Axis Financial Solutions Reviews- Is it a scam or not? (2023)

Axis Financial Solutions Reviews
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Axis Financial Services claims to be a Carlsbad, California-based private debt collection service.
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Axis Financial Solutions Reviews claims to be a Carlsbad, California-based private debt collection service. There appear to be several complaints against Axis Financial Solutions Reviews alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Before taking action if a debt collector contacts you, be sure you understand your rights.

Axis Financial Solutions Reviews claims to collect on behalf of creditors in the student loan, government, and timeshare industries, according to the company’s LinkedIn page. As a result, the purported debt that they may be contacting you about is most likely from one of the collection areas stated above.

As asserted and claimed by Axis Financial Solutions Reviews, their services include “invoicing and payment processing, customer support, delinquent account collections, and portfolio owner/manager services.” If you have been approached by this collections company, you should try to verify the debt by contacting the collections company for more information on your alleged debt. Obtaining this information is critical since, due to debt outsourcing, one collection account can result in multiple reports on your credit file if the debt is not dealt with.

According to the PACER website’s litigation database, consumers who claimed they were harassed by Axis Financial Solutions Reviews, Inc. elected to dispute its allegations rather than pay.

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Axis Financial Solutions Reviews- Allegations 

According to customer reviews, Axis Financial Solutions Reviews, Inc. sent a collection letter to a Michigan client on or around January 5, 2014. It stated, “You must pay your account in full immediately,” despite the fact that such a demand appeared to overshadow his right to contest the claim.

Axis Financial Solutions Reviews, Inc. hounded the consumer, so he engaged an attorney and sued the corporation for the following alleged FDCPA violations:

  • Using false and deceptive means to collect a debt
  • Overshadowing his dispute rights

The matter was later dismissed.

In case of fraud, one should hire a Consumer Lawyer

The phone numbers for Axis Financial Solutions Reviews, Inc. are:

6bXd fmZzuVSvjjRgJ39A8GLIuCEZWuwC6YCnEK57kAzQbij94 bp2kvEO0BF8fQvhz3OAxowmNM BO3agJWaJzH8wDR2wyXBwHDhpxYl

Are you receiving harassing phone calls from any of the numbers listed below?

760-929-6680, 888-831-2947, (760) 929-6680, (888) 831-2947, 7609296680, 8888312947

If you answered yes, you are getting calls from a known AF number. You could be the target of AF phone harassment.  The preceding list does not include all of the numbers that AF employs. The calls may come from a different number, but they are still from Axis Financial Solutions Reviews.  Please contact our office as soon as possible so that we can begin the process of preventing AF from phoning you illegally. Above all, no one should have to put up with harassment!

Axis Financial Solutions Reviews, Inc. debt collectors are on the line whenever they appear on your caller ID. Don’t pay if they demand immediate payment while you have 30 days to challenge a debt.

Call a consumer lawyer instead, who can explain your rights and assist you in filing a lawsuit against Axis Financial Solutions Reviews, Inc. When a debt collector makes unreasonable demands, pursuing an FDCPA case might result in substantial compensation for you.

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Axis Financial Solutions Reviews- Axis Financial Phone Harassment?

Is Axis Financial Solutions Reviews attempting to contact you? Stop the phone harassment from Axis Financial Solutions Reviews. Do they threaten to sue you or garnish your wages? Are they phoning you at all hours of the day and night? Do they inform your family and neighbors that you owe money?  If this is the case, what they are doing is illegal and must be stopped. You have a legal right to be free of AF phone harassment. If a collection agency breaches the FDCPA, you may be entitled to statutory damages of up to $1,000.00, as well as attorney expenses.

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Axis Financial Solutions Reviews- Tactics for Axis Financial Collection

You may have a case if Axis Financial Solutions Reviews uses any of the following tactics:

  • Using vulgar or harsh language
  • Trying to reach you before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m.
  • Calling you several times per week Discussing your debt with others
  • Contacting your place of employment
  • Threatening to sue, hurt, or ruin your credit
  • Informing you or another person that you have committed a crime
  • Calling the wrong person repeatedly
  • Failure to inform you of your right to contest the debt
  • Attempting to acquire more than is legally permitted

Yes, you have the right to sue. If you believe your FDCPA, TCPA, or CFPA rights have been violated, you should file a lawsuit. When your legal rights have been violated, the proper course of action is to sue. Because federal laws protect citizens like you from these deceptive activities, you should opt to provide yourself the ability to defend your rights and collect compensation by suing if you believe they have been violated. Individuals like you may be able to recover up to $1,000 in damages, plus attorney expenses and court costs.

Axis Financial Solutions Reviews- Let’s have a glimpse of what people have to say about Axis Financial Solutions 

One of the customers complained about Axis Financial Solutions Reviews and mentioned that she had settlement issues with the company she mentioned the following- 

I have tried to work with Axis Financial Solutions Reviews and come to a settlement agreement with them. I contacted my account manager’s manager, and he wanted to settle with me for $7,000. I counter-offered back at $3,000 and was told that was insufficient I then did another counter of $3,500 and was totally ignored. After waiting for quite some time to get a response I then offered again $4,000 to settle the account in full which was more than half of the $7,000 that I was originally offered. I was then ignored yet again and had to reach out to the original account manager who offered yet again $5,500 to settle this account.

Now all of a sudden I was told by her that they want the outstanding that’s owed as well as for me to continue making the bi-weekly payments to them. I informed her that I was on disability and could not afford to pay the outstanding balance as well as continue to make bi-weekly payments hence the fact that I am in the process of filing for bankruptcy as well as trying to do a settlement with Axis.

Now with that said, the account manager that I am dealing with has not been professional whatsoever in dealing with me and trying to understand my situation and help me. She insisted that I decline their offer of $7,000 to settle which I never did. As any other human being would I try to negotiate a settlement that was doable for myself as well as for Axis to gain a lump sum of money from the $7,000 that they offered.

This account manager has now threatened me yet again to have the vehicle repossessed which is not even worth the $7,000 that they are asking for as it has had a serious accident worth over $16,000. I was originally asked to find out what the value of the vehicle is and its current state and seeing that it is a 2015 Nissan Altima with 145,000 KM and taking into consideration the amount of damage it has had to it, I was able to take it to three places and get an estimate and the vehicle was estimated to be worth no more than $6,500 max.

During this whole time that I have raised my offers, I have had to borrow money from friends and family to try and please Axis and come as close as I could to their original offer. I do have to say I was never counter-offered at all nor was I told once I gave my offers that they could no longer accept less than the $7,000 which was their original offer to settle with me.

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Had they informed me that that’s all they would take, I would have tried my best to come up with that settlement amount. With that said I have done my best to try and settle this in a respectful and professional matter however my account manager seems to take this very personally and is making it very difficult for me to try and work with Axis in a reasonable settlement amount that benefits both parties.

I am trying to do what is right to the best of my abilities and not sign my bankruptcy documents like others would and just forfeit everything. I am trying to acknowledge that there is a loan that I have and trying to give back as much as I can towards it to settle. The senior collection specialist’s name is Erin Fleming. Her manager’s name is Santiago Godinho.”

tyhsLD YmW0gYplSjsXx1 p6w5oK424C6 oVxAqW1p9caqEJd21C8IVHQbSaW8u

Another customer called the company ridiculous as it appeared to be corrupt after a year. What that customer said in his complaint was that this firm is ludicrous after barely a year. They want sums that do not exist, their response time is extremely long, and when they have to speak with us, it is pure harassment.

He begged for two months to switch from one easy bank account to another, and they continued to receive payments in a closed account, accusing him of being a bad payer! What a bunch of liars! Worst financial institution on the earth. Now he is stuck; he can’t even finance elsewhere or switch automobiles since they send inaccurate information to the credit agency. So, he is content? Certainly not!

p9G664bJiNXLkhpygVjZeS0FIRbI8sqgZ y6YnJmCEsn89tYHT0LOkAOFcfIGpfiDMhwVWNizLiOYapfyY16

One of the customers complained that Axis Financial Solutions Reviews Auto Finance is trying to come after him for money he doesn’t owe them. He mentioned that- “ Axis Auto Finance is trying to come after me for money I don’t owe them. I financed a car from them and couldn’t afford it. I did a Bankruptcy and surrendered the vehicle. Now 5 years later they saying I owe them. Not possible. Again I did a Bankruptcy in 2016 and surrendered the vehicle to them.”

SbjSAtiiUhoouUUumiBeJzaaQ2qF1pmMU2Q6 3j7c4fElCSkd ZrTIJuIL OXw2sJo JvRp1 Kcf nVSUBlrocnLr2GGz1hi12BiPH3jkUHReGUBACdMSJfwPvJLT8 kONyjpFUepFjNP0MtAjjbGtE

Source- Axis Auto Finance Services: Complaints, Customer Claims, Free Resolution Services | ComplaintsBoard

Axis Financial Solutions Reviews- Is Axis Financial Solutions Reviews legit?

Axis Financial Solutions Reviews Services’ contact information was clear and detailed. The company offers a physical address, phone number, email address, and three social media sites. This displays a dedication to customer service and transparency, which is a good sign for establishing customer trust.

Axis Financial Solutions Reviews demonstrates its commitment to customer happiness and effectively addressing customer issues by resolving 70% of 10 unfavorable ratings. Certain practical issues, such as excessive wait times or useless responses, may still need to be solved.

On our website, Axis Auto Finance Services has received 6 favorable ratings. This is a positive sign that clients who choose to work with the company will have a safe and dependable experience.

Axis Financial Solutions Reviews might benefit from a long registered date for because it displays a commitment to maintaining the website and its domain name for an extended period of time. It also implies that the organization is well-organized and has taken precautions to protect its web visibility.

The domain age of Axis Financial Solutions Reviews shows that they have had enough time to create a reputation as a trustworthy provider of information and services. This might reassure potential clients looking for high-quality items or services. has a valid SSL certificate, which indicates that the website is secure and trustworthy. Look for the padlock icon in the browser and the “https” prefix in the URL to confirm that the website is using SSL.

Our scan shows Axis Financial Solutions Reviews website is free from malware and phishing activities, which are types of online threats that can include viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, and other malicious code, as social engineering tactics used to trick users into sharing their personal information.

Our scan shows Axis Financial Solutions Reviews website is free from malware and phishing activities, which are types of online threats that can include viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, and other malicious code, as social engineering tactics used to trick users into sharing their personal information.

See also  Easy Street Capital - Lawsuit and Mistreatment of Clients Review 2023 is considered safe to access because it is secured by a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that employs the Domain Name System (DNS) to help protect networks from online threats.

A trust mark for has been detected, but it is critical to verify the trust mark and its source to guarantee that it is real. Verify the veracity of the trust mark by clicking on it and visiting the website of the issuing institution.

Several people have expressed reservations about Axis Financial Solutions Reviews’ validity as a job board or recruiter. We recommend that you use this website with caution and properly study any job possibilities or offers before providing personal information. regularly updates its policies to reflect changes in laws, and regulations. These policies are easy to find and understand, and they are written in plain language that is accessible to all customers. This helps customers understand what they are agreeing to and what to expect from Axis Financial Solutions Reviews. has relatively low traffic compared to other websites, it could be due to a niche focus, but could also indicate a potential lack of traffic and popularity. The may offer a niche product or service that is only of interest to a smaller audience.

Axis Financial Solutions Reviews- How to spot a Debt Collection Scam?

Warning Signs 

When a credit card, vehicle loan, or mobile phone payment falls past due, the original creditor may try to recover the amount owed. The creditor may also employ a debt collector or sell the debt to someone who will attempt to collect it. While there are many legal debt collectors in the financial industry, there are also fraudsters who may attempt to get you to pay debts that you do not owe or that do not even exist.

Refuses to provide you with information

A debt collector must advise you of facts such as the creditor’s name, and the amount owing, and that if you dispute the claim, the debt collector must acquire verification of the debt. If the debt collector fails to disclose this information during the initial contact, they must issue you a written notice within five days after the initial contact.

You are pressed to pay by money transfer or prepaid card.

Scammers like these payment methods because they are sometimes untraceable, making it difficult to recover your funds.

Threatens you with jail time or pretends to be a government official

However, be aware that if you owe criminal fines or restitution, it is possible that failure to pay may result in your arrest.

They claim they will inform your family, friends, and employment. 

Some scammers may threaten to divulge your debts to family, friends, coworkers, or employers in order to persuade you to pay. Without your permission, a debt collector is generally not permitted to inform others about your debt. They can simply inquire about your whereabouts in order to contact you.

You are unaware of the debt for which the person claims you owe money.

In order to ensure that the debt is yours, ask inquiries. Any debt collector who contacts you claiming you owe payment on a debt is required by law to provide you with specific debt information. This information must include the following:

The identity of the creditor

The total amount owed

Asks you for sensitive personal financial information

Such as your bank account, routing numbers, or Social Security numbers. You should never provide anyone with your personal financial information unless you are sure they’re legitimate. Scammers can use your information to commit identity theft.

Calls you at inconvenient times

Debt collectors cannot call you at an unusual time or place or at a time or place they know is inconvenient to you. You might be dealing with a scammer if you are called before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. 

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with Axis Financial Solutions Reviews but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.
Axis Financial Solutions Reviews- Is it a scam or not? (2023)
Axis Financial Solutions Reviews- Is it a scam or not? (2023)

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