EXPOSED! Avner FX Review: The Truth about this dubious broker

Avner FX is an offshore online trader working in the foreign exchange market. They pretend to provide top-level services to their customers. They offer services in CFDs, Forex trade, and other trading activities. Avner FX claims to provide services to its customer at the most economical price. The firm claims to offer its customers trading services in FX, Equities, Indices, Cryptos, and other activities through a single account. They claim to offer 100% bonuses which is a way to attract investments.

Did you Know?

CFD (contract for differences) is an advanced trading tool and a contract between an investor and a CFD broker to exchange the ‘gap-value’ of a financial entity, that can be securities or derivatives. 

There are several points you should consider before investing your money. 

It will help you make the right decision for investment if you read this true review on Avner FX. You will be tired of remaking your investment decisions. Moreover, you can also consider several factors as given below to make a sensible trade decision.

These trusted companies apply tried and tested methods to get good results in the trading world, Unlike Avner FX. The prices of various markets change rapidly. So, cautious measures are required to prevent unexpected losses.

Avner FX Review provides the option to select a range of accounts for its customers and grants its customers flexible trading opportunities. Moreover, automatic trading is liked by people because it does not mix trading with emotions.  Also, it will support you to escape from the wrong tools because they will not show good returns. 

Avner FX offers the trader an exclusive trade atmosphere and trade education. Also, as a newcomer, you expect to get informative educational material. However, the firm does not show any educational materials which can guide you about the basics of investing. Consequently, without knowledge and trade education, you will hardly earn any returns. The company offers high leverage of up to 1:500, which will also apply in case of loss and you can understand that it is how much risk.

Avner FX does not show the data of its founder and other workers. So it is not sure that you are doing business with people, who are well trained and experienced to run the trade functions. The identity of the people should be known who are working behind any trading platform. The firm is also not able to reveal data about the function of its software and the use of the algorithm.

How does Avner FX Works?

Avner FX does not possess any trusted way of operation, and its top agenda is only to get your funds. You should run the demo account until they provide more information on their site. However, it is also not easy to access their demo account because you will require to follow the whole signup process. They pretend to provide the latest technology in use to earn a high level of returns. The data of their owners and the functioning of the software are still a hidden agenda.

Furthermore, they claim to be the top broker in the trading market, and clients often come back due to their unbelievable services. They also claim a high level of transparency however their way of working shows very much ambiguity. Avner FX claims to achieve massive profit targets that highly recognized companies can hardly get.

Moreover, it will be great if you are careful regarding these traps even if you are offered a 100% bonus on the first investment. This type of company will ensure you provide any service until they get the deposit from you. Avner FX, will not respond to you like other scammers and block your access to their platform.

Avner FX does not post previous trade data showing the returns of the previous time. Also, past data of at least six months will be helpful to you to understand the expected profits from the company. This investment firm does not assure you of fast trade activities unlike other companies in the market, hence your money is at risk. The use of MT7 is also not trustable.

Avner FX Funds Safety 

Avner FX Funds Safety 

Avner FX does not provide any surety for the safety of funds and they can misuse your data or it may also go into the hands of scammers. The safety of your investment should be a priority always. This firm reveals so many red flags that show that your money is not safe. They claim to have good experience in world trading but how can you trust the unknown people who have not shown their identity?

Avner FX does not possess any past data that can prove that people enjoyed any returns through their services. You can not expect any extraordinary services from them. Moreover, it is very difficult to test the firm before the investment of money because you have to complete the signup procedure first.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposit and Withdrawal

Avner FX has not mentioned the minimum amount of investment. However, they disclose several methods that you can deposit into your account. You can use Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, and Wire transfer to deposit funds into your account. Accordingly, you must use a credit and debit card to transfer funds to your account because they provide up to a 540 days chargeback period. The transactions through Wire transfer are irreversible.

Avner FX does not reveal any proof to ensure that customers can withdraw their money successfully from the firm. Furthermore, you have to try for a longer period to get access to your investments with the firm. Dubious companies like Avner FX use various excuses to possess your money as long as they can to get their benefits. Also, this type of scammer has no refund policy for you to receive your funds back.  

Customer Support

Customer Support

Avner FX claims to provide customer support through email and phone, in case of any problem with their customers. Also, they offer a live chat facility on their webpage. However, they will hardly reply or respond to your query once you deposit your investment with the company.

customer support services play a pivotal role in getting the trust of the customers of any company.

However, it is a mystery how they provide their customers with support and a friendly interface. There is no data available about the owners and workers of the firm. 

Legal Status of the Avner FX

Avner FX does not disclose any legal certification. They are not regularized by any regulatory body. Resultantly, you can not depend upon this firm for profits. Regulated trading firms should be considered for good profits against your investment.

The lawful brokers work with utmost transparency and you can easily check the regularity documents they provide. Illegal firms do not survive in the trade market for a long time. They violate trade regulations when they want to earn unlawful personal benefits. Regulation of the firm is very important and in most countries in the world, it is illegal to collect funds from the public without recognition. Avner FX owners and other persons behind the firm conceal personal data from the public. This type of firm does not afford regulatory charges and becomes bankrupt in most cases.

So you must invest your funds only with reliable, well-known, expert, and authorized brokers to earn good returns. They will also provide you with a secure and profitable business platform with low risk.



The Avnex FX is not regularized or monitored by anybody or authority.

Which type of trading platform does Avnex Fx provide?

The company provides its customers with a basic trading platform on the web.

Is the Avnex FX location known?

This firm has not disclosed its actual location.

2.5Expert Score
Avner FX Conclusion

Avner FX does not have traceable trade activities in the past which can satisfy that, they are doing regular business. The firm does not provide the data of its founders, so you should not rely upon unknown people to earn profit. They claim to use the MT7 platform which is not well-known in the trading market. Also, the firms’ location is unknown and it is not regularized by any authority.

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