Menaz Sulaman – Is He Another MLM Scammer?

Menaz Sulaman
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Menaz Sulaman owner of Northway Investments Ltd does not provide any verifiable ownership or executive information on its website.

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The names of Menaz Sulaman’s Northway Investments Ltd board of directors appear to be random:

Menaz Sulaman of Northway Investments Ltd

Menaz Sulaman owner of Northway Investments Ltd privately registered “” as the domain name for its website on July 24, 2022.

According to the Wayback Machine, Menaz Sulaman’s Northway Investments Ltd, website was launched in or around October 2022.

Menaz Sulaman owner of Northway Investments Ltd claims falsely that it “was founded on December 17, 1992,” even though it has only been around for a few months at most.

There is a private Facebook group of Menaz Sulaman, however, it appears to have been hijacked or stolen from another group.

The group was founded in 2021, although the two made-up Menaz Sulaman, profiles weren’t created until September and October of that same year.

Northway Investments Ltd history
12/12/2023 Update
As of now, Menaz Sulaman has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Also seeming to be hacked Facebook profiles with content that was undoubtedly stolen are group admins.

Again, I’m relying on posts from an incorrectly inserted chronology that refers to Menaz Sulaman owner of Northway Investments Ltd before it was established:

Menaz Sulaman MLM scam exposed on Facebook

Four hijacked Facebook accounts have undergone substantial editing so that they initially appear to be legitimate.

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The two marketing films Menaz Sulaman posted have made-up executives and hacked social media accounts together with stock footage and robot voiceover.

In an extra effort to appear respectable, Menaz Sulaman publishes its Canadian firm address on its website.

What is an MLM Scam?

Multi-level marketing (MLM), network marketing, or direct marketing businesses involve selling products to family and friends as well as recruiting others to do the same. However, some MLMs are illegal pyramid schemes.

The address is incorrect.

If an MLM company is not open about who owns or manages it, you should always think very carefully before joining and/or contributing any money to it.

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Products from Northway Investments Ltd.

Northway Investments Ltd does not provide any products or services to the general public.

Affiliates may only advertise Menaz Sulaman’s Northway Investments Ltd associate membership itself.

Compensation Plan for Northway Investments Ltd.

Tether (USDT) is an investment by affiliates of Menaz Sulaman’s Northway Investments Ltd. This is carried out on the promise of a passive return:

Quotidian100 to 49,999 USDT1.% a day365 days
Ensign500 to 49,999 USDT8.05% a day60 days
Crypto Punks50,000 to 499,999 USDT10% a day36 days
Sports Tokens100,000 to 499,999,999 USDT15% a day40 days
NFT Mint200,000 to 10,000,000 USDT17% a day26 days

Menaz Sulaman offers referral commissions on invested funds (unilevel) for hiring down two levels.

The referral commission rates depend on the tier at which the Northway Investments Ltd affiliate has invested.

-When you invest at the Quotidian tier, you will earn 12% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) and 3% on level 2.

-If you invest at the Ensign and CryptoPunks tiers, you will get 15% on level 1 and 5% on level 2 of your investment.

-At the Sports Token and NFT Mint tiers, earn 20% on level 1 and 5% on level 2 of your investments, respectively.

There are also references to “shares” and “mint rewards”. In addition to the primary passive returns, they appear to be distributed.

Northway Investments Ltd. does not provide any particular details.

Menaz Sulaman

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Northway Investments Ltd.: Joining

It costs nothing to join Northway Investments Ltd as an affiliate.

To effectively engage in the connected income opportunity, a minimum investment of $100 USDT is required.

How to protect your finances by identifying the variations between Ponzi and MLM schemes!

Ponzi schemes are fraud strategies using a shut-down company. However, the payment of fast returns to initial investors from the funds invested by later investors reassures the faith in the success of this ‘company’.

However, some direct sales companies use multi-level marketing (MLM) as a tactic to encourage their current distributors to recruit fresh distributors. A percentage of the sales produced by recruits is paid to current distributors as an incentive.

There are several key differences between Ponzi and marketing schemes, including the ones listed below:

1) The structures of MLMs and Ponzi schemes differ

Unquestionably, a Ponzi scheme setup offers no underlying goods. When investors request their money back, they are repaid with new cash that later investors supply. The portfolio manager, also referred to as the fund manager, receives money from investors and promises high rates of return (in comparison to other financial products).

However, with MLM, distributors receive a commission at various levels after selling a tangible commodity. In MLM, the initial participant must locate further investors who will locate additional investors who will locate additional investors, and so forth.

2) MLM money flow versus Ponzi scheme money flow

In a Ponzi scheme, the person who creates the deception retains all operational control. There are no true investing opportunities in the financial markets because money is only moved from one player to another.

With multi-level marketing, players receive a reward, though. This reward is presented as an opportunity for company growth, such as the right or chance to sell a specific good. To sell the promised items, each investor pays the person who signed them up for the opportunity, and the person who gets the money is obligated to split the earnings with others further down the pyramid.

Regarding the risks associated with each strategy, a Ponzi scheme sells a fake investment rather than a tangible product. However, MLM serves as a channel for the sale of physical items. 

The risks involved with Ponzi schemes are higher than those involved with MLM scams since there is no underlying product in them.

4) Payment protection

A Ponzi scheme requires participants to pay an upfront cost before they may obtain a reward. These participants mostly make money from enrollment fees instead of selling physical things.

However, candidates must also pay a fee upfront to join an MLM company. The key distinction is that MLM members always make money from both the cost of enrollment and the sale of products.

5) Lawfulness

MLM is considered to be just a marketing scheme with legitimate products to be sold and is therefore deemed to be legal in terms of the legality of each plan. Ponzi schemes, on the other hand, are viewed as fraudulent investment management services and are hence forbidden.

Despite the extravagant lives and incredibly high returns that were promised, many people have lost a sizable sum of money to Ponzi schemes AND MLM techniques. In certain schemes, returns are even promised or guaranteed. It’s even claimed that participants will be able to quit their jobs fast since they expect to make a very high return in the future.

Conclusion for Northway Investments Ltd.

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Other than using the names of their investment methods to make a connection, Menaz Sulaman owner of Northway Investments Ltd has nothing to do with NFT ventures.

The usual suspects are named as unverifiable outside sources of income:

-“CDF Trading” (supposed to be CFD trading)

-Cryptocurrency investment NFTs

-Real estate

-Blockchain technology

-Stock & shares

-Creating NFTs

-Daily live trade

There is no indication that Menaz Sulaman was involved in any of these operations, except for the fact that everything on the company’s website is untrue.

Another ridiculous claim is that Menaz Sulaman has $15 billion available:

image 352

The website of Menaz Sulaman’s Northway Investments Ltd is replete with exaggerated claims and assertions.

The claims involving the Webby Awards and the EY Entrepreneur of the Year are both easily refuted.

Menaz Sulaman makes a lot of effort to impress customers with false claims, but all it is doing is using newly invested money to pay off past investors.

This cryptocurrency is a classic MLM Ponzi.

The fresh investment will end as soon as affiliate recruiting does, as with all MLM Ponzi schemes.

Menaz Sulaman would eventually encounter a revenue dry spell and fail as a result.

Ponzi schemes are mathematically designed to collapse, with the majority of investors losing money.

Menaz Sulaman – Is He Another MLM Scammer?
Menaz Sulaman – Is He Another MLM Scammer?

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