Dr. Eric Berg – Scammer Defrauding Thousands

Dr. Eric Berg

In a country where majority of people suffer from obesity and other weight related conditions, a person who offers a solution to such, by giving frequent advices on diet is just what Americans need. A person who will ‘sell’ hope to Americans by giving them knowledge on healthy living and effective weight loss strategies. And who else can do this other than a person whose name has a prefix “Dr”? Someone who will indeed come and treat Americans of all weight related complications and his or her practice will be different and safe from what other health professionals are doing.

This person is none other than Dr. Eric Berg, founder and owner of Health and Wellness center in Alexandria, Virginia. And just so you would not confuse him with someone else, Dr. Eric Berg has his photo, an animated version, as the logo for his business name. Whether or not this is professional is subject to debate.

Who is Dr. Eric Berg?


“The Knowledge Doc” is the slogan used to describe Dr. Eric Berg on his logo, clearly standing out in the Health and Wellness website. And true to this, he has for many years now offered advices and teachings on good living, focusing or change in diet to Keto foods and reducing carbohydrates and wheat. With over 4 million subscribers on YouTube, Dr. Eric Berg is a professional Chiropractor, with over twenty years of experience. Yes, even with all the hype he stumps on the social media, he is not a medical doctor, as most people perceive, but a trained Chiropractor. From a case posted in quackwatch.org, his license number is quoted as License No.: 0104-001851, and he is allowed to practice in the commonwealth of Virginia. https://quackwatch.org/cases/board/chiro/berg/

At the age of 55, Dr. Eric Berg has over 4000 videos on his YouTube page and he teaches on healthy living through change in diet. From his teachings, he claims that the cure to all diseases is through good eating habits and puts more focus on Keto diet with minimal carbs and wheat. Whether or not he provides this information to the public domain for his own selfish gain or for the benefit of others, is still subject to debate because in as much as he claims to change the lives of people through knowledge, he also ‘sells’ this knowledge for monetary gains. In the Health and Wellness company website, which he is the founder, Dr. Eric Berg has books and digital content which he sells. In addition, he has various products, which are food supplements that include vitamins and minerals.

At his Health and Wellness center in Virginia, Dr. Eric Berg claims to offer free consultation services, but from several reviews on yelp, this is just a way to lure clients into buying his products and enrolling into his wellness programs.

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Is Dr. Eric Berg a Real Doctor?  

Is Dr. Berg a Quack?

Superficially one would think that anyone who holds the title “Dr”, and who consistently talks about health matters is a trained medical doctor. Well that is not the case for Dr. Eric Berg. In RationalWiki website, https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Eric_Berg, Dr. Berg is portrayed as a Chiropractor and this has been identified in several articles online, with his practicing license number being 0104-001851. Despite not being a medical Doctor, he portrays himself to be one and lures many people into thinking the same. In several instances, he tries to explain some anatomical and physiological concepts in the human body. Dr. Leonardo Venas, a medical doctor in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pnix75yLXqE points out that some of the information that Dr. Eric Berg explains in his videos is not grounded on true medical practice. In addition, Dr. Eric Berg puts a disclaimer on his Health and Wellness company website as follows;

“The dietary and other substances, and/or materials, equipment or devices discussed on this site may not have undergone evaluation and/or testing by the United States Food and Drug Administration or like agency of any other country. Risks that might be determined by such testing are unknown” (https://shop.drberg.com/). 

Such a disclaimer on his website would really raise a lot of questions concerning the effectiveness of the products that he sells and even the services he offers.

Do Dr. Eric Bergs Videos make sense scientifically?

Dr. Eric Berg has over 2000 videos in his YouTube channel, where he explains various concepts about health diet and his focus in mainly on Keto diet. One major characteristic about his videos is that he uses simple illustrations that can be easily understood by any layperson, who has no prior knowledge in the medical field. Most critics however have said that Dr Eric Berg’s videos are biased and that most of them are based on mere beliefs and not on scientific research.

For instance, Dr. Leonardo, a medical doctor, criticizes Berg’s remarks about Insulin in one of his videos.

Eric Berg getting exposed

Berg claims that insulin in people with type two diabetes is what causes complications such as nephropathy, neuropathy, and end organ damage and hence should not be used as a treatment option. This according to Dr. Leonardo contradicts scientific studies, which have shown that these complications arise from progressive micro vascular damage resulting from excess blood glucose levels and not from insulin. In the another video, Berg claims that he has no confidence in scientists who depend on observational research for facts. Dr. Leonardo argues that for a scientist, observational research is paramount especially in studies where it is not possible to get ethical approval like most cancer research studies.

Dr. Eric Berg’s videos have been identified as unscientific in nature and most professional bodies have gone out in public to deny some of the claims made in his videos. For instance, In one video, Berg explains that theory of “adrenal fatigue”, which he claims is the main cause of diseases (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Mywjn9lT5k). This theory has been criticized by most endocrinology societies, and termed unscientific (http://www.sheilakealey.com/nutrition-experts-shouldnt-trust-2/).

Violation of Professional Ethics

Disciplinary Action against Eric Berg

Just like any other profession, the practice of Chiropractors is regulated by governing bodies and one such body is the Virginia Board of Medicine. As a qualified and licensed Chiropractor, Dr. Eric Berg ought to follow all that the board requires as per specifications of practice. This has however not been the case. In 2008, Dr. Berg faced a disciplinary action by the board whereby he was fined $1500 and subjected to several orders that spoilt his reputation. The main reason for this was that he took part in some irrational practices, which were against his professional scope.

According to the case, posted in (https://quackwatch.org/cases/board/chiro/berg/), Berg practiced four techniques, which according to the Virginia Board of Medicine, was not in the scope of practice for Chiropractors. This included; The Body Restoration Technique (“BRT”), Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique(NAET), Contact Reflex Analysis (“CRA”) and Acoustic Cardiograph (” ACG”). In addition to this, Dr. Eric Berg violated various practices such as those of good patient record keeping and failure to take patient’s medication history.

While the whole world is trying to control the Covid 19 global pandemic, Berg has definitely not been left out and a video which he published shows his sentiments about Covid 19 and how individuals should respond. In the 5min video, Berg explains that Covid 19 has mainly affected the elderly especially those with chronic diseases. He later on suggests that the only way to gain immunity from contracting Covid 19 is eat foods that will help build your immunity. While this is true, Berg does not mention the importance of Vaccines as a strategy to overcome the pandemic.

This was intentional as in the past Dr. Eric Berg has proved to be against vaccinations. He claims that vaccines bring more harm to individuals and contribute to severity of diseases rather than reduction (https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Eric_Berg). Berg has publically declared that he is part of the anti-vaccination movement, and by doing this, he goes against his professional ethics by denying scientific evidences related to vaccines.

Berg the Scientology “Bug”

Relations with scientology

One of the greatest supporters to someone’s achievements should be his or her family. However Dr. Eric Berg’s acts have been criticized even by his own family, with his son being on the front line in confessing that his Dad is a scientologist and that he makes frequent contributions towards this course. In an article on Rationalwiki.org, Ian Rafalko, Berg’s son said that his Dad, was a scientiologist with a rank of OT 8 and had contributed over $7 million towards this rather skeptical group (https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Eric_Berg).

Dr. Eric Berg has over the years rejected his association with Scientologist and whether his son’s sentiments were true or not is just another mystery among many that revolve in the life of Berg. The son also claimed that the profit margins realized by his Dad from the sale of his products were a lot and Berg has not accounted for most of these funds.

Business Fraud

Bad reviews on Dr. Eric Berg

Although most of business fraud cases involving Berg have not been legally reported or posted on the public domain, a number of clients have expressed their negative remarks through bad Google and Yelp reviews. A number of them as seen in (https://www.yelp.com/biz/health-and-wellness-center-alexandria-3), complain that they did not receive good services from the Health and Wellness center. Most of them said that the products they ordered were either not delivered in full or delivered in bad state.

These customers in addition said that their efforts to get a refund from the company was not successful and most of them had to seek legal means to get a refund of their money. One such client explains that he had to go through a lot in order to get a refund and from then he could not trust Berg’s services anymore (http://drericbergscam.blogspot.com/2016/08/dr-eric-berg-scammer-read-this-before.html?m=1). From the main Health and Wellness website, there is no provision of “return money guarantee” which is available in most online shopping platforms.

Whether or not Dr. Eric Berg’s products are effective or not is a 50-50 chance and guess who knows that? Yes! Dr. Berg himself. On the Health and Wellness center website, the following disclaimer appears at the bottom of the page. While the other details in the website are clear, this disclaimer is in smaller font and not easily visible. The reason for this disclaimer is that no complains can be made by clients who use the products on grounds that they are not effective. This disclaimer therefore raises a lot of questions on if Dr. Berg’s theory is genuine or is he using humans as Guinea pigs to prove a point.


Plagiarism and false misinterpretation


Plagiarism is the worst form of crime in the scientific research world and every researcher has the responsibility to acknowledge information he or she uses from other researchers. Unfortunately, Dr. Eric Berg has been linked to plagiarism claims following a video he published on YouTube in 2020. In this video, Berg uses information from an article by Chris Kresser’s and fails to acknowledge him in the video. This was plagiarism and Dr. Berg received credit on efforts done by another person. In addition, Dr. Berg misinterpreted the information in the article by explaining the conversion of beta carotene to retinol, while in real sense, the article only talked about bioavailability of beta carotene (https://libredd.it/r/keto/comments/k3a40l/popular_keto_youtuber_dr_eric_berg_is_a_fraud/).

5.3 Total Score

This review suggests that Dr. Eric Berg has a lot of influence on many Americans especially the ones having concerns about their weight and lifestyle. While some people have given positive and good rating reviews on Yelp and Google, on the usefulness of his videos, many have also criticized his practice and this has led to many ethical concerns. Enough evidence exists on the public domain to show the good, the bad and the ugly side of Dr. Eric Berg and from this, a person can clearly decide on which side to cling to concerning Berg’s reputation. This review is based on available sources and is open to critique and is not in any way meant to spoil the reputation of Dr. Eric Berg, but to understand the general public opinion about his profession.

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  1. 5
    Customer Service

    This is propaganda from the medical industry that loves to sell you drugs.

    + PROS: This guy is legit or the drug industrial complex wouldn't be going after him
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  2. 4
    Customer Service

    whether you like him or not i do believe my own testimony of just 3 days of fasting which he recommeded practically solved a majority of my problems i feel great and have regained my energy

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  3. 5
    Customer Service

    Very saddened to read this scathing review of Dr Berg. Unfortunately everyone still believes the governments assessment of what good health is and how it is achieved and yet the world is getting fatter and sicker, more diabetes, mores cancer……clearly nonsense….allowing big pharma to benefit. Following breast cancer I discovered Dr Berg and follow a ketogenic diet. This was 5 years ago. My health has never been better – I am in remission, lost 4stone weight and sustained the weight loss, no longer have the symptoms of pre diabetes, the postural hypotension, the insomnia, the urticaria…..etc…etc.etc that I used to have. My skin is clean and I have energy. I do use his keto principles and have made some of his recipes and they are good. That is all I can say….. I am a Nurse and nurse prescriber and I previously did not believe or understand all of this but the proof is in the pudding… Recently bought his supplement for my husband without issue. Stop slating Dr Berg please…

    + PROS: Sharing very many principles of good health for free!! His methods do work and are sustainable with effort I am afraid - cannot be lazy
    - CONS: None that I am aware of...
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  4. Thanks for this review. Keto diets high in animal-based foods are shown in multiple studies to have short term weight loss effects but negative intermediate and long term health effects. Several RCTs show that high consumption of animal products cause increased risk of CVD, colorectal, breast, and prostate cancer, along with others. Please for your own sake people, look this up!

    My aunt follows Berg now and has had more health issues and weight gain after switching from a plant-based diet to a keto-diet. While on the plant-based diet, she was doing really well, lost weight and felt better than she had in a long time. She’s had cancer twice and has always been skeptical of vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately she tends to fall for these types of salesman quacks and has spent a substancial amount of money on his products and other random health products not scientifically proven. She’s always bouncing around looking for new lifestyles. As she moved from plant-based to keto, she’s going downhill with high cholesterol and random pains, digestive issues, and weight gain, but swears she’s committed to Berg’s suggestions for now. It’s so weird to me how she knows she doesn’t feel better but continues. Dr Berg’s followers follow him unconditionally though. They tend to be anti-establishment and some are anti-science.

    I also am skeptical of many things I’ve been told by typical health media and I don’t trust the mainstream health organizations since they are tainted by corporate food and pharmaceutical companies. I went plant-based eight years ago because of this and now follow The Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine. Much more based on science than this chiropractor Berg. Whole-food plant-based is excellent!

    • Ian, I think your Aunt needs to re-watch some of the videos. While Dr. Berg does recommend eating Salmon & hamburger, his top recommendations are cruciferous vegetables, sauerkraut, arugula, pecans, olive oil in other words a ton of vegetables. Per Dr. Berg and others, your diet should not be more than 25% protein. If your aunt was on a plant based program and happy, why did she switch? I honestly think yours is a “hit” piece. While I independently think and choose what I take from Dr. Berg’s videos, overall I think his information is pretty good. I’m not a doctor, but someone who has worked out my entire life and continues to battle weight gain. Therefore, I’ve read a ton of information on the subject and find Dr. Berg not only speaks to the subject of how to improve health, but also the “why” things work. You can always research on your own. There are many people who are anti-vaccination. I’m not necessarily one of them, but I don’t discount people’s opinions based on that. There are many questions about vaccinations, particularly the Covid 19 vacs. While I’m vaccinated and boosted, I myself have questions and went for the “lessor of two evils”. I’ve researched mRNA, the vax I took, and after that felt comfortable enough. However, many are not comfortable with it including many MD’s.

  5. If dr Berg is a crook i wonder what the rest of the other M.D quacks are???
    Slandering somebody’s reputation doesn’t make it true.
    Accusing him for being a religious person is further proof of bigotism.
    As far as it can be noted, the religious people are far less responsible for crimes against humanity compared to the non-religious.
    Better yet, the advice he gives is free and sound and that’s why it upsets the quacks because they can’t sell their poisons to healthier people.

  6. The haters are always going to hate. Dr Berg promotes health and well being, a naturopathic approach, big pharma will want to shut him up…could this also be His son’s work ? A recent tick tock video suggested he had a big fight and is now ripping him apart on social media, he always label’s him as a fake and a scammer ???

  7. 4.35
    Customer Service


    - CONS: liar wrote the above
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  8. I’d rather take Dr Berg’s advice than any of my doctors who only push medication. In fact my cardiologist told me I don’t need CoQ10 when I know I do. He does not push his supplements and if he is a Scientologist, that is his business. His son is very disrespectful to his father. I will continue to listen to Dr Berg. He has helped me reverse diabetes!

    • Quite the contrary.

      After using several of his formulations totaling nearly $300 I had zero effect from any of them and they refuse to take back the products.

      The claims were false and the customer service and response was even worse.

      I never saw a penny back. I just didn’t get an attorney

      • Dr Berg is far from a quack or crook. I am an engineer and attorney who works in this field and others and his research stacks up to my own but he goes much further and has great helpful videos on every angle. Shame on anyone that tries to disparage him for not being an MD. MDs are trained to perform surgery and prescribe pharmaceuticals. They know very little about nutrition and they could care less. The typical “diet” they suggest is the “low fat” diet that has caused so much obesity, diabetes, heart disease and dementia over the last 50+ years since they invented it for their own financial gain. And they have been disparaging chiropractors (and optometrists) as quacks for over 100 years and even been found guilty of antitrust for doing this (look it up). I can assure you that your local chiropractor likely knows far more about nutrition and prevention as they typically have a holistic bias and training. And I can guarantee you that Dr Berg has far more knowledge than most MDs on nutrition and preventive health. The exceptions would be functional health doctors and they basically give the same advice as Dr Berg. Following their advice I am in excellent health. I have no fat, am 56 but look 36, and take no prescriptions. As to Ian, unfortunately your Aunt did not follow his advice or you misunderstood. Dr Berg advocates mostly cruciferous plants and small amounts of protein, listing wild salmon, grass fed beef and farm raised eggs as the best choices as he should.

  9. Article is slander, gossip and maligning

  10. 4.35
    Customer Service

    The claims of Berg being false or a scammer are by far illogical. If you’re someone who dares to do your research, much of his advice – ADVICE, NOTHING MORE – is in fact backed by peer-reviewed research. Just because you disagree doesn’t mean anything. It means you disagree. There are PhD holding vloggers who offer the science based on facts and past studies that prove the same info Berg shares. It’s just a shame all of you who throw around hate, discrimination, and toxicity are allergic to thinking for yourself and educating yourself on his topics. No, I don’t agree with everything. He’s a scientologist after all. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t savvy in his own right. He offers his information for free instead of hiding it behind a paywall. Many who’ve followed his keto advice have lost 50+ in a faster amount of time than using paid methods.

    So, is he really that horrible? His goal is to help people be healthy. He never actually plugs his work heavily, nor does he beg for YouTube subs. He’s not like Alex Jones who gives commercials on his own show about himself.

    + PROS: Helpful advice, never claims to be an expert.
    - CONS: A misled scientologist.
    Helpful(2) Unhelpful(1)You have already voted this
  11. Dr Eric Berg is right about vaccines. They are dangerous, especially the covid 19 poison shot, which has killed and caused adverse reactions in the millions.

  12. 0.6
    Customer Service

    ‘Dr’ Berg seems to be busier than ever on YouTube. His latest foray is to give advice that comes close to outright quackery to those worried about prostate problems The danger is that less-educated people may follow his advice and get useless time-wasting nostrums that prevent them from getting the qualified advice and treatment that might save their lives. A sadly familiar tale.

    Helpful(2) Unhelpful(8)You have already voted this
    • Friends. This post is a scam and fraud. My reply posts supporting Dr Berg have been deleted. Rest assured this is yet another AMA sponsored takedown of someone (a chiropractor, enemy #1 of pharma supported AMA) that provides excellent advice that will help you truly heal your body and not just mask symptoms with dangerous chemicals. His recommendation of cruciferous vegetables plus high quality fats and limited free range organic protein, plus IMF, is the gold standard. If you follow this you will not be a pharma customer. Hence the takedown attempts. Ask yourself — who has taken the time to explain basic health to you. Dr Berg or your “doctor”. There is no comparison.

    • Friends. This website is a scam and fraud. My posts supporting Dr Berg have been deleted. Rest assured this is yet another AMA sponsored takedown of someone (a chiropractor, enemy #1 of pharma supported AMA) that provides excellent advice that will help you truly heal your body and not just mask symptoms with dangerous chemicals. His recommendation of cruciferous vegetables plus high quality fats and limited free range organic protein, plus IMF, is the good standard. If you follow this you will kit be a pharma customer. Hence the takedown attempts. Ask yourself — who has taken the time to explain basic health to you. Dr Berg it your “doctor”. There is no comparison.

    • LIke the real quacks “saved” my best friend by irradiating him till they burned his guts against the cancer he had???? They killed him in 6 months when he could have lived without such “treatment” for much longer. Imbeciles like you are the reasons quackery is now called medicine.

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