Shanir Kol – Scamming Clients, Hiding SleePare Reviews 2023

Shanir Kol is the CEO of SleePare, a company receiving criticism for offering horrible customer service to its clients. 

There are a ton of SleePare reviews highlighting how the company refuses to take care of its customers’ interests. Apparently, Shanir Kol doesn’t think customer service is an important part of running a business. 

Moreover, instead of trying to fix these issues, Shanir Kol uses unethical marketing tactics to promote his company. 

In the following SleePare review, I have highlighted what most of its customers say and how it tries to bury their complaints: 

“Do Not Purchase from SleePare” – A Detailed Review Highlighting Shanir Kol’s Fault

Sleepare reviews
Sleepare reviews

Here, the reviewer says that it has been 5 weeks since he placed his order for a $2,945 Velika king mattress. 

At the time, Joey, the salesman, had told the reviewer that he would receive the mattress within one or two weeks. 

However, 3 weeks had passed and the reviewer had not received the mattress. In fact, he hadn’t even received an update on the delivery. 

So, he began calling the store in NYC. 

The reviewer highlights that you wouldn’t get any response when you call their store. 

Eventually, he heard back from someone who told the reviewer that he needed to be patient as mattresses take “5 to 30 days” to reach customers. 

The reviewer told the person that Joey had told him he would only need to wait for 2 weeks maximum. But the person on call said that’s wrong. 

Although it was disappointing, the reviewer requested the company representative to get in touch with the manufacturer to get a timeline. 

He promised the reviewer that he would. But the reviewer never heard back. 

Later, the reviewer tried calling again. Around 2 weeks later, the representative got back to the reviewer and told him that the manufacturer was facing some issues. Hence, his order was still ‘under process’. 

In other words, even after 5 weeks, Shanir Kol’s firm hadn’t even manufactured the product. 

Then, the reviewer requested a return. However, the representative begged him to wait for a few more days so he could look into the matter. 

In response, the reviewer said he had already given him a chance to do so. So, he wanted a refund. 

Now, this is a crucial point of the review. It shows how Shanir Kol’s use of unethical practices has corrupted his entire organization. 

Lying About Refund Requests Then Refusing to Process One:

After having a discussion about the refund, the company representative claimed that he will accept the refund request. He said the reviewer will get a refund receipt a day later as he couldn’t do the process himself. 

The representative said the company can only process refund requests through the store. Later, he sent the reviewer an email confirming all of this. 

However, the day passed and the reviewer hadn’t received any refund receipt email. 

So, he called the representative again and left messages. Nobody answered. 

Later, the representative called back and said that refund receipts take 3-5 days to process and he needed to stay patient. 

In response, the reviewer asked him why he told him that he will send the refund receipt the next day during the call. Then, the representative started making various excuses. 

He said it was a weekend. Then, he started claiming that there were a lot of refunds to process.  Hence, he was unable to process the reviewer’s request. 

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Again, the reviewer questioned why he told him he would send him a refund receipt if he was aware of these reasons. The reviewer cursed once during this conversation as he was obviously irritated by the unprofessional behavior of Shanir Kol’s staff. 

Keep in mind, I don’t condone cursing at all. However, how Shanir Kol’s staff responded was worse.

Maybe Shanir Kol doesn’t care how his staff treat SleePare customers

The representative told the reviewer to stop cursing and that the call was being recorded. Then, he said he will report the reviewer to the NYPD with a recording of him cursing. 

The next day, the reviewer contacted Joey, the salesman, about his refund. 

However, he started yelling at the reviewer for cursing at the company representative. Also, because the reviewer had threatened to go to the store and share his complaint in front of other customers, Joey said he won’t process his refund at all. 

When the reviewer said he will just go to the claims department of his bank to get the refund, Joey said, “Go ahead”. 

Certainly, that’s not a professional way to handle the situation. Maybe Shanir Kol doesn’t hold any standards on customer service. Otherwise, you wouldn’t hear of such unprofessional behavior. 

What Others said on this Complaint: 

Several Reddit users responded to this complaint. One user highlighted that he had a similar experience with Shanir Kol’s SleePare. They say the company is completely unreliable with horrible customer service. 

Shanir Kol

The reviewer recommends others to never purchase anything from the company. 

Another user said while it’s understandable for a company to face supply chain issues, it doesn’t justify misrepresentation. 

Sleepare reviews

They told the reviewer that he might be able to get a refund through the bank as the salesman lied to him. 

Additional SleePare Reviews Highlighting Shanir Kol’s Disregard of Customer Service:

SleePare Has No Customer Service

Shanir Kol

The most recent review on Shanir Kol’s firm says the reviewer agrees with other complaints. Larry points out that SleePare has no customer service. 

The company didn’t deliver the mattress in time. In fact, they delayed the delivery by weeks. 

Moreover, when the mattress arrived, its frame was incorrect. Again, the company promised to send the right frame but never did. 

Larry says nobody cares about your experience here. Hence, he doesn’t recommend buying from Shanir Kol’s SleePare. 

“Shanir Kol is Running a Scam”

shanir kol
shanir kol
Sleepare reviews

Kosta requests consumers to avoid this scam

He doesn’t even know where to start. 

Kosta and his wife decided to buy a new mattress because their beautyrest wore out. Moreover, he was getting numb arms while sleeping on it. 

He bought the Milly mattress for $3,000 in the Manhattan store of Shanir Kol’s company. They had told him he can return it or exchange it and he would have to pay a $100 pick up fee.

Kosta highlights that the first purchase went smoothly. 

However, when the time came to make the exchange, the salesperson who had sold them the mattress wasn’t available. 

Instead, he met with Karla. 

Initially, it seemed like Karla had no idea what she was doing. Kosta says it seemed it was her first day at work. 

He asked her if he makes an exchange, would he be able to return the second mattress as well. She said, “I think so” then went to make a call. Then, she returned and assured him that he can return the second mattress but would need to pay the $100 pick up fee. 

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Kosta and his wife waited for 4 weeks for the second mattress to arrive. But it was a completely different mattress from what he had agreed on.

The company agreed that one of the customers had switched the labels. 

Then, Shanir Kol’s company ordered mattresses again and the reviewer tried the one he had bought from the store. It arrived but after spending one night on it, he knew he had to return it. 

Kosta says it was a Luuf mattress with a thick pillow top. He says it traps heat and has terrible pressure point relief. 

When he woke up, he had significant back pain. So, Kosta knew he had to return it. 

“Unresponsive and unprofessional staff”

Later, he found out about an exceptional mattress belonging to a different brand. He knew that he had 100 days to return the Luuf mattress so he ordered the new mattress from the different brand. 

He contacted SleePare in advance and told them that he was expecting a new mattress the next month so he wanted to return one. They told him to contact them a few days before the new mattress arrives. 

When the time came, Kosta contacted them and filled out a form. 4 days passed but he didn’t get any response. 

He called and they told him that they will look into the matter. Again, Shanir Kol’s staff began ignoring a customer’s problems. 

Later, they asked him if it was his first mattress or an exchanged one. Kosta told them that they have all the data already available. 

Then, they told him that he can’t return the second mattress according to SleePare’s terms and conditions. 

Kosta read their policies and it’s true. 

Clearly, Shanir Kol’s staff deliberately lied to him that he can return this mattress. Kosta said he would never buy something he can’t return if he doesn’t like it. 

Then, the manager called him and said they can’t breach SleePare’s policies. 

Later, the reviewer contacted Shanir Kol. Kosta told him that he would bring the mattress to his store and Shanir replied by saying that it wouldn’t do him any good as he wouldn’t get any money. 

When Kosta said he would complain, Shanir Kol said, “Do whatever you want.”

Now, Kosta is stuck with an expensive and highly uncomfortable mattress. 

SleePare is Extremely Deceptive and Hides a Lot of its Policies

shanir kol

Here, Matthew tells other consumers to avoid SleePare. 

He suggests going to other places no matter how enticing their deals might seem. Why? 

Because the customer service is horrible. 

He had to exchange a mattress because he chose the wrong firmness. However, he had to threaten the staff that he would go to a competitor in order to get one response from Shanir Kol’s staff.

He had to pay a security deposit of $544 to perform the exchange. 

Furthermore, the exchange hasn’t been completed and now Matthew is waiting for the money.

He says SleePare hides a lot of its shady policies and the staff doesn’t tell you about them. Matthew calls them “literally the worst”.

Did Shanir Kol Commit PPP Fraud? 

Apart from the various SleePare reviews highlighting how Shanir Kol’s staff doesn’t treat them properly, I also found complaints saying that he doesn’t pay his staff properly. 

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One employee complained that he worked for Shanir Kol in 2020 but the company never paid him. 

This is highly unethical and abusive. 

Sleepare reviews

However, it shouldn’t have been difficult for Shanir to pay his staff in 2020. Why? Because his company was among the first to get funding from PPP loans. 

For those who don’t know, the SBA offered PPP loans to companies during the pandemic to help them keep their staff on payroll. 

shanir kol

SleePare received over $50,000 from PPP funding. 

So, if he received such substantial funding to pay his employees, why did he receive complaints for not paying them? 

Did he spend a significant chunk of those funds on himself? If he did so, it would be a case of PPP fraud. 

Keep in mind, many shady businesses abused the PPP loans. They took out loans, claiming to use them to pay their employees but instead, used the funds for their personal expenses. 

Maybe Shanir Kol used a substantial part of those $50,000 to manage his personal expenses. 

There are many PPP loan resources you can use to find out more on such frauds.

Shanir Kol is Paying BBB to Hide Complaints

shanir kol

On the BBB page of Shanir Kol’s SleePare, you’ll see it has a 1 out of 5 star rating. However, BBB has given the company an A+ rating. 


Because the company has a BBB accredited profile. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to follow ethical business practices to get an accreditation at BBB. No.

You only need to pay a hefty annual fee to get a BBB accreditation. Having a BBB accreditation will help your business seem more reliable and give you an A or A+ rating. 

Businesses pay upwards of $10,000 per year to have a BBB accredited profile. 

A CNN investigation revealed that BBB had given A or A+ ratings to businesses facing federal charges of fraud simply because they had an accredited profile. 

Certainly, it’s a highly unethical practice. Presumably, Shanir Kol is using this unethical marketing tactic to bury the 1 out of 5 rating and make it seem as if he is running an ethical business. 

You should know that it’s quite common among scammers to use this tactic. For example, Giri Devanur has received a ton of complaints from the investors of his real estate firm, ReAlpha. To bury them, he is paying BBB for an accredited profile as well. 


After going through the above points, it’s evident that Shanir Kol is not as honest as he claims to be. 

His company, SleePare indulges in shady business practices. It has shady provisions in its terms and conditions and the staff hides them until a customer is trapped. 

Moreover, the company has received a ton of complaints for offering horrible customer service. 

But Shanir Kol relies on using unethical marketing practices to hide these flaws. 

All of this suggests you should avoid dealing with SleePare.

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Shanir Kol is the CEO of SleePare, a mattress company. His customers complain that SleePare has the worst customer service and the staff lies to trap them in unfavorable agreements.

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  1. These are the real scammers with full planning and not providing the perfect amount of satisfaction through their services, and products as well, we need to expose their nefarious steps for scamming their users.

  2. Most of the reviews have shown the negative side of SleePare which almost shows their reality and reflects the negative side of the company, so I will suggest you not invest with this company and make sure you are not involved with this firm for any type of investment, I have made several attempts to get my ordered product form the company and this took several extra days for having the product, even I tried to cancel the order, but they asked for providing only 40% refund of the ordered product, this made my head burst out, I would never use any of the product provided from SleePare.

  3. The biggest problem with these fraudsters is that after committing these crimes, they are always trying to press the crime and don’t want to be exposed, avoid investing in this company, they are focusing on looting their customers, rather than providing the services, I have seen that these companies are busy in promotions and marketing but it is necessary to fulfill the need of their users and provide them the claimed services. After going through the review I will suggest you avoid this firm and don’t invest with them, otherwise, it would be difficult to get any refund in future. I have seen several clients getting tensioned for not getting any form of a refund, so avoid investing with Sleepare, Shanir Kol has introduced this scheme for scamming his customers so avoid investing with this company. The company is promoting itself as the most legitimate firm, but the truth is the opposite, so avoid this platform for investing.

  4. Most of the time it is found that there are several firms like SleePare which aren’t interested in providing the promised services rather than making their customers satisfied they are more focussed on having their money into their pockets, getting the information of these fraudsters is very much important, otherwise, you will have to regret investing with them, I have faced several problems regarding these fake schemes.

  5. Sleepare is having the fame because of their promotions but when you will go through their services then you will find that they aren’t that reliable, so be sure before dealing with any of the firms, nowadays there are several problems which are being faced by the users which is fake scheme and then avoiding their people for having the services, it is very much important for providing these scammers the punishment and then canceling their license for introducing any business deals, it is very much important to make sure that criminals like Shanir Kol don’t get the opportunity for scamming their users.

  6. The real scammers are, making money after not delivering the proper services, which they promised before placing the order.

  7. If you will get some time after reading the article please visit the reviews below on the company’s official site, then you understand the reality of the company.

  8. They will waste your money and time after this notorious company.

  9. Everything is good until you get trapped after placing some order, make distance from the company.

  10. I would be sharing my story where the company promised to deliver the set of bedsheets in a week but when they didn’t respond to my messages for not getting any mail related to the delivery, they were avoiding the messages, then I canceled the order with a pop up saying about the refunds policies, it stated they will provide the 75% of the money I proceeded, but it took 2 months for processing the payment.

  11. The incident of the Mattress not being delivered on time and even though no timeline was issued to the customer, this type of service will not be accepted.

  12. Make the possible amount of distance from the company SleePare for any household, there are chances your item wouldn’t be delivered on time.

  13. Never invest in any of the firms where Shanir Kol is working if he is this much careless and less attentive to customer service then you can imagine what kind of employees he would be having.

  14. Everything is well good but the company is using illegal tactics to promote its positive side, but the thing is that they don’t have any positive aspects, left for promotion. They are making their company get demolished by their fault, providing the least quality of services and expecting positive reviews from the customers is impossible.

  15. SleePare should make some basic rules for their co-worker to teach them how to talk to their customers.

  16. My experience with SleePare was horrible, making any deals with his company is a waste of time and energy.

  17. This company is still learning how to deal with its customers which shows how inexperienced the company is, so doing any type of business is a waste of time.

  18. 0.5
    Concern for Clients

    Sleepare has some of the worst customer service out there. I don’t know how can they be so ignorant. I have been running my business for over 15 years and I have never talked to any prospective client like they did to me. Shanir Kol needs to be held accountable.

    + PROS: Nothing good
    - CONS: unprofessional staff rudest employees ignorant ceo
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