Philip Cottrell Spain Gibraltar – Serial Scammer Burying the Truth

In December 2008, the Spanish fraud squad had arrested multiple people who had offices in Mijas and Fuengirola. These offices belonged to The most famous perjury case in America is of Alger Hiss, where he was found guilty of perjury (1950) as he lied about the passing the confidential documents to Whittaker Chambers, who was a communist spy.  Fortuna Estates, a company Philip Cottrell Spain Gibraltar was affiliated to. 

Did You Know?

Fortuna Estate was established in UK, and registered in registered at 36 St. Kilda’s Road, London, N16 5BZ in the year 2014. It is company related to real estate developer and builder based in Bangalore, India. It is a part of the Fortuna Group, which is known for construction, hospitality, and retail sectors, too. Although the firms are placed in dubious categories by their clients.

The investigation looked into a €65 million fraud

Spanish officials had questioned over 20 people during this investigation. 

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Fortuna Estates had changed its name to Fortuna Land in 2007. The company used to promise significant financial returns to investors through land reclassification projects in rural Andalucia. 

Their advertisements claimed that investors would see their raw undeveloped land turn into profitable commercial projects. Philip Cottrell Gibraltar was deeply connected to this firm. 

The company used to claim their investments would have multi-million potential. Philip Cottrell Spain Gibraltar used to help the company contact British and Irish investors. 

They claimed to be a leading land investment agency in Southern Spain and used to sell ‘shares’ in greenfield projects. The company marketed these investments as rural backwater which would turn into hot commercial real estate

To invest in this scam, you needed at least €10,000. Some of these projects included Cazadores Reales, Bella Fortuna and Sierra Fortuna.

Investigators believed that the company had independently valued the sites at “grossly inflated prices”. Moreover, these valuations were worthless because Fortuna Estates made them up. 

It claimed that all transactions went through independent notaries and lawyers. Also, they said they were giving their investors ‘legally notarised title deeds’ for their investments. 

However, the company kept changing its plans and announced delays. Investigators believed at the time that the company never had the intentions to deliver on its promises. 

Philip Cottrell Spain Gibraltar’s Connection to the Fortuna Estates Scam:

Fortuna Estates used to operate from offices on the Costa del Sol. These companies were registered in Cyprus and Delaware, US. 

Later, the company announced that it had implemented a strategic relationship with The Oanna Group to realize the projects. Also, the company instructed its website visitors to go to the website of the Oanna Group, which had an office in London. 

According to numerous sources, Philip Cottrell Spain Gibraltar used to run these operations in London before he ran to Gibraltar. 

Many of his victims have come forward to share their gripes. More on this in the next section of this review: 

What People Say About Philip Cottrell Spain Gibraltar’s Real Estate Scam:

Philip Cottrell Spain Gibraltar
Philip Cottrell Spain Gibraltar
Philip Cottrell Spain Gibraltar
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The above screenshots are from a forum where the victims of the Fortuna Estates scam were sharing their experiences. 

One user pointed out that one of the top guys at Oanna Group was Philip Cottrell Gibraltar. Then, another pointed out that he was the sales director for the firm and used to run the sales operation daily. 

Once the authorities started looking into the scam, Phil ran away and started running Forensic Wealth Management. However, that company shut down as well and didn’t pay back any of its investors. 

Some people highlighted that after leaving Oanna, Phil Cottrell Spain Gibraltar started running multiple other scams. He started taking reservations for fine art investments, property investments, Range Rover cars and gold dust investments. 

Many people warned others to be wary of his scams. 

One user pointed out that he had stolen over €500,000 through his Range Rover scams and had defrauded businesses through alcohol scams for over €100,000. 

Philip Cottrell had also taken money from senior women through his gold dust scams. 

A few years later, users highlighted that Phil’s family were willing to pay the victims of his scam if they were based in Spain. 

One user asked if his family would pay him the £30,000 he had stolen from him but there were no more updates on this info. 

Philip Cottrell Spain Gibraltar AKA Philip Cervera Cottrell In the News:

One user in the forum had highlighted that he had won a civil court case against him. They pointed out that his actual name was Philip Cervera and he had also started using the name Tom Isola. 

Also, the user asked if somebody knew where he resided in Gibraltar. 

Later, another user responded by saying that Philip Cottrell Gibraltar had come back to London. 

Apart from the forum, Phil had also made it in the headlines of a few news outlets when he extorted money out of a British expat living in Spain. 

Philip Cottrell Spain Gibraltar

David Rowe saw an anonymous post online which accused him of fraud, theft and drug use. When he tried to take legal action against the post, he realized it would be rather expensive. 

So, he ended up paying 1,820 to resolve the issue. However, the man realized that the poster was no one other than Philip Cottrell Spain Gibraltar. Rowe had sued him a few years ago for fraud. 

He believed that Phil added that post because he wanted to take revenge. 

Certainly, Philip Cottrell Spain Gibraltar is extremely notorious online. However, he is now using deceptive practices to clear his name: 

Reputation Scam & Burial Of Truth

When you look up “Philip Cottrell Spain” or “Philip Cottrell Gibraltar”, you’ll see a plethora of spam websites. 

Philip Cottrell Spain Gibraltar

Moreover, you would see a plethora of LinkedIn profiles using this name. 

All of these profiles use stock images. This way, nobody would find the numerous news reports and complaints people have posted against this scammer

Philip Cottrell Spain Gibraltar
Philip Cottrell Spain Gibraltar

None of these social media profiles have added any posts. The sole purpose of these fake profiles is to bury negative content for the name “Philip Cottrell Spain” or “Philip Cottrell Gibraltar”. 

Certainly, it’s extremely unethical. 

Maybe, Philip is looking to scam more people and doesn’t want the potential victims to learn about his shady past

I found 15 fake LinkedIn profiles which he is using to deceive others. Below are their links: 



Philip Cottrell aka Philip Cervera aka Tom Isola is a dangerous scammer. He has stolen money from hundreds of victims all over the world. 

First, he scammed British and Irish people through the Oanna Group. Then, he started scamming people by posing as a fine arts dealer. Numerous reports and complaints indicate that he has stolen hundreds of thousands euros from numerous victims. 

Now, he is trying to bury all the articles that highlight his shady past.

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Beware of Philip Cottrell Spain Gibraltar. He has scammed numerous people over the last decade and it seems he is not stopping now. Don’t trust him!

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    Why don’t we just give the guy a good kicking and that’s it ? We know where he lives! PM me and let’s work it you !

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    Philip Cottrell Spain
    June 18, 2022 at 11:50 am

    Philip Cottrell Gibraltar is an international scammer with victims all around the globe. He creates a fake persona which he molds according to the situation and the victims. Sometimes, he poses as an arts dealer. Other times, he claims to be a luxury car dealer.

    But he is none of those things.

    He is a liar and a cheat. There are many victims of this guy. Just google “Philip Cottrell Scam” and you will start seeing numerous reports and reviews sharing how this man has swindled gullible people.

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