Darrin Eakins – Lies, Break-in and Arrest

Darrin Eakins claims to be a transition expert who used to work as an orthopedic surgeon. However, he has many skeletons in his closet.

Eakins has faced charges of breaking and entering a neighbor’s home. At the time, he used to reside at 8023 Bald Eagle Lane and he was charged with breaking and entering the home located at 8032 Bald Eagle. Furthermore, he faced charges of larceny of a firearm, felony larceny, injury to real property and larceny of a motor vehicle. 

However, the authorities weren’t able to arrest Darrin Eakins immediately because he was already incarcerated in the Pender County jail for other crimes. 

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Why was he incarcerated? 

Apparently, Darrin Eakins was arrested a few days ago for charges related to the theft of a boat in Surf City. 

The Surf City had responded to a complaint and reached the Island Inn Motel. There, the inn owner’s complaint was that Darrin Eakins had rented a room there for a week and didn’t want cleaning services. Moreover, he paid in cash and provided no identification. 

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He had checked in under the name Tom Woods and couldn’t contact him. 

Later that day, the police noticed a Dodge pick-up truck parked around a block away from the motel. The pick-up truck was under the name of Darrin Eakins. 

Afterwards, a towing service called Sea Tow Inc. reported that somebody had stolen their boat from the Boat House Marina in Surf City. Subsequently, Sea Tow informed the police that the US Coast Guard had located their boat at the Scotts Hill Marina in Hampstead. 

Then, Sea Tow informed the police that the motors and hull of the boat had incurred a lot of damage. Their captain told the police that he had a video of the suspect and identified him as Darrin Eakins. 

The boat’s captain had some prior experience with Eakins. 

A few days later, the police had stopped Darrin Eakins when he was driving his truck to Boat House Marina. They searched his vehicle and found several items that were allegedly stolen in the New Hanover break-in.

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They identified him as a Wilmington orthopedic surgeon. 

He remained in the Pender County Jail and his bond was set at $500,000.

At the time of his arrest, his North Carolina license was inactive. 

Where is Darrin Eakins Now?

According to his online profiles, Darrin has now become a transition expert. Although he had to stop practicing as an orthopedic surgeon because of the numerous crimes he has committed, he claims that he had to stop because of illness.

Also, his profiles indicate that he uses his experience as a surgeon to determine which biomedical stocks are worth investing in.

Eakins has a team of analysts who help him examine the investment potential for pharmaceutical firms. 


Seeing his criminal history, it’s clear that Darrin Eakins is not a reliable professional. He had to stop practicing as an orthopedic surgeon not because he committed multiple crimes including larceny, theft and several others. 

Just because someone used to be a doctor doesn’t mean they are a reliable professional. Some examples include Dr Prabhjot Gill and Barry Lall

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While Dr Gill has a history of domestic violence, Lall had to stop practicing because he had molested multiple patients. 

Beware of such “ex-doctors”. 

Don’t trust Darrin Eakins.

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Don’t trust the claims to Darrin Eakins. He had to stop practicing as an orthopedic surgeon because of his criminal history and arrests. Avoid dealing with him.

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