Sharon Kleyne – Fraud, Arrest, and Illegal Capital (Latest Update 2023)

Sharon Kleyne is the owner of Bio-Logic Aqua Research. The company researches humidifying products for dry eyes and dry skin.

Currently, she is the chairman of the firm. 

She claims she started the company in 1989 with the help of international researchers and investors. However, the evidence says otherwise. 

One of her business partners went to jail several years ago for scamming investors.

Sharon Kleyne had hired Gary Neil Cramer to raise millions of dollars for Bio-Logic Aqua Research. Gary used deception and lies to get the funds.

Sharon Kleyne is now commonly associated with products that moisturize the skin and eyes. As owner and current chairman of Bio-Logic Aqua Research, she has been at the forefront of this industry for decades. However, there is more to the story than meets the eye, as with many apparent straightforward success stories.

Sharon Kleyne asserts that the company was founded in 1989 with the assistance of international researchers and investors, but the evidence does not support this claim. Gary Neil Cramer, one of her business partners, was convicted of investor fraud and sentenced to prison several years ago. Kleyne hired Cramer to raise millions of dollars for Bio-Logic Aqua Research, and it appears he lied and misrepresented facts to accomplish this.

Sharon Kleyne has continued to lead the company and advance its research despite this setback. Nature’s Tears EyeMist is one of many products developed by Bio-Logic Aqua Research to alleviate the symptoms of dry eyes and skin. Kleyne’s contributions to the fields of water and health have earned her numerous accolades, and she is a sought-after public speaker and media commentator.

Sharon Kleyne and her team at Bio-Logic Aqua Research may have had a contentious start, but their contributions to the humidification industry are undeniable. The company’s products have helped millions of people with dry eyes and skin around the world, and that number will only increase.

27/11/2023 Update
As of now, Sharon Kleyne has not responded, nor has she apologized for his misdeeds. She has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, she has only focused on propagating his fake PR.
sharon kleyne
One of the many online posts about Sharon’s shady business tactics

Victims of Sharon Kleyne and Gary Cramer got together to file a class action lawsuit against them.

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A picture of Gary Cramer

Gary used the firm Global SMG to promote Sharon Kleyne’s company and raise funding for it. 

The Securities Administrator of Washington imposed serious fines and issued a cease and desist order against his illegal activities as well. 

Cramer sold over $65,000 worth of investments through Global SMG. He had told the investors that he would use the funds to trade foreign currency and generate 4% returns per week. 

sharon kleyne
A snippet of the cease and desist order

Furthermore, he didn’t inform the investors about how risky the investment was nor did he give them any valuable information about the trader.

Although he was raising funds for Sharon Kleyne, he failed to give the investors any kind of financial statements. 

How Gary Used Misrepresentations and False Promises To Raise Funds for Sharon Kleyne:

sharon kleyne

Cramer had told the investors that they would get 20 times the returns for their investments. 

Through this tactic, he was able to get $20,000 at first.

Then, he told another investor that they can get 8 times the return for their investment and made another $10,000. 

The authorities were able to identify the wrongdoings.

When they investigated the matter, they found that Gary and his partners were selling unregistered securities to their clients through false advertising and misleading statements. 

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sharon kleyne

Hence, the Department of Financial Institutions issued a cease against him and his partners. 

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Although Cramer was arrested, Sharon Kleyne faced no consequences whatsoever. 


After reviewing the legal documents and seeing the shady business associates of Sharon Kleyne, it’s obvious that she is not as reliable as she claims to be. 

You should be extremely cautious of her and Bio-Logic Aqua Research. She also runs the “Sharon Kleyne Hour” podcast. 

It’s pretty common for shady businesses to use deceptive marketing tactics to get more victims. 

For example, 1xbit Casino is an online scam that uses misleading advertisements to get new customers. On the other hand, Chris Capre relies on fake reviews to bolster his image.

Due to these reasons, you should avoid dealing with Bio-Logic Aqua Research and Sharon Kleyne. 

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Sharon Kleyne runs Bio Logic Aqua Research and hosts the Sharon Kleyne Hour podcast. However, legal documentation reveals that she might have used illegal funds to raise capital for her company.

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