Chan Shung Fai (Chen Chonghui) – Family Disputes & More

Chen Jinhua, a notable rural leader in the New Territories, started a family feud in 2018. 

He published a front-page notice in the newspaper and announced that he had cut ties with Chan Shung Fai (Chen Chonghui). Chen Jinhua called him the “unholy eldest son”. 

Note that Chen Jinhua was the Taguling Rural Committee chairman and the head of Pingyang Village. 

In response, Chan Shung Fai aka Chen Chonghui said that his father had actually abandoned his family for years and was putting pressure on his mother for money. 

Then, Chen Jinhua’s cousin replied by saying that Chen Jinhua had always cared about his family and supported his son’s lifestyle. 

At the time, many villagers believed that the drama was ensuing because of the elections for the township committee coming up in 2019. 

chan shung fai
An image of Chen Chonghui aka Chan Shung Fai

Chen Jinhua, the former chairman of the Pingyang Three Villages Affairs Committee, announced that he had “severed the father-son relationship with the unworthy eldest son Chen Chonghui aka Chan Shung Fai”. 

He added that Chen Chonghui aka Chan Shung Fai had no right to participate in his future life and burial. Furthermore, he said that the world should keep filial piety ahead in all walks of life. 

Why Chan Shung Fai Had a Dispute With His Father? Suspicions of Competition for the Daguling Land Project

The statement Chen Jinhua released did not explain why he severed ties with his “unholy eldest son” Chen Chonghui. 

However, a source said that the incident occured because of a power struggle in the family. They highlighted that the father and son of the Chen family had a good relationship in the early years. 

However, when Chen Chonghui aka Chan Shung Fai became the chairman of the Daguling Township Committee as well as the head of Pingyang Village in 2007, the relationship between Chen Jinhua and his mother degraded. 

Chan Shung Fai (Chen Chonghui) has always been closer to his mother and thus, gradually alienated from his father. 

Also, land acquisition kept happening in the Daguling area. So, the more land was acquired, the more sought-after it became. 

Some people started running their own businesses and schemes to gain control over the land deal. They struggled among themselves. 

Furthermore, the election of the township committee was also approaching so this family feud started breaking out. 

What Chan Shung Fai (Chen Chonghui) Said on the Incident:

Chen Chonghui told the media that he had no knowledge of his father’s statement beforehand. Also, he believed that the statement had no legal basis whatsoever so he was not worried. 

He said he felt helpless but also pointed out that it had no effect on him. 

Chen Chonghui aka Chan Shung Fai pointed out that his relationship with his father had always been normal. He pointed out that his mother had married from the mainland to Hong Kong and worked hard to raise 2 daughters and 2 sons. 

His parents divorced over a decade ago. Chan Shung Fai (Chen Chonghui) said that after that his father no longer took care of his family. 

Also, he pointed out that his parents had an asset dispute in 2017. He said his father has a wife (a woman in her 30s) in Shenzhen and she had a dispute with his mother about the family’s assets. 

During the dispute, Chan Shung Fai (Chen Chonghui) said that his father appeared in August and September, 2017, entered his mother’s house and opened the drain in front of the police. 

Did You Know?

Most of the family disputes are never brought to the court and resolved via other alternative dispute resolution methods, such as negotiation, mediation, or conciliation.

He highlighted that his father put pressure on him by releasing that statement. By using it, Chen Chonghui said that his father was forcing him to convince his mother to transfer his assets. 

Reports indicate that Chen Chonghui (Chan Shung Fai) and his mother live in different areas in the village. 

When the reporter visited Chen’s mother, a female relative answered the door. She said that she wouldn’t be staying there for the time being and was only responsible for looking after the house. The relative also pointed out that she was not involved in the dispute so she didn’t comment on it. 

What Chen Jinhua’s Cousin Said on the Matter:

Media also talked to Chen Jinhua’s 58-year old cousin, Luo. She said that after the divorce, Chen Jinhua has been living in the same house with his wife. However, they lived in 2 different sections of a connected house. 

They were living in peace with each other but it deteriorated 2-3 years ago before this dispute when Chen Jinhua’s ex-wife banned him from entering the house. 

The cousin said that she went with Chen Jinhua to the house in September 2017 but his ex-wife called the police. Later, Chen tried to enter the house with a lawyer but ended up calling the police. 

Since then, he was unable to visit the house. 

The cousin also highlighted that Chen Jinhua had accompanied Chan Shung Fai during his studies in the UK and had been supportive of all his living requirements. Later, when he started a business there, Chen Jinhua gave him a deposit of more than 200 million pounds. 

Chen Jinhua’s cousin also said that he met his new wife after the divorce. They now have a 10-year old son. 

The new wife had no knowledge of her husband’s issued statement. When she found out, she even convinced him to stay patient. 

Chan Shung Fai is Notorious As a Rural Leader:

Chan Shung Fai aka chen chonghui

In 2019, Chan Shung Fai aka Chen Chonghui appeared in headlines when a Post study revealed that he was among the most “meetings skipped” rural leaders. 

The Post found that Chan Shung Fai aka Chen Chonghui had missed more than half of his sessions and only spent 4 minutes at one meeting by arriving an hour late. 


His laziness sparked controversy and many people thought it was an abuse of the HK$30,000 pay he was receiving. Frank Chan Shung Fai had only attended 9 out of 19 meetings and had left early on 3 occasions.

Hence, it’s very difficult to trust his side of the story. After all, he doesn’t seem to care much about his people.

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Chen Chonghui aka Frank Chan Shung Fai has been in multiple controversies recently. He had a dispute with his father after the latter disowned him, calling him an “unholy eldest son”. Chen has also been absent in most of the meetings as a rural leader.

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