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Mario Villegas Seattle – Was He Involved in Racketeering? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

Mario Villegas Seattle
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Mario Villegas Seattle claims to be a person of reputation in the palatinate of hotel management.

Mario Villegas Seattle claims to be a person of reputation in the palatinate of hotel management. As described, Mario Villegas Seattle heads the well-known business consultancy, Twilium Management Group.

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In this company, Mario Villegas Seattle asserts that he is in charge of all kinds of business dealings related to various types of restaurant projects worldwide. Mario Villegas Seattle claims to be a professional with years of experience in business consulting and problem-solving.

Flaunting his skills Mario Villegas Seattle claims to have a proven track record of simplifying difficult business strategies using new and updated methodologies, standard operating procedures, and quick money-making methods without sacrificing quality. Being proud Mario Villegas Seattle claims that he excels at training managers and senior managers in the use of practical POS report usage strategies for keeping track of stock, profit centers, and sales generation with perfect assessment. 

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Flaunting and showing off his skills Mario Villegas Seattle claims that he excels at creating and enhancing new and improved business setups, Point of Sale systems, staff development and training, inventory management, event setups, and business promotion with meticulous planning for every last detail and cost control, among other things.

Mario Villegas Seattle claims to perform a crucial role as a coach and mentor for the managers working under the props groups, educating them on service structure and staging improvement. Mario Villegas Seattle flaunts a lot about his skills and shows off to be a workaholic as he asserts that he has a dedicated, trustworthy, and dependable nature. Mario Villegas Seattle had exceptional common sense, as well as the capacity to think creatively and creatively outside the box to solve any complex problem quickly and easily. Mario Villegas Seattle claims to be a person who has established unmatched services in the hotel industry as well as business management.

23/12/2023 Update
As of now, Mario Villegas Seattle has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Mario Villegas Seattle- An SPD sting operation nets the proprietor of a restaurant on Capitol Hill.

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UPDATE 4/29/2014- The following statement about Mario Villegas’ part in the events at Meza Latin Fare has been approved by CHS. It is presented in its original form.

Statement By Mario Villegas Seattle

In order to protect my image and my spotless record, I have provided this statement to deny any involvement with the alleged criminal conduct at Meza Latin Fare, which is supported by court records from King County.

The Capitol Hill eatery Meza Latin Fare was allegedly involved in the trafficking of stolen goods, according to a CHS report from the summer of 2011. The article is below. Alex Meza, the owner of the restaurant, told CHS that the behavior under investigation by the police had nothing to do with him. Meza blamed me rather than the new restaurant owner, who the story claimed to be.

I was the subject of a police investigation, but no charges were ever brought against me. In March 2012, Alex Meza, posing as Luis Alejandro Meza, ultimately admitted to the crime and entered a plea of guilty to second-degree attempted trafficking of stolen property.

By court documents, Meza pleaded guilty to attempted trafficking in stolen property in the second degree on March 29, 2012, after admitting to trying to dispose of goods taken from a local grocery. Meza was given a deferred sentence that included 100 hours of community service and a $500 victim penalty assessment. Meza is accused of reselling two stolen bottles of Moet champagne during a “buy-back operation” at the 14th Ave eatery, according to the police report submitted to King County Superior Court along with the guilty plea. Meza is also accused of giving a “cooperating witness” a list of goods to take from a QFC.

Here is a reprint of Meza’s handwritten, signed admission from court documents:

mrm icVLGvwZw5faaS0aCMvGt1fr2pA5LAfFssbMgpJ5dFNOBvs5ILRWhJNsOVR4BWS5LVs RITt1TQBLqc6UOezucLNhBhKpCm262TJ34yxFw0DNyYCPk ipJ9iXs8bU yuUNo7EQcFaQBpKB1FV4

Meza Management Properties LLC, aka Meza Latin Fare, owned and operated the restaurant and held the business license at the time the events described in the CHS blog post occurred; I was not the new owner of the restaurant, as was initially claimed by CHS. I had made a bid to purchase the well-known 14th Avenue company, but I had to withdraw it roughly a week before the police raid at the restaurant on June 21, 2011, because of the lease’s onerous terms (the landlord intended to demolish the building, as it did in 2013).

Following Meza’s guilty plea to attempted trafficking a year later, in the summer of 2012, Meza’s restaurant abruptly and silently closed. Since then, Meza has departed Seattle.

The original blog post also mentioned that the arrest was connected to a police probe into widespread theft rings in the city. In actuality, there was no relationship between Meza’s allegations and any large-scale stolen property operation. I was never accused of being a part of a thievery ring and I never was.

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Before publishing the report, CHS did not get in touch with me for a comment. After the story was published, my business attorney and I contacted CHS numerous times with denials of the claims based on evidence and facts available to the public. My business attorney had seen Meza’s arrest firsthand. The Capitol Hill Seattle Blog has not yet published this material.

Original report: On a gorgeous summer solstice night, not a drop of sangria was served at the normally festive Meza on 14th Ave. The restaurant, which recently changed hands when founder Alex Meza announced he was moving to Los Angeles to join his plus-size model girlfriend, was closed, empty, and dark. Earlier in the day, it had been full of people — but these weren’t customers. Seattle police officers and detectives combed through Meza last Tuesday night and new owner Mario Villegas was booked into King County Jail for investigation of possession of stolen property.

Villegas, according to police, was involved in a thorough investigation into a citywide theft network that involved reportedly reselling stolen products and suspected shoplifting squads.

Authorities said they are seeking charges against 41-year-old Villegas and others detained as part of the investigation in a series of busts that took place over the previous week and culminated in a flurry of arrests on Thursday, but Villegas has not yet been charged with the crime.

According to the police, Villegas was apprehended during a “buy-back operation” at the 14th Ave restaurant selling two stolen bottles of Moet champagne. In the week preceding the Tuesday night bust, investigating cops allegedly observed Villegas stealing goods from local grocery stores four times. A “confidential informant” who gave more information on the trafficking, according to the report, is also mentioned. Police claim to have observed Villegas delivering the goods to Meza, as well as occasionally to his residence in E Yesler.

It’s unclear what the circumstance will imply for the business. On the day of the buy-back operation, June 14, Meza’s business account was closed, according to the Washington State Department of Revenue. The company owned by Meza and Villegas, Synergy Spirits, does not appear in searches of the City of Seattle database for a business license. Under the direction of Alejandro Meza, Meza debuted on 14th Ave in the summer of 2009, serving tapas and “Latin fare”.

Synergy just appeared on the restaurant’s State Liquor Control Board papers, confirming rumors that the establishment was being sold. According to reports, the former owner Alex Meza had informed adjacent company owners that after the sale, he would relocate to Southern California but has reportedly been at his namesake restaurant this week as it continues to operate on 14th Ave.

UPDATE 6/20/2012: CHS has been contacted by Villegas and informed that he was never charged with a crime in this situation. Villegas said he was not part of a theft ring.

Reference- Capitol Hill restaurant owner busted in SPD stolen property sting | CHS Capitol Hill Seattle News

Possession of Goods (Crime committed by Mario Villegas Seattle)

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Possession of stolen property is a crime that occurs when someone purchases, receives, or obtains stolen property.

Depending on the value of the stolen goods, an individual may be prosecuted for a crime in many jurisdictions if they accepted custody of items they knew were stolen and subsequently gave them back to the rightful owner. If the person didn’t realize the property was stolen, the property is restored to the owner and they are not penalized. It can be challenging to demonstrate or refute a suspect’s knowledge that the items were stolen.

Mario Villegas Seattle – Was He Involved in Racketeering? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)
Mario Villegas Seattle – Was He Involved in Racketeering? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

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