Tai Lopez Ecommerce Certified Specialist

An Overpriced Non-Refundable Course You Should Avoid

The Ecommerce Certified Specialist course is the latest program by Tai Lopez. I bought the program and here’s my full Ecommerce Certified Specialist review. Me and my friend were double charged for the course and when we asked for a refund, they didn’t even reply.

The course itself was below-average. If you are planning to buy the Ecommerce Certified Specialist course, then I highly recommend you read through the whole review.

Taino Adrian Lopez (Tai Lopez) In A Nutshell

Tai is an entrepreneur based in Los Angeles CA. He was born on April 11th ’77. He became rich through various methods which are not so ethical.

On LinkedIn Tai claims that he started out as a wealth manager in the 2000s. Then he started his very own wealth management company which lasted only 4 years and was shut down in 2007. And now, as you may all know, he is doing internet fraud, which has been covered by dozens of experts around the world wide web.

When Tai bought “Elite Global Dating LLC” and dozens of domain names (listed down below), his net worth took off. These websites were basically exorbitant versions of Tinder, but with fake profiles. There are literally 100s of complaints against Elite Global Dating and their websites. However, there was no action taken against Tai Lopez for reasons yet to be known.

Did You know?

LLC stands for limited liability company. LLC protects the businessmen and industrialists at the time of complete loss by removing the liability of debts from the owner of the firm. In simple terms, according to LLC the owner is not responsible for financial losses and the debts are deposited by the firm and not the private funds of the owner.

  • tailopez.com
  • elitemeeting.com
  • modelmeet.com
  • mythailove.com (???)
  • ifyouresingle.com
  • eliteglobaldating.com
  • curvyfitness.com
  • tailopez.net
  • millionairemagnetsystem.com
  • millionairelifecoach.com
  • meetingmillionaires.com
  • findadate.com
  • datetallmen.com
  • elitemeet.com
  • justmillionaires.com

Taino got quite rich from this scam and he put the money in renting cars and houses, which he featured in his viral “Here in my garage” ad. He also started “MentorBox” which is a well-known refund scam, where the company manipulates you into paying thousands of dollars through your credit card and then don’t refund the money even if you ask. Sounds evil right? Maybe it is.

Now, instead of helping people in one of the the worst years in history, Tai is STILL trying to take their money. This time with his Ecommerce Certified Specialist scam.

Ecommerce Certified Specialist FAQs

Even though there are a ton of Tai Lopez stans out there, who will be wishing me death, there are a few people like you who are here to know why am I saying Ecommerce Certified Specialist is a scam. So I’m going to save you some time and answer most of the questions you might have right here. How do I know what questions you have in your mind? I watch a lot of Sherlock.

“Why did you even bothered to write this review?

Short answer: Me and one of my work colleagues, both got scammed by Tai Lopez Ecommerce Certified Specialist. We wanted a refund because they double charged us, however, we haven’t received even a confirmation from the company yet. The fact that it happened to my friend as well made me realize that it is a scam. These are hard times, I don’t want people to lose money over an online scam.

“Are you making millions from ecommerce like Tai? If not, then how can you question his course?”

No, I’m not. But he isn’t making millions from ecommerce as well. Okay, so yeah, he does sell many courses online and he also has online stores, however, this is way different than starting your own ecommerce store and making it successful. I’ll go into detail on this topic later on in the post. Although, I do have 2 eCommerce stores, both in the fitness equipment industry, so I do know what works and what doesn’t.

“Is Tai Lopez Ecommerce Certified Specialist worth it?”

No. I wish I could say yes, but the program is too basic. It doesn’t go into detail about the main hurdles like inventory, delivery, research tools, website management, customer service, etc. It only touches on them on a very surface level, which is NOT sufficient for it’s price.

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“What’s the alternative then?”

Read blog posts from sites like BigCommerce, start a small store yourself, get real-world experience. Spending money on courses like the Ecommerce Certified Specialist is only procrastination. You need knowledge, but you don’t need to waste money on overpriced courses.

Why You Shouldn’t Listen To Tai Lopez’s Advice On Ecommerce

Tai Lopez Talking
Tai Lopez Talking

When it comes to eCommerce, there are a lot of factors in play such as inventory, delivery, research tools, website management, customer service, etc. And you need to be very articulate about everything if you want to make a profit. I’m not exaggerating here, it is a difficult job managing an ecommerce store, let alone make a living off it. However, in the ads for his Ecommerce Certified Specialist, he makes it seem like its a piece of cake.

Tai Lopez does run multiple ecommerce websites, however, all of them are either totally dependent on his personal brand or were established brands before Tai bought them. Now there’s a really big difference between starting your own ecommerce website and buying an established one. Tai DOES NOT know how to launch an ecommerce store successfully. All he does is buy well-known brands and then let his team transform those brands into an ecommerce store. Now, I’m not saying this is a bad strategy, but you need 30 times more capital for pulling that off.

The Ecommerce Certified Specialist course is made by Tai and his scam-pal Alex Mehr. Alex helped Tai launch his biggest credit card fraud scam, Mentor Box and he is doing the same in the ecommerce course. In MentorBox, Alex & Tai abused the credit card information of their customers and charged thousands of dollars in hidden charges. Just like always, they got away with it. But the point here is different, both of these guys know NOTHING about starting and operating an ecommerce store themselves. They might be good at fooling masses into buying their full of fluff courses, but they don’t know how to sell goods.

When I bought the Ecommerce Certified Specialist course, I expected that it will teach me some new tricks or give ideas and philosophies to try, however, it was just a waste. Why? Because the creators of the course don’t know a lot about ecommerce themselves.

Tai Lopez Ecommerce Certified Specialist Ad: The Moronic Claims & False Facts

Tai Lopez Ecommerce Certified Specialist Idiotic Advertisement

I didn’t see the full ad of the Ecommerce Certified Specialist program before I made the purchase. However, later on I came across it again and this time I couldn’t skip it because I was bathing the cat.

The claims that are made in the advertisement are outright hilarious!

He literally says Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet got rich by ecommerce. Oh God this is so dumb. I shouldn’t even have to explain why this claim is so wrong. But I’m going to do it anyways because I know for a fact that if I don’t, some Lopez’s fan is going to comment about it.

Warren Buffet is an investor, Bill Gates founded Microsoft (they had the 1st operating system), Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook (1st social media platform). NONE OF THEM got rich or successful through ecommerce. This is just an idiotic claim.

Here are some comments I found on the same video, thought you guys might like it.

STILL Waiting on My Refund For The Ecommerce Certified Specialist Program

Ecommerce Certified Specialist Landing Page

I run two ecommerce stores of my own. I can’t call myself an “ecommerce specialist”, but both of my stores earn me some good profit every month. My stores aren’t industry leaders, but they are a good source of passive income for me and my family. This information is important, I’m not a wanna-be entrepreneur who just didn’t understand the product. I’ve been in the ecommerce market for more than 6 years now and I’ve learned a lot. I don’t sell any course. The reason I shared all this is because I want you to understand where I come from.

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I bought the Ecommerce Certified Specialist course on May XX 2020 after I came across its advertisement video on YouTube. I did not watch the whole ad as I was a little impatient and wanted to check out the course. I’m not going to lie. The landing page got me hooked. I wanted to boost up my ecomm business. At least I hoped to do that. The was claimed to be taught by ecommerce experts who have earned hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from ecommerce.

I was very excited and bought the course right then and there. However, they charged me ~$500, which was double the price mentioned in the page. I was taken aback by it but was too excited for the course and decided to deal with the payment issue later. The next day, I logged in and checked out the videos. I watched a few of the videos and glazed through the whole course only to find out it was trash.

In the videos Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr were spitting motivational BS along with some basics about ecommerce. This course seemed like it was taken word-by-word from a blog post on ecommerce newbie guide with some fake research sprinkled on top. It was surely not what they were marketing it to be. Still, I decided to go through the whole course within the next 2 weeks, only to make sure I wasn’t getting scammed. Well, by Wednesday of the 2nd week, I had watched all the videos and realized it was total BS!

There was nothing special about the course, it was just like any $10 Udemy course, but voiced by Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr. They did talk about how ecommerce is the future and stuff like that. But it wasn’t any useful information. Even the certificate provided by the Ecommerce Certified Specialist course is utterly useless. It has no value.

My friend had bought the same course a week before, but we haven’t talked in a while. That day, I DMed her and asked if she liked the course. Her reply was just like I expected. I’ve copied the whole thing down below. If you see any grammatical errors, then don’t blame me by the way, I haven’t edited anything. (FYI: I have taken my friend’s permission to use the text messages on this post):

You. Wont. Believe it.
The course is garbage. The guys in the course were only talking about their own perspectives which, honestly, sound childish and have no basis. There is not a lot of videos in the course, you can go through it in a week or so. Idk how they claim you need 4 mo to finish it. Crazy s#it. I’ve been tryna get a refund but they are not responding to my request. They accidently took $493 out from my card instead of $247, but I think it will be refunded. They can’t just take money out of people’s credit cards right? Anyways, I hope they reply and I get my refund, because man do I need some money right now.

My friend’s text messages on the Ecommerce Certified Specialist course

I would’ve added the screenshots, but I’m using my laptop to write this whole thing and the screenshots are in my phone. We both have not received our refunds yet and honestly, I’ve lost all hope. That’s a thousand bucks we are never going to see again.

Why You CAN’T Trust ANY Ecommerce Certified Specialist Reviews Online

Now, this is something that shocked me to the core. It sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory but I have all the evidence to back my claim that you cannot trust any Ecommerce Certified Specialist reviews. Not the YouTube ones, not the ones on Google, None! Why? Because they are all paid off!!!

Tai Lopez launched an affiliate section on his website. This method helps him get fake PR from all around the web. All the reviewers who are talking about the Ecommerce Certified Specialist course, have their own link which has a tracker in it. When anyone makes a purchase through that specific link, the reviewer will get around 50% of the revenue.

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There is nothing wrong with doing affiliate marketing as long as you explicitly state that you are AFFILIATED with the product you are reviewing. However, NONE of the Ecommerce Certified Specialist review articles and videos say it. Some people pointed it out in the comments however, the reviewers deleted them. They don’t want people to find out the truth, because if they do, then the reviewers won’t get their revenue.

The most popular Ecommerce Certified Specialist review, is the one by August University YouTube Channel. The guy did not even buy the product and posted a review on it! The whole review is a covert promotion of the product. Someone in the comments pointed out the affiliate link in the description of the video.

How are you going to review something that you’ve never actually tried? Like seriously dude? You seem like a smart dude but this is BS! You like to be transparent but your an affiliate and partnered with Tai Lopez and expect us to believe your not biased with your so-called “reviews” Yeah okay buddy theirs a reason you only have 262 susbcribers.

A Comment on the Ecommerce Certified Specialist review on YouTube

I haven’t seen such a thing before where even the reviews we rely upon are fake. If I had known about this earlier, I wouldn’t have lost my money. These reviewers have no shame. They only care about money.

Sketchy Disclaimer

At the bottom of the Ecommerce Certified Specialist website, there’s a disclaimer which is full of legal jargon. It basically means that you won’t be as successful as Tai Lopez or any examples he mentions in the course and if you buy the program, then you can’t sue him. Yeah, if you use the strategies told in the Ecommerce Certified Specialist course and get bank corrupt because of it, then Tai takes no responsibility for it.

Let me clarify one thing though, there is not a thing wrong in disclaimers, however, if you are going to make bizarre claims and then add a disclaimer which handicaps the customer, then it is just unethical. This disclaimer gives Tai Lopez all the power over the people who decide to buy the program. It is his bullet proof Kevlar vest which protects him from getting any backlash for literally ruining lives around the globe.

This is a strategy that I’m sure must be used by all the fake gurus online. It is their main defensive weapon because of which the modern fake gurus are rarely getting sued. The disclaimer totally disarms the victim and thus, they don’t even get the power to make a case. All we can do is help spread the truth.

2.4 Total Score
Conclusion: Ecommerce Certified Specialist Review

I wish I could give any valid reason for you to buy the Ecommerce Certified Specialist Tai Lopez course, but unfortunately there isn’t. This whole course is not worth it’s enormous price. $257 might not be a big amount for everyone, but for me, it is a sum that I can’t just give away. I learned about Tai Lopez’s scam the hard way, you don’t have to. I can’t even fathom how many people must’ve been scammed already by the Ecommerce Certified Specialist course.
This Ecommerce Certified Specialist course teaches the very basics of ecommerce and doesn’t go into any detail. You will need to learn most of the technicalities about ecommerce on your own, as this course only touches on the major subjects without going in depth. Avoid it!
If you know any enthusiastic entrepreneur who might fall victim to this scam, then I plead that you share this post with them. It might save them a lot of money and frustration.

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  1. Somebody please help me. I bought the tai lopez eCommerce course last month and in the two weeks, he has withdrawn $247 from my account. I want a refund but the customer service is not responding to my emails. That money is really important for me right now because of some personal reasons. I only bought the course because they had a 30 day money back guarantee but now I’m not even getting a response. If anyone can help me get my refund from ecommercecertifiedspecialist.com then I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance!

  2. 1.1

    EcommerceCertifiedSpecialist.com Review 2020: My Experience With Tai Lopez’s latest course

    I’ve been a big follower of Mr. Lopez. I don’t hide the fact that I have a bias with him. Even though I haven’t received any direct professional help from his videos, he has definitely helped me get into reading books and become more extroverted. But this course is unfortunately not as good as some of the early courses of Mr. Lopez. How do I know this? I actually got it when I saw its ad on YouTube.

    Biggest issue with this course is its mere simplicity. Its too simple for its price and claims. After you go through this course, you won’t have enough knowledge about eCommerce to start your own store and run it successfully. You’ll need to buy another course and read blogs to become competent enough to launch your own eCommerce store. But this is not made clear in the course’s landing page.

    Who should buy the Ecommerce Specialist course?

    If you already have a successful ecommerce business and a fan of Tai Lopez, then this course might prove to be useful as it might help give you a new perspective. But if you are a beginner or know nothing about ecommerce, then please do not buy the ecommerce specialist course, its not for you.

    If you liked this review or if this review helped you in any way then please leave a thumbs up, it would mean a lot to me ????

    + PROS: Tai is always fun to watch
    - CONS: Not good for beginners Little overpriced Worse than his previous courses
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  3. Bro you literally saved me two hundred bucks. I was reading all these weird reviews on it everywhere and now everything got clear. Man it really sounds like a big big conspiracy theory that all the reviews you see online are sponsored and s#it. Thanks for writing this whole thing.

    • Just don’t ask for your refund because they won’t give your money back, even if it’s within 30 days. They will string you along giving you time frames they won’t meet. I’m still waiting for my almost $2,000

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