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Marc Bombenon- Did He Commit Fraud? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

Marc Bombenon
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Marc  Bombenon claims to be an Executive Chairman, Managing Director, and Visionary of SureCall.
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Marc  Bombenon claims to be an Executive Chairman, Managing Director, and Visionary of SureCall.  SureCall describes itself as the only B Corp Contact Center based in Canada that provides help desk, sales support, and customer service support, along with many other services to corporations and government agencies in Canada and the US. 

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Marc Bombenon’s company claims that the business’ area of expertise is using technology to help small businesses run more efficiently. It offers solutions that have won awards as well as customer support services that help businesses become more profitable.

The telecom tycoon has a lengthy history in the field and built numerous multi-million dollar businesses. Being a self-absorbed person Marc claims that he is passionate about guiding and supporting young businesspeople. He further claims that he participates actively in Abundance 360, a worldwide nonprofit organization that promotes human empowerment.

Marc Bombenon claims and asserts that he has founded numerous businesses in the fields of multifamily housing, aviation, and telecommunications. Additionally, he also asserts that he held positions on governmental and corporate boards, including some that were health- and not-for-profit-related, including those for the World Presidents Organization, the Alberta Cancer Foundation, and Bordeaux Properties Inc. Showcasing himself as being very impressive, Marc Bombenon claims that he has been requested by Presidents and CEOs to talk to them about particular leadership tasks in Canada, the US, Singapore, and Istanbul, Turkey.

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23/12/2023 Update
As of now, Marc Bombenon has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Flaunting himself as a charitable person Marc Bombenon claims that he is a devoted philanthropist, as he has supported many charities in Canada and around the world. He claims that he has lent his time to organizations such as the National Music Centre and the Alberta Cancer Foundation

Marc Bombenon-SureCall

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As claimed by SureCall, it is a North American company that provides a variety of services to businesses across the US, Canada, and Europe. Their experts offer award-winning BPO and Contact Center solutions and customer service

As claimed by SureCall because of their creativity, cutting-edge technology, adaptable architecture, and efficient programs, SureCall stands out from the competition. They describe itself to be the leaders in their field and have won numerous accolades for our superior customer service. SureCall claims and asserts that they are a reputable partner that focuses solely on finding solutions that are certain to deliver the outcomes people desire.

They showcase their customized programs to give the consumers the finest service possible. SureCall claims that they are much more than a contact center. They flaunt itself as a purpose-driven business process optimization company, that provides global services to SMEs and large corporations alike. SureCall further claims that the front-end and back-office solutions cover the full range of applications so they can offer multiple options to get all public processes handled through one partner, who has their best interest at heart. 

Marc Bombenon- A Calgary investor sues a jet company for ownership of an aircraft.


There’s no question about the scotch’s quality on board. The ownership of three executive aircraft and a chopper are the subject of a contentious court dispute, which is putting a Calgary investment banker against another powerful figure in the city.

Marc Bombenon, whose previous experience includes work with the Alberta Cancer Foundation and the World Presidents Organization, and his firm, MBE Jet Ltd., are being sued by Tom Budd, a retired financier-turned-philanthropist. Having spent millions on the ownership positions and giving the business a $3.3 million loan, Mr. Budd and his firm claim that they were duped.

The defendants refute Mr. Budd’s claims, claiming that he failed to conduct adequate due diligence on contracts and that as a result, he threatened to “destroy” the business. Since none of the accusations have been proven in court, Marc Bombenon contends that arbitration should be used to resolve some of the issues.

Several calls and emails to Marc Bombenon and his attorneys requesting comment went unanswered.

The planes have been grounded per a court order, and MBE’s financial records are currently being scrutinized.

MBE promised to pamper customers involved in the restricted agreements with shuttle service in a Cadillac Escalade, their preferred food and beverages during flights, and personalized monograms on cups, napkins, and pillows, according to the company’s marketing materials.

Mr. Budd claims in court documents that Marc Bombenon took secret profits by overcharging partners for some of the jets, inflating expenses, and failing to properly pay for his flights. Mr. Budd has submitted affidavits from other partners, former MBE pilots, and Mr. Bombenon’s former assistant and director of operations.

For instance, former employees claim that a family trip was made to a U2 performance in Denver, which the defendants reject and insist was to an event for the aviation industry.

Through investments in limited partnerships, Mr. Budd started with a 50% holding in one jet in 2008 before acquiring a 25% stake in a second aircraft. He claims that happened after Mr. Bombenon informed him that other partners had voiced concerns about his flying time.

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Then, according to Mr. Budd, as a favor, he purchased 50% of a third plane and loaned MBE through his firm the necessary sum to cover the remaining 50% of the investment after learning that the aircraft manufacturer could secure a favorable agreement provided it had the funds to move quickly.

He maintains that, at most, he only wanted a combined 100 percent – rather than the 125 percent he held at this point – in an aircraft and that Marc Bombenon told him that he would sell his excess interests to others.

Among the various charges made by Mr. Budd are that he was not informed of the millions of dollars in debt that was owed on one of the planes and that he was misled that expenses like gasoline came without a markup. He confesses that he did not read the final deal, but the loan arrangement is also in dispute.

Marc Bombenon admitted (only when pressed) that he had secretly grossed up and pocketed the purchase price of [one of the planes]… and either grossed up the purchase price or received a rebate for another aircraft purchased with Budd or Budd’s company,” claims Marcia Garcia, MBE’s former operations director, in an affidavit. Bombenon had been overcharging the limited partners for the use of the aircraft while deceiving them, she said.

Marc Bombenon concurs that the fixed fees allowed him to turn a profit. However, according to his statement of defense, “Bombenon denies making any representations to suggest that this was the only way that either MBE or Bombenon made a profit.” He disputes “any representations” that the cost of the aircraft and the acquisition costs would be fixed.

MBE and Marc Bombenon assert that they had no obligation to inform the plaintiffs of any outstanding debt on one of the planes, who had a responsibility to conduct adequate research.

Marc Bombenon also alleges that after telling Mr. Budd that he was sticking to the terms of the contract, Mr. Budd exploded. “Budd was livid. He repeatedly threatened, pressured, and cajoled Bombenon and MBE to change the deal. When Bombenon and MBE refused, Budd threatened to destroy MBE,” he alleges in court documents.

Reference- Calgary financier takes jet firm to court over aircraft ownership – The Globe and Mail

Marc Bombenon- What is Fraud? (The crime committed by Marc Bombenon)

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Fraud is a deliberate act of deception intended to give the offender an unauthorized benefit or to deny the victim a right. Tax fraud, credit card fraud, wire fraud, securities fraud, and bankruptcy fraud are all examples of fraud. Fraudulent conduct can be committed by a single person, a group of people, or an entire company.

  • Fraud is when someone intentionally misleads someone to gain something unlawfully or unethically at their expense.
  • Fraud in the financial industry can take many different forms, such as filing fraudulent insurance claims, falsifying financial records, pump-and-dump schemes, and identity theft which results in unlawful transactions.
  • Every year, fraud costs the economy billions of dollars, and those who are detected face fines and jail time.

While the government may decide that a case of fraud can be settled outside of criminal proceedings, non-governmental parties that claim injury may pursue a civil case. The victims of fraud may sue the perpetrator to have funds recovered, or, in a case where no monetary loss occurred, may sue to reestablish the victim’s rights. It is necessary to show a specific set of behaviors by the fraudster to establish that fraud has occurred. First, the offender must present a misleading assertion as a significant fact. Second, the false statement had to have been made knowing it to be false.

Thirdly, the offender needed to have wanted to trick the victim. Fourth, the victim must show that they trusted the erroneous statement. The victim has to have suffered harm as a result of acting on the purposefully false statement, which brings us to our fifth need.

Marc Bombenon-Consequences of Financial Fraud- As done by Marc Bombenon


Fraud can have a catastrophic effect on a company. An enormous corporate fraud is discovered in aircraft including helicopters and jets. Executives employed several strategies, such as purposeful revenue obfuscation and earnings fabrication, to hide the company’s financial situation.

Fraud can distort markets by giving fraudsters a competitive advantage and driving out legitimate businesses. It may have an impact on business services and expose other industries to additional instances of fraud. It may also increase the burden on charities and community services that assist those affected by fraud.

Fraud can cause immediate and long-term environmental damage by polluting the environment and destroying ecosystems and biodiversity. It can also lead to significant clean-up expenses.

Dealing with fraud against government programs entails significant expenses that go well beyond simple monetary loss. They might cover any potential restitution as well as the costs of evaluation, identification, investigation, and reaction. Program audits and reviews, as well as program retrofitting or modification, may incur additional expenditures.

International estimates indicate that between 0.5 and 5% of government spending is lost to fraud and related losses. The majority of fraud goes unreported and is challenging to categorize. Measurement exercises can help businesses identify and more precisely predict their prospective fraud losses.

Final Thoughts

Fraud has far-reaching effects in addition to financial loss. Fraud affects the environment, enterprises, industries, and people. Organizations can make better choices if they are aware of the full consequences of fraud. Whether done by opportunistic individuals or major organized crime groups, fraud of any kind can have catastrophic repercussions. The scope and impact of fraud, however, can frequently be increased by severe and organized crime as in the case of Marc Bombenon.

Marc Bombenon- Did He Commit Fraud? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)
Marc Bombenon- Did He Commit Fraud? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

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