Tjhia Iwan Junardi – Domestic Violence, Jail and Corruption (Updated 2023)

tjhia iwan junardi

Tjhia Iwan Junardi is the primary suspect in a bloody domestic violence case. The Head of Penjaringan Police said that the legal process is happening according to the traditional procedure. 

Tjhia Iwan Junardi tortured his wife, Revi Meliani. She suffered and died eventually. 

It is a violent case of domestic violence. He beat her so badly that she incurred multiple head injuries. 

Also, reports indicate that he had banged her head against the cupboard. Afterward, she had to go to the hospital where she got 5 stitches in her head. 

Revi Meliani, the victim, had to get 5 stitches in her head because of the violent beatings Tjhia gave her at home.

Also, the victim shared that her husband had strangled her and her legs had bruises due to domestic violence. 

At the time of the incident, the culprit was 40 years old while the victim, Revi Meliani was 34. 

She told the media that her husband’s behavior is tragic. However, the police hadn’t arrested him citing the pandemic as their reason. 

Furthermore, she told the media that her children have experienced trauma because of Tjhia Iwan Junardi’s domestic violence as well. 

What’s worse is that the police know who the suspect is but haven’t arrested anyone. Tjhia Iwan Junardi has been roaming around freely without facing any consequences. 

Tjhia Iwan Junardi Belongs in Jail!

Certainly, this is a heartbreaking story.

Criminals shouldn’t be allowed to roam around freely while their victims cry to the media about their sufferings. Local authorities should look into this matter and make sure Revil Meliani gets the justice she deserves.

A similar criminal is Dr. Rod J. Rohrich MD. He seduced one of his patients so she would support him financially in expanding his business. Such cases are becoming increasingly common and people should condemn them at every chance they get.

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Beware of such people. It would be best if you raised your voice against such wrongdoings whenever you can. The more people highlight such cases, the better.

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Tjhia Iwan Junardi needs to be in jail for over 5 years for his heinous crimes. He used the pandemic as an excuse to get away with one of the worst cases of domestic violence in Malaysia.

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