Dattoli Cancer Center – Fraud, Arrest, Fake Reviews

Dattoli Cancer Center was in headlines recently as its owner, Dr Michael Dattoli was arrested for prescription fraud. 

The Sarasota Police Department arrested the founder of Dattoli Cancer Center in December 2021. Michael faced multiple charges of obtaining a controlled substance through fraud, false and fraudulent insurance claims and criminal use of personal identification information. 

In August 2021, Sarasota police officers had some discussions with the Pharmaceutical Diversion Unit of Sarasota County Sheriff’s office. They talked about a 2020 prescription fraud case.

Dr Michael Dattoli

An ex-employee of Dattoli Cancer Center was a prominent part of that case. 

The investigators told Sarasota police about how 2 Sarasota pharmacies had filled prescriptions for Valium, a controlled substance, 3 times under the name of Mrs. Dattoli (the wife of Michael Dattoli). 

Dattoli’s ex-employee was the victim who worked at Dattoli Cancer Center for around 5 years. The victim told the police that he noticed that the clinic had written multiple fraudulent prescriptions in 2020. He made the discovery when he was checking the database in September 2021. 

Moreover, he noticed that Dattoli Cancer Center had written 3 fraudulent prescriptions to Dr. Michael’s wife. But she had never been a patient of the place. 

Later, Mrs. Dattoli told police she had never been a patient of the cancer clinic. Furthermore, she had never taken the medications they were talking about. 

Also, the police found bank accounts and Florida Blue insurance accounts which Michael may have used for the alleged fraudulent prescriptions. 

The authorities charged him with 3 counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, 3 counts of insurance fraud and 3 counts of criminal use of personal identification information.

More About Dattoli Cancer Center & Brachytherapy Research Institute:

Dattoli Cancer Center & Brachytherapy Research Institute is a cancer treatment institute clinic in Sarasota, Florida. 

Its address is 2803 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, FL 34227. Similarly, their contact number is 941-957-1221.

The founder and owner of this clinic is Dr. Michael Dattoli. 

He has practiced at New York Hospital – Cornell University Medical Center and at Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center before moving to Florida. 

Also, he serves on several journal editorial review boards. Michael Dattoli has also served on government advisory boards. 

In court, he pleaded not guilty to the various charges. Sarasota police said that there might be plenty of more victims as well. 

The cancer clinic offers treatment services for multiple cancer types including breast cancer, prostate cancer and others.

Multiple Dattoli Cancer Center Complaints Highlighting Michael Dattoli’s Unprofessionalism:

When I looked up Dattoli Cancer Center reviews, I found a ton of complaints against the clinic. Here are some of them. 

“Dattoli Cancer Center Treats You Like Cattle”

Dattoli Cancer Center reviews

Amy says the clinic treats you like a king before you sign up. As soon as you start treatment, they start treating you like cattle. 

Amy says you should be ready to beg just so you can speak to nurses. The clinic will change your appointments suddenly when you are there. Moreover, you would rarely see your doctor during the treatment and face a lot of rude behavior from the front desk. 

Amy highlights that the clinic even calls its internal waiting room “The Hold”. She doesn’t recommend going to Dattoli Cancer Center.

Dr. Michael Dattoli Doesn’t See His Patients Properly

Dattoli Cancer Center reviews

Here, the patient highlights that the clinic has no regard for its cancer patients. 

He points out that he went through all of the treatments and never missed an appointment. Yet, he is facing problems in rescheduling his ‘final’ follow up. 

The clinic had rescheduled the reviewer’s final follow up and when he requests, they refuse. 

When the reviewer requested to reschedule his appointment from October to September. However, the clinic tells him that the first opening isn’t available until March of next year. 

If the doctor in charge can’t see cancer patients for 6-7 months then it could cause a lot of problems. Also, the reviewer points out that the person he talked to on the phone was extremely rude. 

It was almost as if she was reading from a script. 

The reviewer says Dattoli Cancer Center doesn’t treat its patients properly. 

Trying to Bury Complaints? Suspiciously Fake Dattoli Cancer Center Reviews:

While I was looking at the Dattoli Cancer Center reviews available on Yelp, I noticed the following section: 

Dattoli Cancer Center reviews

Yelp has flagged 8 reviews on this cancer clinic as “Not recommended”. The major review platform uses sophisticated AI and ML algorithms to identify fake reviews and flags the suspicious ones as “Not recommended”. 

As you can see, it has flagged many reviews on Dattoli Cancer Center as fake:

Dattoli Cancer Center complaints

Clearly, instead of addressing the issues highlighted by his patients, Michael Dattoli relies on using unethical marketing tactics.

He tried to bury the complaints of his patients. Luckily, Yelp was able to identify most of them and flag them as fake. 

However, it’s possible that some of his fake reviews made it through and are helping him deceive others. 

Moreover, it suggests that he might have posted fake reviews on other platforms as well. 

It’s quite common among scammers and shady businesses to post fake reviews to boost their credibility. Ariel Ourian MD is a Beverly Hills doctor who has posted a ton of fake reviews to seem reliable. 

Similarly, Dr Steven J White is a Dallas-based surgeon who has received complaints for botching too many surgeries. He uses this tactic to distract potential customers.

Here, Dattoli Cancer Center has posted fake reviews to bury the numerous complaints it has received. 


Facing charges of prescription fraud and insurance fraud is no small matter. It’s obvious that the doctor running the Dattoli Cancer Center is not a reliable professional. 

Furthermore, Michael is using unethical marketing tactics to bury the numerous complaints his clinic has received. 

All of this suggests you should find a different cancer clinic and avoid dealing with this place.

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The man running Dattoli Cancer Center went to jail last year for prescription fraud and insurance fraud. Moreover, he tries to bury the numerous complaints his clinic has received by using unethical marketing tactics.

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