any plastic surgeon. He doesn’t respect his clients and if you’re 5 minutes late because you had to drive for 3 hours to reach his clinic, he will cancel your appointment. 

All of this suggests that you should find a different plastic surgeon in Seattle.

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Allure Esthetic isn't worth it

Dr. Sajan is running an unethical and immoral practice. He has botched a ton of surgical procedures and avoids taking any responsibility. Moreover, he tries to distract consumers from these instances through his web series and social media posts. Beware!

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