is an extortion ring that targets small businesses to make a living. They have been harassing my business for months. Their website posted a fictitious review about my products and claimed that I’m running a scam, even though they offered no proof to back their claims. 

The people running this blog don’t hesitate to ask for money too. When I contacted them about the reviews they had posted about my business, they replied by saying they won’t remove it for free. 

They wanted me to pay them $10,000 to remove the review. This is clear extortion. posts multiple articles a week and I’m certain I’m not the only person they are harassing with fictitious and crooked reviews. I believe the people running this extortion ring should be put behind bars. Running my business during the pandemic was already very difficult. I had to pay my staff, provide for my family, and then when things started to get back to normal, posted a scathing review on my business, calling it a scam. 

When I told those guys that I can’t arrange $10,000 they told me that they can’t do anything about it. Their email said, “That’s your problem”, if I remember correctly. 

I’m already struggling to pay off the debt I incurred during the lockdown so I could pay my staff and feed my family. Now these people are harassing me and targeting my livelihood. These are greedy crooks and the lowest filth of society. 

Their website has a ton of reviews which claim to be exposing scams. I’m 100% sure that most of those reviews are fake and are targeted towards honest businesses for the sake of extortion. should be booked for defrauding businesses during a pandemic. They are villains and deserve the treatment a villain gets. If someone from personal-reviews is reading this post, please know that I would never pay you $10,000 for removing an article that only speaks lies and nothing else. are criminals! 

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I’m not the only victim of 

I’m not the only businessperson who is a victim of this vicious company’s shenanigans. There are many businesses that are struggling because of this scammer. When I looked up personal-reviews on the internet, I found a ton of complaints from users all across the country. People are done with this fraudster. 

Too many people are losing customers because of this company. What’s worse is that most of those reviewers are small business owners. They don’t have a lot of resources, especially after this virus and the lockdowns. These businesses are already struggling to get back to normal conditions. Scammers like personal-reviews dot com are making things worse for them. They are harassing small business owners and think it’s okay to do so when it’s definitely not. 

Read about:

I don’t know how such a website is even allowed to run. Even the email personal-reviews dot com has shared on its homepage is of a Gmail account. If it were a legit operation, it would have had a proper email address belonging to Nevertheless, all this website does is post negative reviews on small businesses so it can extort from them. 

Following are some additional reviews exposing this shady website: 

Reviews from other victims


As you can see in this review, the person claims they are a scam website. According to them, bad-mouths companies without having any information on the issue. At the end of their review, the person is warning others to be wary of this scam.


This review also says that personal-reviews dot com is a scam operation. They say that it’s a fake website and others shouldn’t click on it. 


According to this review, this website belongs to a group of scammers who rely on manipulating others so they would read their biased reviews on other organizations. They recommend checking out on trustpilot because there are too many negative reviews on the company there. 

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This reviewer points out the same thing other reviews were saying. They say that personal-reviews dot com is a scam website that asks money from businesses after it posts negative articles about them. They would ask the businesses for money  to take down those negative articles. This person was a digital marketing executive at that company and shared their experience of working with that firm. If I was working at an extortion ring like this, I would also be ashamed of myself and take action against them. I’m glad this person came to his senses and contributed to exposing this dangerous scam. 


According to this person, is a fake website. They focus on scamming genuine businesses listed online and give no information in their reviews. The website uses some vague content that it copies from other websites. The reviewer also says that you should ignore all the reviews posted on personal-reviews dot com and ignore their messages where they say they will help you recover your funds. Clearly, this website is a scam operation as this person also pointed out the low-quality email they use. No legitimate online business uses a Gmail account to talk to customers. 


It’s obvious that this website is filled with nonsense so it can take out businesses and extort from them. They don’t care about anyone or their business. They only care about themselves, which shows that they are only a scam, nothing more. If I was involved with this business, I wouldn’t be able to live as myself. I had no idea such extortion rings even existed in the current day and age. 

There are many things a person can do to make an honest living. However, the people behind the website, don’t know how to make a legitimate living. All they know is how they can scam legitimate businesses and extort money out of them. The various reviews I shared above also expose the ludicrous way this business tries to extort from honest businesses in the nation. Report this website to the FTC! That’s the best course of action we can take. 

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  2. I was scammed yesterday afternoon her Instagram is maria_jewels please she took my instagrams and I can’t get it back she’s scamming a lot of people and it’s not right

    • I too have been tricked by PROBITS. Afterwards I was so focused on profit that I allowed myself to be talked into all sorts of things. With a very warm friendly approach, they want to give you the impression that they are doing everything for you for an optimal profit result. But money had to be deposited every time.
      All in all, when I got out my tuition fee had risen to
      € 59000. Probits is nothing.
      Only annoyance and disappointment is the result

  3. 0.5
    10 is a scam. They are sponsored by scammers such as Alphafxc etc. not only that but someone on here mentioned trust pilot. That is also not helpful. Trust pilot rate Alphafxc quite highly even though they are recognized officially by national government organisations as a scam. Then there are the scam recovery scams. There are 100s if not thousands of these people/ groups. Who do they target. Honest, hard working people who try to provide a decent life and living for their families. Thankfully, I know that there is a reckoning for people such as this.

    - CONS: Just that. It is a con
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