Rohit Reddy Bathina: Involved in a Bribery and Corruption Case? Exposed! (Update 2024)

Rohit Reddy Bathina
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Rohit Reddy Bathina is a business executive involved in multiple scams in India. Find out more about his illegal activities in this review.

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Rohit Reddy Bathina, who is a member of the group implicated in this entire content, was convicted of bribery and detained after the verdict. Let’s find out what Rohit Reddy Bathina is genuinely being revealed about in the article.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) detained Rohit Reddy Bathina, the director of BGR Mining and Infra Private Limited, on Saturday in connection with a case of alleged bribery involving Director Finance Kulamani Biswal of National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC).

Earlier this week, sections 11 and 12 of the Prevention of Corruption Act of 1988, as well as section 120-B (criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), were used to hold Biswal in custody.

Businessman Rohit Reddy Bathina was detained by the CBI, according to sources, in connection with a case involving NTPC director of finance Kulamani Biswal that involves allegations of corruption.

In accordance with the CBI’s FIR, NTPC director Kulamani Biswal requested that the board of directors of the corporation set aside US dollars worth roughly Rs 5 lakh for him to utilize while going abroad.

The agency claimed that Bathina, the director of BGR Mining and Infra Pvt Limited, was arrested about nine days after filing an FIR and conducting searches at multiple locations, including Bathina’s and Biswal’s home premises.

Recently, Umapathy Reddy, Rohit Reddy Bathina’s father, was questioned by the agency.

Using evidence the CBI had discovered, a spokeswoman for the agency claimed Bathina had been called in for questioning at the headquarters and was later imprisoned.

NTPC employees Prabhat Kumar, Kulamani Biswal, and Rohit Reddy Bathina have all been the subject of an FIR filed by the agency.

At NTPC, the largest energy firm in the country, Biswal serves on the board of directors. The government fired him as a result of the CBI action.

The sources state that Kumar, a close friend of Bathina, agreed to pay Biswal Rs 5 lakh in an allegedly illegal payment.

The agency’s FIR claims that Biswal requested Bathina to obtain US money worth about Rs 5 lakh so he could utilize it while traveling abroad.

He was slated to take departure for his international excursion via plane.

In Delhi or Bhubaneshwar, Bathina allegedly volunteered to provide the money.

1/12/2023 Update
As of now, Rohit Reddy Bathina has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

According to the agency, once Biswal demanded it, Bathina told him that Kumar would deliver the funds to Delhi. The money will subsequently be converted to US dollars by Biswal. Biswal then requested that Bathina send him the funds in Indian rupees.

The claim states that “Bathina organized the delivery of Rs 5 lakh in cash through hawala channels to Prabhat Kumar for subsequent delivery to Kulamani Biswal in Delhi.”

When he was taken into custody by the organization, Kumar was reportedly on his way to give the money.

What is the Bibery Case? 

Bribery is the factor of delivering money or valuable items to persuade someone to do something.

Prior Accusations Made Against Rohit Reddy Bathina

The use of dump trucks in India’s mining industry

The 350 P410 tipper trucks were provided by the Swedish truck and bus manufacturer Scania to BRG Mining, which was once headed by Rohit Reddy Bathina. Since 2007, the company’s Indian affiliate has been the top supplier of construction and mining equipment for the mining industry.

Tipper trucks, also known as dump trucks, are used to transport loose objects like sand, gravel, loose pebbles, and other similar materials. On mining sites, certain areas are inaccessible until lost objects are loaded off. 

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Tipper trucks are used in settings such as open-pit mines where they are in charge of discharging the loose material at a certain spot or region. The storage space is in the back and is supported by pistons that tilt the space forward to allow for the disposal of lost material. Usually, hydraulic pistons are used.

As a result of the equipment’s direct contribution to each country’s infrastructure development, the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) have also been the top consumers of tipper trucks.

Scania has made a significant contribution to the mining industry in India by creating a customized fleet management system. This gadget allows for the tracking of driving patterns, fuel consumption, idle time for tippers, and tipper locations. As a result, it is less complicated to monitor the gasoline emissions from the trucks in accordance with the government-set allowable emission level.

Businesses and the government have been striving to generate another fuel (electric, biogas, or hybrid) because there is likely to be an increase in demand for tipper trucks. However, the industry is eagerly anticipating the potential of bio-diesel tipper trucks in the following five years.

What do you know about Rohit Reddy Bathina?

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Rohit Reddy Bathina, who excelled in school, was born on September 5, 1989, in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. He graduated from Hyderabad’s Meridian School and at the time cleared the JEE exam. At the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Bathina decided to enroll in a dual degree program, acquiring both his graduate and postgraduate engineering degrees in civil engineering.

His period as a finance and economics intern at Harvard University in Massachusetts was one of the pinnacles of his academic career. Only Rohit Reddy Bathina, who was in his class, interned there. He enthusiastically participated in the hands-on training provided by the businesses as a requirement for his degree.

The management of Open Cast projects by Rohit Reddy Bathina, his skill in negotiating contractor costs, and his emphasis on the use of machinery for maximum efficiency led to the firm making significant profits and improving workflow. He took command of all tender-related activities at BGR Mining without delay. Despite maintaining his private life in the shadows, sources said that he loves to travel and has played table tennis in the past. Rohit Reddy Bathina wed in 2014, as well. But is it really true about him? Just think about it.

Rate of Corruption Cases in India

Let’s start by talking about the level of corruption in India. Do you realize that despite being in a state of development, India is still plagued with scandal? There are many anecdotes I could share with you, but for now, I’ll only mention a few that have to do with CBI. The Indian Government is also involved in these controversies to foster corruption.
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According to the Corruption Perceptions Index, which ranks countries according to how honest their public sector is, the United States was ranked 85th out of 180 in 2021. Officials diverting cash from government welfare initiatives is just one of many things that contribute to corruption.

According to the 2019 India Corruption Survey, 51% of respondents acknowledged taking bribes. The worst performers in the nation were Rajasthan and Bihar, where 78% and 75% of respondents, respectively, admitted to paying bribes.

Chanda Kochar was involved in one of India’s largest bank fraud cases in a decade

In connection with the Rs 3,000 crore Videocon Group loan fraud, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)  detained Chanda Kochhar and her husband Deepak Kochhar. A number of additional individuals were also charged in the case in accordance with the applicable IPC criminal conspiracy section and provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

An FIR was made against Chanda Kochhar, the former CEO of ICICI Bank, her husband Deepak Kochhar, and Venugopal Dhoot, the managing director of the Videocon business, for alleged irregularities in loans made by the financial institution to the group back in 2012.

 When Kochhar was the CEO of ICICI, he borrowed Dhoot’s Videocon Group Rs 3,250 crore. This case relates to that time. The loan to Videocon, according to a whistleblower who had shares in both the bank and the group, was motivated by Kochhar in return for an agreement to invest in NuPower Renewables and Supreme Energy, a clean-energy company run by Kochhar’s spouse.

Similarly, India has faced many other cases involving corruption, which are as follows:


According to a CBI source, Rohit Reddy Bathina gave the money to Biswal, who was due to fly to the United States with the family, after he had acquired it through Hawala networks. It was requested that Kumar give it to Biswal.

The FIR claims that Biswal, a government employee who had been hired by Bathina’s company as a result of the deal between NTPC Limited and BGR Mining and Infra Private Limited, tried to buy expensive products for his own use without being paid by the company.

Rohit Reddy Bathina: Involved in a Bribery and Corruption Case? Exposed! (Update 2024)
Rohit Reddy Bathina: Involved in a Bribery and Corruption Case? Exposed! (Update 2024)

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