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Lee Oakey: Ponzi Scammer Behind USI Tech (Latest Update 2023)

Lee Oakey has been involved in multiple Ponzi schemes including Eyeline Trading, WealthBoss, and D.AI.SY AI, and USI Tech. Lee Oakey is a serial scammer and an expert at running fraudulent schemes. Lee Oakey and his associates have collectively scammed thousands of people.

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Some of the people Lee Oakey works with include Kerry Stockton, Dan Putnam, Bitcoin Rodney (Rodney Burton), Hugh Paul Ward, and Michael Faust.

Lee Oakey’s Ruined Lives

People have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because of Lee Oakey’s Ponzi schemes. One unnamed security guard lost more than $158,000, Lee Oakey made $8.50 an hour and he lost his life savings. While his accomplices were buying $350,000 Lamborghinis, his victims were suffering.

A woman from England was introduced to USI Tech via her daughter. She and her husband invested $26,000 in the scam and lost most of her money. The daughter felt guilty and shameful for introducing her parents to this Ponzi scheme.

There are many more stories of Lee Oakey’s victims. But they are being covertly silenced.

USI Tech: Lee Oakey’s Biggest Ponzi Scam

USI Tech or United Software Intelligence was a forex and cryptocurrency platform based in Dubai, at least it posed as one. In reality, it was a Ponzi scheme. According to its Wikipedia page, it was a “high-yield investment program and a Ponzi scheme”.

Before running away with its users’ money Lee Oakey moved the website from .com to .io. It is estimated that USI Tech executives have taken hundreds of millions of dollars from all around the world.

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This scam was majorly promoted by Lee Oakey, who currently resides in Australia. 

Apart from this, he has also been suspected to be involved in the MLM scam D.AI.SY AI, along with Kerry Stockton. 

4/12/2023 Update
As of now, Lee Oakey has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

FB Group For Lee Oakey’s Victims

There is a Facebook group being operated by the victims of Lee Oakey and Kerry Stockton. There is a lot of information available against these scammers and USI Tech. I strongly suggest you give it a try and help the victims in any way you can. 

Lee Oakey
Lee Oakey: Ponzi Scammer Behind USI Tech

What was D.AISY AI?

D.AI.SY simply stands for Decentralized AI System. It was presented as a crowdfunding platform for FinTech aka Financial Technologies. Its marketing material suggested that it wasn’t backed by a private company and was just a smart contract running on a blockchain. They even claimed that it had no human control yet members were supposed to receive stock equity somehow.

The first funded project was Daisy AI, a trading system that was supposed to use artificial intelligence to improve the performance of trading strategies by up to four times. The Daisy AI was developed by Endotech.

They claimed that the trading performance of the strategies used by D.AI.SY AI was in 100s of percent per year. Sometimes even bringing upwards of 1,000% returns per year. Keep in mind that these numbers were multiplied by 4. They promised a daily return of 3%.

Their bizarre claims did not stop just here.

They also said that normally you would have to invest a minimum of 1 million dollars to get access to D.AI.SY AI’s strategies but with D.AI.SY AI, you just need $100.

Sounds too good to be true right? Cause it was.

It was simply a big scam full of lies and fake claims.

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False Claims Made By D.AI.SY AI

In this case, Artificial Intelligence was being used by scammers as a way to sound intelligent and complicated. The world’s top financial firms are investing in the research and development of AI systems but it is not available to the general public for a reason. The technological demands of such software are simply too high and expensive for them to be available to everyone.

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They also mention the term smart contract in their presentations, as a magic word. Smart contracts are simply apps running on the blockchain, they cannot be modified by anyone except for the people with special access to the application. They are not much different from the normal apps we use in our daily lives. A smart contract won’t make you money in and of itself. 

If you have a good profitable strategy for trading, you don’t need a smart contract to run it.

Huge Numbers, Zero Evidence

A lot of big numbers were used in the marketing of D.AI.SY AI and in this section, we will use maths to see whether those numbers make sense or not. 

They promised a return of 800 – 1,500% per annum which is ridiculous, to say the least. Even the 3% a day return claim is a lie.

In the financial markets where D.AI.SY AI was supposed to “trade”, these numbers are impossible to get. Ask any legitimate experienced day trader and they will tell you the same. 

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that these numbers are nonsense and rely on vulnerable people. If it was possible to make thousand percent returns then no one would be working and the economy would collapse.

Committing Securities Fraud

D.AI.SY essentially took money from you and “traded it in the financial markets”. Services like these are called investment services. It doesn’t matter whether you are on the blockchain or not, these services are required to be regulated by a governmental entity like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

When you take money from people and promise them returns thanks to financial trading, then you are providing investment service and need a license. 

As you might’ve guessed already, D.AI.SY AI was not licensed anywhere in the world, nor was Endotech.

The people behind D.AI.SY AI and its promoters were breaking the law by being a part of this scam.

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Endotech: The Real Scam

Doing a little research on Endotech shows a lot of red flags. First off, there are no contact details about the owner or the CEO of the company anywhere on their website, apart from an email address. Secondly, they claim to be founded in 2012 but their domain was registered in 2018. 

How D.AI.SY AI Scammed Thousands Of People

D.AI.SY was a scam while providing zero profitability in its trading system. Simply put, D.AI.SY was a Ponzi scheme.

It was a Ponzi scheme presented as an AI blockchain technology. 

If the people behind this scam had strategies to give such returns, then why hadn’t they used the same strategies to make themselves rich? Why give it to ordinary people for $100? 

D.AI.SY simply took money from one victim and gave it to the next. That’s how Ponzi schemes work. They take money from newer members to pay out the older ones. This is the reason they had a multi-level structure with insane bonuses. They used their rewards and bonuses to motivate members, because of D.AI.SY could only exist as long as new victims were getting lured in.

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Lee Oakey has been involved in multiple Ponzi schemes including Eyeline Trading, WealthBoss, and D.AI.SY AI, and USI Tech. He is a serial scammer and an expert at running fraudulent schemes. He and his associates have collectively scammed thousands of people.

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