Tim Lohmar:Why he resigned from District Attorney’s Post? The Truth Exposed (2023)

tim lohmar attorney

Tim Lohmar Attorney, abruptly left his position, but why? Let’s read the full account of what happened below:

What do you need to know about Tim Lohmar Attorney?

  • Tim Lohmar, the elected prosecuting attorney for St. Charles County, is leaving his position to open a private practice.
  • His remark was made public by the county, which also started looking for a new prosecutor today.
  • Tim Lohmar Attorney has held the job of an elected official for 12 years.
  • He wrote, “I realized I could no longer give this profession the energy and attention it takes and still have time for my family as well as for my own health and well-being. I didn’t want to fail my coworkers, my family, the residents of St. Charles, or even myself. As a result, we realized it was time to start a new chapter.
tim lohmar attorney

Less than five months after winning another four-year term, St. Charles County Prosecutor, Tim Lohmar Attorney made an unexpected announcement on Thursday that he was retiring.

tim lohmar attorney

According to a news release from Tim Lohmar Attorney, his family came to the decision months ago. He could no more commit the time and effort this work demands to it while still having time for his loved ones. As well as his own well-being and health.

Inevitably, according to Tim Lohmar Attorney, there will be inquiries over his choice and the timing of it. Let him respond by saying that this was neither a snap decision nor an easy one. Prosecuting attorneys have gratifying, demanding, and occasionally difficult jobs.

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According to the county charter, Republican County Executive Steve Ehlmann will appoint a replacement who will need the St. Charles County Council’s approval.

In an interview, Ehlmann said that Tim Lohmar Attorney had informed him about a month earlier about his decision to retire and his intention to start a private law business. No other justifications were given, according to Ehlmann.

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If there are any other reasons for his resignation, they haven’t been disclosed to Ehlmann, according to him.

Jennifer Bartlett, a former county attorney and assistant lawyer in Lohmar’s office, was named the acting prosecutor, according to Ehlmann. When Tim Lohmar Attorney resigned at 5 o’clock, she was supposed to take over. Bartlett, according to him, is not pursuing the permanent role.

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In his statement, Lohmar made no mention of the controversy surrounding his detention this past summer on charges of DWI after being apprehended by Lake Ozark, Missouri, police, which may have influenced his choice.

In this case, no allegations have ever been brought. In Miller County, a review of the case hearing is scheduled for Monday to talk about if Lohmar should be let to keep driving until any prospective DWI investigations are finished, charges are brought, or the case is decided.

The Missouri Attorney General’s office began an inquiry into Lohmar in 2019 after claims surfaced that he was stalking his ex-girlfriend, St. Charles County Associate Circuit Judge Erin Burlison, following the two had ended their “lengthy, serious relationship.”

Later, Lohmar apologized in front of the public, calling his conduct “irresponsible.”

Welsey Bell, the prosecutor for St. Louis County, issued the following statement after Lohmar’s retirement on Thursday afternoon:

“This statement didn’t come as a surprise to me because Tim informed me of his impending decision several months ago. Our offices have collaborated quite effectively under Tim’s direction while I served as St. Louis County prosecutor. Tim has been my office’s and mine’s biggest supporter from the start, and I only have the finest wishes for him.”

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Did you understand why Tim Lohmar Attorney, resigned after reading the entire case? How do you relate to his personality and what do you think of his choice?

  1. By putting together a group of people committed to pursuing sexual offenders, child abusers, and domestic abusers, we founded the Special Victims Unit, the initial organization of its kind. 
  1. They show themselves as members of the Criminal Interdiction Task Force, a group of law enforcement agencies from all over the County who cooperate to combat car theft and break-ins.
  1. He claimed that he adopted a “zero-tolerance” policy against violent crime by pushing for high bail amounts and lengthy mandatory prison terms for crimes involving firearms.
  1. He showed how his organization contributed to the resolution of several unsolved cases, the Angie Housman case being the most significant because it resulted in the 27-year-old victim’s killer being brought to justice.
  2. Tim claimed that they worked closely with the judicial branch of the eleventh Judicial District and the St. Charles County police departments, attracted and retained strong lawyers and personnel for the office, and did their share to ensure that the community itself was a pillar in this area.


At last, I don’t have anything to say to tell why Tim Lohmar Attorney resigned from the post of St. Charles County Prosecutor. Besides this, you can go through the following link to watch his interview on YouTube.

After listening to his words what do you think about him?

You can also have a look at a screenshot of his words:

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